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Episode 19 – Strange Dad Memories, Weens Online Dating, Mouses Chili Peppers Story​ We dabble a little with religion talk and then get into some kooky memories of our sweet dad. Sleep positions come up, which logically leads right into misspellings and grammar. Weens divulges her latest love life status and tells some amazing online dating stories, the favorite being Gun Trunk! Mouse gets into her dating history and recalls the glam rock 90s. Then we hear the Red Hot Chili Peppers story of Mouse getting a gun held to her head, which is not a funny story. We talk about feminism, self defense, and teaching girls to be kick ass. Weens has a good self defense move from her job volunteering with the elderly - the goose poke. See Weens parody commercial on our You Tube channel and hear some of her guitaring funnies throughout the episode. Wahooeey! Funny, sisters, stories, religion, church, beer, drinking, spiritual, higher power, Sabbath, TV, channels, commercials, prude, perv, Robert Schuler, Crystal Cathedral, Garden Grove, blankets, crocheted, eyes, message, advertising, wacky, sensitive to noise, Tuna Helper, phase, vacuuming, sunglasses, headphones, noise cancelling, fleas, tube socks, rubber boots, sleep, vampire, eye mask, earplugs, marbles, TMing, TM, write, writing, desk, bathtub, bath, books, pillows, water, cold, candles, 80s, Reagan, corporate, shoulder pads, beds, bed, king size, full size, sewed, quilt, custom, light sleeper, cuddle, snore, surgery, cpap, spoon, gas, asleep, dog, rug, coffee shop, discuss life, disgust, discussed, ecstasy, herbal, high, drugs, Chinatown, San Francisco, Chinese medicine, tea, bitter, headache, typos, misspelling, grammar, date, dating, online, drinking, boyfriend, Whiskey A Go Go, Hollywood, rock, band, RHCP, Red Hot Chili Peppers, guitar

Episode 18 - Weens Talks Puck, Real World, Housewives We catch up on our social lives and hear about Mouse’s Cinco de Oucho party. Weens reminisces about the Bay Area funk scene in the early 90s and gets into some stories about her friend Puck before he was famous, during, and after his fame on The Real World San Francisco. She gives her thoughts on the world of reality TV from being on the sets of The Real World and Housewives. Learn about our connection to the Real Housewives of Orange County and hear Mouse defend her love of reality television and escapism. Write in to join the conversation and be featured in our next episode! Outro music "Mama Soul" by Weens. voices, Bad At Love Podcast, self absorbed, work, kids, parenting, balance, self-doubt, motivation, therapy, socializing, hike, introverted, party, cinco de mayo, pool, boys, superhero, battle, avengers, 911, injury, pool, swimming, jumping, neck, stabilized, stabilizing, ambulance, paramedics, muscle, MRI, xray, x-ray, hill, scraped, roadrash, road rash, hosting, liability, friends, trampoline, skater, guys, injuries, wiener, weiner, vagina, litigious, bands, Primus, Green Day, Rancid, band, Puck, Real World, guitar, bass, Berkeley, Oakland, funk, RHCP, Chili Peppers, Bay Area, Fishbone, music, scene, white, 100 monkeys, 100th monkey, theory, evolve, evolving, butterfly effect, energy, fact check, Parliament, old school, backstage, Dave Rainey, David Rainey, nickname,  nicknames, sax, Cherry, hair dye, red, Laura Ingalls Wilder, tomboy, Mr. Bungle, Shattuck, Faith No More, FNM, Mike Patton, Gilman, Ivy Room, Mallard Room, Elbow Room, Elbo Room, Bottom of the Hill, high energy, wacky, bike messenger, soapbox, soap box, worm farm, interesting, bizarre, MTV, San Francisco, Puck, The Real World, cameras, camera man, camera, act, reality, normal, podcast, baseball game, wife, best friend, jealous, flirting, jumbo tron, kiss cam, fiancé, producer, pressure, behavior, perform, skewed, reptilian brain, exciting, house, angling, work, angle, Zebra tattoos, tattoo, piercing, pierce, belly button, bellybutton, advertising, bargain, Rachael, Rachel, footage, story, throw a drink, kicked off, kicked out, AIDS, Pedro, peanut butter, snot rockets, Christmas, Thanksgiving, dinner, invited, desperate, attention, ADD, ADHD, Christmas tree, farm, tradition, family, holidays, Grandma, forlorn, minivan, bear, Grizzly, hated, cool, guy, following the rules, rule follower, Sundance film festival, Sundance, years, friends, 2011, kept in touch, guest appearances, reunion show, weird beard, fight, hotels, chef, plane ticket, airport, Salt Lake City, SLC, Utah, Park City, fly, last plane, night, snowstorm, snow storm, shuttle van, shuttle bus, bus, shuttle driver, brother in law, picked me up, note, kitchen, nice, mushrooms, Hungarian women's wrestling, team, lost track of time, handle, trust, category, responsibility, responsible, trustworthy, hang out, reach out, experience, Real Housewives, Atlanta, Orange County, Beverly Hills, New Jersey, New York, Andy Cohen, Bravo, WWHL, Watch What Happens Live, cable, microcosm, vapid, brain candy, escape, learning, educating, educate, striving, escapism, seasons, aunt, uncle, orange county, original cast, neighbor, pilot, episode, families, cousin, actor, agent, manager, Vicki Gunvalson, franchise, cities, bunco, rubbing elbows, boyfriend, moved, job, prospect, impulsive, anxious, money, cater, waiter, caterwaiter, parties, events, locked down, quit, commit, adult, gravitate, pinball, 24 carrots, catering, waiters, backyard, serve drinks, The Vicki, drink, ratings, joke, joking, alleged, allegedly, company, nudge nudge, wink wink, vengeance, ego, husband, watch, watching, quitting, intriguing, intrigue, catty, cattiness, inner, real feelings, confront, confrontation, outlet, fighting, wrestling, fight, hit, taboo, suppressed, talk smack, secret, Instagram, twitter.

Episode 17 - Korean Day Spa An uncomfortably close coffee shop hangout turns into a discussion about kids' hobbies, a sisterly confrontation about why we didn't get along in middle school or high school, and brief thoughts on psychic connections. Then we delve into spa memories which inspires us to go to a Korean Spa the following day. We report back with all of the gory, naked details but have a few funny introspective revelations too. Write to us at with topics and we will talk about you!!! café, coffee shop, UCSD, University California San Diego, La Jolla, students, face shape, Bert, Ernie, public, promotion, contest, topic, email, beer, breath, Sculpin, Ballast Point, grapefruit, kids, video games, screens, remote controls, devices, TV, moral compass, The Greatest Showman, PT Barnum, Hugh Jackman, circus, freaks, oddities, musical, dancing, trapeze, parkour, aerial, gym, class, artist, De La Guarda, New York, Circque Du Soliel, exercise, ribbon, hoops, flying trapeze, swing, rope, San Diego, outdoor, activities, hobbies, soccer, after school, artsy, draw, alone, comics, movies, workshop, animae, social, teacher, Santa Cruz, t-shirt, carpool, soccer field, pores, confront, mean girl, mean girls, insecure, insecurity, big sister, sisterhood, friends, independence, senior, freshman, halls, cutting, cut, smoking cigarettes, rule follower, rule-follower, rebellious, rebel, rebellion, rules, cutting corners, cut corners, acting class, stomach, belly, chubby, Zendaya, babies, sit ups, flat, lump, pouch, pooch, media, body image, body, bodies, supermodel, Barbie doll, bathing suit, women, Chevy, Chevrolet, Suburban, SUV, miles per gallon, snow country, gas, minivan, psychic, energy, moon, molecules, spirits, airy fairy, aligned, stamp, Krusty the Clown, skin, detoxing, scrubbing, therapist, hippie, educated, mom, Kearney Mesa, Jacuzzi, soak, naked, nude, crotch, water, nakedness, nudity, massage table, room, beds, vinyl, bucket, brillo pad, water weenie, meat, plucked chicken, wings, thighs, folds, skin, sloughed, oil, product, baby skin, brand new, concubine, car, creepers, driveway, housecoat, Dolly Parton, quilted, button-up, robe, shower, dirty, steam room, panic attack, Los Angeles smog, steamy, face down, loofah, hands, rubber, plastic, humps, flesh, ass, meat, sideboob, tan, hot, farmer tan, hunk, warm water, tinkle, cramps, toes, Charlie horse, feet, calves, possum, feelings, sexual, butt, lip, vagina, spread, legs, flapping, meat curtains, hoot nut, orchid, oiled, slip, poodle, back door, period, tampon, string, tucked, Berkeley, Telegraph Ave, flute, flautists, boobs, nips, nipples, hard, cash, massage parlour, credit card, hair, waxed, supermarket, grocery store, vons, layers, beauty routine, soothing, relax, relaxing, language, erect, flat, discussions, earlobe, ear, hot, towel, slap, back, rear, spanks, cheeks, face, lesbian, abs, flex, flexing, flexed, flat, elbows, arms, IT Band, hip, leg, bruised, hurt, vulnerable, pleasure, lighter, adjust, hardness, softness, calf, ow, sensitive, running, beach, sore, tense, exposed nerve, Orange Theory, workout, circuit training, obstacle course, stations, work out, pampered, indulgent, open your mind, prude, vag, clients, cam girl, shapes, size, fat, thin, pubic hair, actress, believable, Whitney Houston, film, video camera, JVC, double decker, beta, stacked, music video, album, gold lame shirt, glitter, rouge, jean jacket, Tina Turner, rocker, bowling shirt, angel, laurel, ivy, glassy eyes, singing, rubbed 

Episode 16 - Are Millennials into Cougars or Just Open Minded This is a fun one, digging in to Weens dating life and pondering the May December romance phenomenon she keeps seeing as we hear clips of Tyrese, a young PA who asked her out. In between, we share nude beach stories, discuss female anatomy, and lightly cover marriage and divorce. Then we hear some behind the scenes stories of Spencer Pratt, Heidi Montag, and give our thoughts on 15 minutes of fame and the Kardashians. Weens explains to Mouse how movies start off and which comes first: the actor or the money.  Korean day spa, naked, naked ladies, nudity, nudists, nude beach, San Diego, gliderport, Blacks Beach, Steve Van Zandt, dong, take a photo, large men, exhibitionist, hike, hiker, Sound of Music, UCSD, chubbie, chubby, film set, TV, TV show, Fox, Adam Scott, Craig T. Nelson, Craig Robinson, X-files, on set, cougar, young, older, old, millennial, open minded, experiment, PA, P.A., podcast, Tyrese, settle down, relationship, settled, career, comedy, show, stand up, Flappers, joke, May December romance, labia majora, labia minora, pink taco, tossing salad, three bean salad, meat mitt, little man in the canoe, clitoris, clit, female anatomy, cornhole, peas, raunchy broads, complicated, mind games, straightforward, attracted, flamenco, booty call, definitive, point of reference, Care Bears, He Man, tinder, profile, musician, creative, competition, bicker, competitive, kiss, kissing, divorce, divorcing, split, contract, alimony, common law, split, stay home, career path, money, husband, custody, support, fairness, cheater, Kardashian, KUWTK, Chloe, Tristan Thompson, baby, born, ploy, set up, storyline, reality, pregnant, sex tape, famous, press, paparazzi, Adam Sandler, Just Go With It, Kevin Nealon, Spencer Pratt, Heidi Montag, The Hills, Speidy, tweet, bikini, helicopters, 15 minutes, agent, entourage, yes men, Kanye, gay, fashion designer, Paris, gossip, talent, promoting, comedian, luck, preparation, opportunity, film companies, investment, bonds, trading, Ponzi scheme, Las Vegas, hedge fund, business, taxes, Nevada, LLC, assets, meetings, script, work, investors, actors, money, pay to play, Russell Crowe, rider, contract, million, poster, promote, director, indie, attach, studio, Paris Hilton, assistant, dildo, strap on, mom, mother, sushi, basketball, backyard, story, stories

Episode 15 – Garry Shandling We catch up after our hiatus of spring break and pilot season. Weens explains her thoughts on living hand to mouth in the entertainment industry. Then we jump into Judd Apatow’s Zen Diaries of Garry Shandling documentary discussion. We interview our mom, who has a personal story about Garry Shandling from her past. The story evolves into learning about our dad’s history as a football player who went from the University of Arizona to the New York Jets to the New England Patriots in the early 1970’s. Our mom tells the story of their relationship and gives her feelings on our dad’s motivations and struggles. And we end up seeing a lot of parallels between Garry Shandling and our father, during which Weens gives her thoughts on acting and achievement and shares her own stories of self-sabotage and growth, a lot like our dad and Garry did. It’s another episode to get to know us and our family. This is us, folks! We are being ourselves, and we hope you gain something from it too. Music outro is Palmetto Bug Stomp written by Weens, performed by Angelo Moore. Connect with us at Spring break, hiatus, employed, paycheck, stressful, job, Buddhist, spiritual, bank account, career, hand to mouth, follow dreams, aspire, balance, happy, Polysantol stick, burnt, incense, candle tobacco, HBO, show, comedian, memorial, memorialize, mentor, friend, Judd Apatow, documentary, mother, mom, Tucson, Arizona, AZ, Palo Verde High School, PVHS, sex, father, immaculate conception, 20th high school reunion, graduating class, 1967, 1987, 67, 87, twentieth, reunion, monologue, recognize, fall in love, crush, locker, halls, notice, glasses, national, television, fame, famous, showtime, HBO, MTV, paid, cable, tv, creative, laughs, perform, performer, performance, stage, suite, hotel, elevator, hug, celebrity, news, magazines, internet, heartbreak, broken heart, propose, proposed, drunk, Mexico, suitors, suitor, beautiful, bit, impression, Garry, Shandling, Garry Shandling, Gary Shandling, nice rack, friendly, approach, approachable, personal, ATM, bank tellers, grandma, grandmother, grandpa, grandfather, social, married, marriage, years, secret, father, dad, love, loved, change, changed, crazy, normal, struggle, struggled, concussion, concussions, head injury, head injuries, brain scan, brain scans, CC and Company, CC & Company, C.C. & Company, CC Rider, CC Ryder, University of Arizona, U of A, UA, college, Wildcats, football team, 1970, motorcycle, motorcycles, Old Tucson, westerns, horseback, stuntman, stunts, stuntwork, stunt, work, 1963 Volkswagen bug, curfew, honor roll, dean’s list, right outside linebacker, defensive end, tight end, artsy, gay, effeminate, football player, Rosie Greer, Raiders, knitting, crochet, sweet, kind, sabotage, self-sabotage, passion, instinct, drive, Rosey Grier, Roosevelt Grier, Los Angeles Rams, New York Giants, lateral, fast, 40 yard dash, cleats, wiener, wieners, drafted, draft, round, 1971, SuperBowl, Joe Namath, 1969, Super Bowl, Super Bowl III, propose, engaged, engage, engagement, balloons, ring, string, pop, popped, asked to marry, ask to marry, knee, junior, senior year, training camp, wedding, invitation, 54 long, jacket, coat, shoulder, injured, injury, waiver, release, Boston Patriots, talented, athlete, athletics, Jets, Patriots, pre season, young, pregnant, disappointed, confused, coddling, coddled, praise, humble, egotistical, convoluted, gentle souls, tough industry, success, journaled, Bay Area, moral dilemma, teaching kids, turning down parts, noble, Marlboro, cigarettes, promote, role model, P.E., PE, health teacher, Coldplay, promote, corporate, songs, films, commercial, entertainers, personal journey, religious, upbringing, Lutheran, minister, principal, pastor, services, immobilization, immobilized, immobile, inner mind, peers, peer, therapy, issues, stuck, level, levels, life, video game, irresponsible, parenting, available parent, dynamic, brother, died, CF, cystic fibrosis, trauma, mother, unhealthy, grief, sexualized, The Mentalist, mother in law, other woman, protective, Oedipus, sad, comfortable, Tonight Show, goal, resolution, journal, journaling, indecisive, nature, nurture, genetic, genetically coded, brain, observe, behavior, future tripping, in the past, in the moment, inertia, stuck, non-decision making, fear, move forward, afraid, failing, change, fail, goals, learn, try, lofty, accomplishments, career, Fringe Festival, screenplays, submit, failed, perfectionism, profound, mediocre, podcast, record, music, singing, guitar, small, gigs, reviews, happy, happiness, paralyzed, celebrities, paparazzi, auditions, audition, Nash Bridges, San Francisco, Robin Williams, connection, agent, part, TV show, Dying Young, Julia Roberts, portray, turned down, Stella Adler Acting Conservatory, Sopranos, Tony Soprano, Olivia, therapist, callbacks, Brillstein Grey Entertainment, producers, executive producers, psych out, performance, self-fulfilled prophecy, story created, manifest, opportunity, opportunities, café, sing, play live, street fair, rock band, lead singer, pressure, expectation, grow, drive, famous, introspection, connect, help

Episode 14Deep Thoughts Get to know our seriouser side, even though that’s not a word. Weens commutes home through LA while Mouse deals with mom guilt & effing up her kids. We wonder if our life paths were set as kids - baby Weens as a creative writer and baby Mouse as a caretaker. We hit the hot, hot topics of weather, traffic, and road raging in teeny vehicles, then delve into Southern California wildfires and a little more self-analysis, just to lighten things up. What do you do when friends and family show their political colors? Weens talks about seeing life through an actor’s eyes, a writer’s eyes, or from a give-no-effs perspective. We discuss friendships ending over Facebook fights, and when to be right or when to be kind. And we end on the light, light subject of what is the purpose of life. Enjoy our deep thoughts and please reach out with yours too! We’d love to hear from you at Burbank, Lincoln, afro, beard, Friday, TGIF,  vanilla, Americana, happy hour, parties, escape, cat, sleep, loved, plugin, plug, in, ignoring, attention, act out, teacher, meditating, TMing, trans meditation, transcendental meditation, launched, care, well-adjusted, supported,, steadfast, dynamic, loose ends, exciting life, involved, momlife, favorite, favoritism, military, fairness, right, wrong, rules, police, military, law, enforce law, law enforcement, security, help people, nurse, doctor, wife, med school, pre med, premed, pre-med, biotech, biotechnology, doctors, doctor, biotechnology, basketball, hall of fame, pastor, medicine, university, family historian, articles, memories, newspaper clippings, Griffith Park, rain, rainy, cloudy, Honda CRV, aggressive, driving, scooter, bicycle, fires, wood burning stoves, polluted air, air quality, L.A., bonfires, Agua Dulce, Palmdale, Witch Creek Fires, Del Mar, business trip, evacuate, rescue, firefighters, Orange County, neighborhood, home build, house, built, open space, fire season, ruminate, obsessive, social anxiety, reclusive, recluse, run red light, ticket, weather, traffic, LA, analysis, self-fulfilled prophecy, judgmental, Andy Rooney, 60 Minutes, Fox News, sluts, Bill Cosby, liberal, MeToo, Fox News, right wing, rational thought, climate, empowered, empowerment, offended, old lady, sociology, perspective, character studies, gesticulating, thinking, situational, elements, big picture, passion, act, bitching, engaging, script, observer, participant, participate, pick your battle, Trump, passionate, issues, talking out of both sides of your mouth, Parkland, Florida, semi-automatic weapons, ban, banned, school shootings, second amendment, 2nd amendment, politics, Facebook, unfriend, purpose​, friends, high school, friendship, money changers, Jesus, threw tables, love, kindness, suffering, abuse, yelling, distance, prayer, mental illness, safe, safety, neutral, neutralize, loving, enlighten, enlightened, conflict, elevated, people, soccer, playground, black, white, Mexican, Asian, brown, skin, kindergarten, environment, escapism, laugh, laughs. lav, lavalier, lapel

Episode 13Mouse Finds Her Anus Sometimes you just have to go there. We discuss poop and parenting, wiping methods, and get into a bit of anatomy.   We ask the hard-hitting questions: Do women have taints? Is there hair on a taint? What is your wiping technique? Do you have embarrassing stories with your in-laws? PLEASE WRITE IN! Meet Mouse's husband in our second-ever interview, and hear Weens dish on Squiggy, The Squirrel Nut Zippers, and Bob's Burgers. Please click some stars below. We will love you forever! @MouseAndWeens on Instagram and Twitter and Facebook poop, shit, dogs, golden retriever, diarrhea, hose, butt, kids, wipe, wiping, skid marks, skidmarks, underwear, pee,  wet toilet paper, TP, stick, pull, dab, germs, soap, taint, anus, vagina, vulva, hair, hairy, OCD, shower, bath, stall, public bathroom, restroom, Howard Stern, Tiny Tim, millennials, ukulele, uke,  hairy barren, Cottonelle, poop talk, hubs, European soccer, wad, fold, octopus, rear end, bidet, Toto, Africa, tip, shake, flick, bounce, air dry, wet wipes, David Lander, Squiggy, honey wagon, star trailer, San Francisco, Oakland, porta potty, Laverne and Shirley, transpo, transportation, MENSA, chess competition, Bobby Fischer, Drunk History, fall asleep, TV, couch, sofa, embarrassing, first meet parents, in-laws, beer tour, microbrewery, microbreweries, oral surgeon, dentist, dental surgery, FIL, father in law, Thanksgiving, joke, Michael Jackson, Neil Armstrong, doormat, firewall, parental controls, Bob's Burgers, Bobs Burgers, table read, behind the scenes tour, Kristen Schaal, Dan Mintz, Jon Schroeder, Emmy, showrunner, Loren Bouchard, Jimmy Kimmel, Sarah Silverman, animation, cartoon, career, career path, Futurama, writer's break, hiatus, Squirrel Nut Zippers, record release party, Spokes, editor, single mom, babysitter, solo, awkward, buffer, charisma, charismatic, magnetic personality, magnetism, drinking, health, shoot, shooting, film, pay, money, editing, time, footage, reel, free, optimist, optimistic, SAHM, stay at home, working mom, layoff, layoffs, laid off, severance package, lifestyle, law school, lawyer, single income, dual income, adult conversation, workplace, graphic design, freelance, gardening, career path, Photoshop, photoshopped, corgie, card, greeting cards, birthday cards, Bob Dylan, Scottish, Scot, Hey Mr. Tambourine Man, haggis, spotted dick, café, mommy and me, strollers, granola, breakfast

Episode 12Fluffy humps. Birthday parties, the work-life balance and Weens having kids. Find out what boobs and Young Frankenstein have in common, and hear the sisters’ epic snowboarding and shark stories. Fear talk, self-analysis, and a nice list of self-help books balance out the online dating talk and hot toots. Comedy, girls, funny, relationships, life, kids, family, parenting, sex, fun, sisters, farts, birthday party, aunt, auntie, children, personality, personalities, colic, colicky, worry, selfish, selfless, population, adopting, adopted, procreate, instinct, desire, creative, rugrats, rug rats, create, artistic, human connection, validate, existence, art, music, people, fulfilment, screenplay, accomplishment, happy, happiness, America, United States, U.S., Japan, competitive, stress, suicide rate, USA, work, vacations, documentary, Michael Moore, Where To Invade Next, holidays, break, maternity leave, paid, unpaid, paternity, bonding, Sweden, pressure, pressured, weekend, projects, New York, mid-thirties, milestones, hormones, hormonally, saggy, droopy, perky, boobs, nipples,  Marty Feldman, Igor, snowboarding, Olympics, winter, girls, slalom, half pipe, boards, big air, Colorado, Breckinridge, proposed, proposal, slopes, snow, skiing,, snow country, Wyoming,  Tetons, Grand Targhee, Tahoe, frustrated, jump, bunny slope, confident, mad, angry, ski lift, black diamond, slopes, attitude, Jaws, sharks, La Jolla Cove, roommates,, kayak, Think and Grow Rich, Return to Love, Marianne Williamson, Conversations With God, flaps, Richard Dreyfuss, oceans, pool sweepers, shadows, leopard, breeding, fell, fall, scary, leaned, Tony Robbins, racecar, driver, lane, wall, crash, scared of heights, no brakes, curvy mountain road, Mt. Diablo, Mt Diablo, Mount Diablo, roadtrip, road trip, 101, Monterey, Big Sur, Highway 1, hyperanalyze,  exhausting, Analyze This, Analyze That, Robert DeNiro, orderly, satisfying, nerdy, Adobe alignment tool, newsletter, human interest, document, human behavior, just friends, friend zone, age, deep bond, on the level, sharing humor, experimental, Grandma's Feather Bed, feathers, Bob Newhart, Happy Trees, Bob Ross, Bob Odenkirk, nice, casting agent SNL, married, online dating, internet, single , young, hookup, hook up, stinkeye, moustache, mustache, handlebar, villain, hipster, OK Cupid, eHarmony, set up, word of mouth, healthy, self-actualized, mic, microphone, first grade, 1sr grade, daughter, beta tape, embarrass, hurt feelings, silly, entertainment, entertaining, disclaimer, jabbered, silly, conversation, cleavage, bigguns, associations, happy place, 12 days of Christmas, 5 golden rings, tits, tub, float, buoy, gifts, Amazon, Mr. Rogers, Fred Rogers, neighborhood

Episode 11 - Parenting Fears, Weens Phone Sex, Car Accidents and Wrap Parties. We discuss parenting fears with kids and sports, video games, and the internet. Weens tells her babysitting phone sex and car accident stories. John Philip Sousa scoots by with his French horn on a skateboard. Why do girls need guys' approval and the curse of being people pleasers. We segue into rollercoasters, pet guilt, hating crating, and animal rescue. Mouse got a kitten! Weens talks about the TV show wrap party, Vegas, gambling, hitting the stage and facing her fears with her supple vag. ​clouds, breathe, throat, smog, valley, emergency room, ER, air filters, clean air, air quality, fans, Prius, Arnold Schwarzenegger, commuter lane, carpool, ticket, fine, court, Bruce Willis, Moonlighting, cheesy, soccer, Lancaster, State Cup, San Bernadino, round, bracket, soccer mom, weekend, camp, busy, driving, expensive, ego, star, push, homework, state testing, pushed, woods, playing, scholarships, teamwork, video games, xbox live, multiplayer, multi player, holdout, hold out, creeps, creepers, information, hand-holding, fearful, shelter, filter, control, sexually active, respect, arm candy, text, aggressive, girls, texting, disrespect, disrespectful, psycho, internet, Chunk, The Goonies, 900 number, dark side, morals, core, awareness, values, drugs, 360, freeway, car crash, Mustang, Honda Accord, second-born, college, sousaphone, IBS, irritable bowel syndrome, Spotify, marching, march, dysfunctional family, latchkey, latch key, single parent, controlled study, authority figure, approval, men, The Female Brain, bad boys, chase, male figure, people pleaser, family movie, Guardians of the Galaxy, Strawberry Shortcake, peer, equality, equal, fairness, fair, Six Flags, Magic Mountain, rollercoasters, roller coasters, ride, adrenaline, thrill, Lex Luthor, anticipation, jump off building, tinkle, tinkled, sphincter, overcorrected wheel, spinning, Asian, driving, drive, Japanese, stereotype, horrible drivers, rearview mirror, fender bender, bumper, hit and run, film shoot, film set, Shaft, Delilah, Tom Jones, dorky, buck teeth, buck toothed, Pink Panther, sleuth, sleuthing, William, rocker, long hair, Primus, impress, friends, CD, truck, smashed, Great Dane, crate, cage, dog run, dogrun, freedom, goldfish, fish, tank, pond, raccoons, iguana, houseplants, died, die, toxic, kitty, rescued, orphan, shelter, organization, nursed, nurse, adopt, adopted, purr, purring, breeders, breeder, breed, purebred, pit-bull, pit bull, trust, mixed, mix, puppy, puppies, bored, dog park, mow lawn, pull weeds, chores, Last Man On Earth, karaoke, wrapped show, Citadel, Muppet Movie, Jason Segal, Jim Hensen, drag, dragging, event, co-dependent, regret, coworkers, social setting, mysterious, under the radar, casino, funny money, craps, triple line, pass line, field, keno, lounge, smoking, slots, Bellagio, suite, Chevy Chase, Vacation, beautiful people, Beaches, live band, Will Forte, Eye of the Tiger, Jessie's Girl, Jesse's Girl, Phyllis Diller, singing, sing, sang, gigs, bucket list, harmony, live, escape, vulnerable, coworkers, rock opera, blowhard windbags, running away, higher power, God, The Clash, Should I Stay Or Should I Go, The Beatles, Marina Del Rey boat show, star quality, show up in life, famous, 9 to 5, blowjobs, blowjob, good in bed
Episode 10 - Weens on the Move, Mouse in the House. Mouse talks sock poops, living in the bubble, and other podcasts. Weens dishes on past Trump run-in, news, and relationship ghosting versus closure. The sisters talk through their dad's death, dreams, visitations, mediums, and near-death experiences... of course all peppered with some farts and an old lady yelling BM. Find us on social media to see our hot abs! cheap, frugal, hassle, Oxy Clean, OxyClean, bubble, Sherman Way, façade, ATM, tweet, twitter, analytics, fanny pack, beer gut, yoga pants, crocs, Open Wider, Slumber Party with Alie and Georgia, MFM, My Favorite Murder, Serial, true crime, John Wayne Gacy, Do You Need a Ride, Lost, WTF Marc Maron, interview, banter, escape, repressed, 24-hr news, shithole, retweet, fear, scare tactics, Ted Turner, OJ chase, If It Bleeds It Leads, formula, channel, baby panda zoo, blood, slanted, opinions, political landscape, State of the Union, red, blue, Obama, troops, Afghanistan, promises, vote, politicians, congress, presidential cycle, cater, waiter, creepy guy, Ferris Bueller, Cameron, dandruff, coiff, paunchy, weight, spinach, beans, dreams, dream analysis, lose kids, responsibility, stress, ex-boyfriend, guitarist, complicated, frijoles, closure, Mark Manson, The Art of Not Giving a Fuck, book, blog, self-help, insight, work, grounded, ghosting, tragic, heart attack, suffer, kidney cancer, repair, teen angst, acting school, repair relationship, hospital, caregiver, sick, morphine, brain, environment, lucid, lucidity, iv, hooked up, dilaudid, ripped, arm, fell, strength, pissed, reform, long-term care, blanket, nurse, button, acting job, care, dehydration, dehydrated, system, overhaul, technology, loud, speakers, page, patients, door, slam, doorjamb, abrasive, profession, dying, death, power of attorney, life support, consciousness, love each other, Mormon, LDS, Scientology, estate, insurance, sue, suing, lawsuit, ashes, stolen, Vegas, body, intact, buried, bury, unresolved, manifest, trapped, manifested, healthy, visit, smell, scent, warmth, lucid dreaming, comforting, medium, comforting, psychic, Seal Beach, Paul Williams, Muppet Show, Planet of the Apes, Rainbow Connection, Evergreen, Barbra Streisand, We've Only Just Begun, Karen Carpenter, Carpenters, songwriting, songwriter, Old Fashioned Love Song, bowl cut, Cousin Oliver, Brady Bunch, Smokey and the Bandit, Jackie Gleason, Dr Hopper's Frog Legs, Orson Wells, TV movie trivia, 1970's, 1980's, seventies, bowel movement, football player, concussions, concussion, mood swings, football, write notes, memory, supernatural, spiritual church, drank wine, cookies, skeptic, skepticism, Thomas John, @MediumThomas, NDE, YouTube, INES, survivors, being, translucent, time, instantaneous, darkness, light, understanding, love, human experience, help each other, Christian, atheist, beings

Episode 9Weens Goes a Courting.  Enjoy the new intro! We talk attack swans, skaters, feminism, long boobs, BMs, dogs crotch sniffing, Chris Elliott, Fred Armisen, mom and dad bods, Gordon Jump fingering Dudley, and married sex. Weens has a new boy courting her and we read his texts to interpret mixed signals and emojis. She has to decide if she's a cougar, how to shave, whether she's just tickling his sac, and she NEEDS ADVICE ABOUT WHAT HER NEXT MOVE WILL BE! Write to tell her! This episode's a long one but it was too funny to cut, so settle in folks. clapboard, director, testes, loons, lions, frogs, cricket, crickets, Echo Park, recording, reeds, water lilies, tuna, Mexico, La Payita Beach, Cabo San Lucas, swan, goose, geese, ducks, chickens, beaks, photography, bite, elbow, teeth, scared, chase, Joshua Tree, make out, makeout,  Northern California, corporate lake, Paul Blart Mall Cop, Kevin James, station wagon, skater kids, skate betty, creeks, swimming pools, summer, sport, bowling alley, bowling alleys, Berkeley, music video, shot, edit, Veritel,  footage, edited, ankle shooters, shoot, droop, droopy, Carol Burnett, Fezziwig, bra, stage, comedy, UCB, Upright Citizens Brigade, impov, improvisation, swagger, swag, high heels, corporate, marketing, business casual, workout, working out, tummy, belly, pooch, pouch, colitis, bowels, therapy dog, undies, panties, tuna tartar, joke, jokes, a/c, ac, air conditioner, ac unit, portable, generator, lights, rolling, stardom, fandom, fan, Pee Wee Herman, peen, peens, paunch, Ponch, Chris Eliot, Chris Elliot, Chris Eliott, Mookie, Mooky, hives, Something About Mary, Get A Life, David Letterman, Man Under the Stairs, Eagle Heart, Adult Swim, comedian, genius, glasses, awkward, eye contact, hug, uncomfortable, broke, wardrobe, Chinese, made in China, Tom Ford, sneak, sneaky, finky, fink, contest, JC Penny, JC Penney, teacher's pet, teacher pet, kissass, kiss ass, role, parenting, achiever, achieve, nature vs nurture, Leo DiCaprio, Inception, Leonardo DiCaprio, sexy, Barbie, body, bodies, Kardashians, Kardashian, Amy Schumer, overweight, average, normal, Lena Dunham, HPV, human papilloma virus, warts, STD, PSA, character, pervert, perve, WKRP, Johnny, Venus Flytrap,disc jockey, dj, Mr. Drummond, Different Strokes, Diff'rent Strokes, Gary Coleman, bike shop, ice cream, hitchhiker, hitchhike, hitch hike, 80's, eighties, flasher, flash, egged, magazines, Playboy, crank call, stash, creek, porn, pornography, Playgirl, John Patrick Shanley, Danny and the Deep Blue Sea, dad, acting, father, writing, salary, job, Joyce DeWitt, Three's Company, Joanie Loves Chachi, perm, bowl cut, bullshit, emoji, flirt, flirting, beard, vague, evasive, subtext, free, explore, codependent, behavior, cocky, bitch, coy, Vegas, girls trip, dancing, scavenger hunt, freak, freaky , OK Cupid, 4:20, pot, deflect, pressure, spotlight, mixed signals, armpits, age difference, Smurfs, Kurt Cobain, Woodstock, Nirvana, Depeche Mode, party bus, aging, Grammy's, sitting in gum, nervous, bush, shaving bumps, vagina folds, drink, chemistry, Smurfs, Snorks, Pokémon, Netflix, spooning, cuddle, honk, lube, lubricated, lubrication, Puritan, religion, religious, commit, commitment, vintage, throwback

Episode 8 - Disgruntled in Hollywood, stripping uncles, sick car habits, twink fingers. Weens is on the job and in a mood. We talk about modeling, stripping, uncles in G-strings, get some closure on Weens' dude, hear secret car habits and discuss our love of waiting behind really slow people.  Learn about Mouse's love life and wrap it all up with a twink finger bow. hacienda, ranch, LMOE, cynical, industry, disgruntled, hours, agent, overtime, double-time, double time, paycheck, flat rate, teamsters, union, sleeping, 18-hour days, shifts, shift, regulate, rules, movie business, job, anonymous, memoir, memoirs, playboy, mom, poses, posed, skinny, awkward, tall, got milk, billboard, bathing suit, tan lines, bathing suit, tan, audition, non-union, bikini, G-string, G string, strip, bachelorette party, bachelorette parties, Nash Bridges, Don Johnson, Clint Eastwood, Bridges, Danville, Mrs. Doubtfire,  Hang Em High, impressions, lines, perimenopause, fallopian tubes, fallopian tube, ovaries, urethra, eggs, egg, Gleaming the Cube, skateboard, Teen Wolf, Winnebago, foundation, trust, growth, fantasy, conversations, message, text, drama, nose pick, nose picking, nose picker, popping pimples, zits, Doctor Pimple Popper, Dr Pimplepopper, Seal Beach, pimple popping app, zero fucks, rude people, waiting in line, movies, theater, Star Wars, honor program, ticket, relax, lotto, equestrian, Malibu, Santa Monica, horse ranch, trust fund, actor, surfer, mountain, flaps, PC, granola hippies, quiet, talk shit, talking shit, Dalai Lama, Jesus, Buddha, authentic, authenticity, feelings, anger, Ghosted, 


Episode 7Tonsil scrote, panic attacks, Adam Sandler, Weens dude update, Europe trip, Bag of Shame. Tonsil scrotes, panic attacks, LA life, Adam Sandler, Jesus, Weens dude update, Europe trip, Wisconsin love, David Bowie concert, Sting, tour bus, Bag of Shame, Last Man on Earth, kids gardens, nutrition, eating, vegan vs meat, Germany, Weens on the road. ​nerf gun, snore, snoring, scrotum, tonsillectomy, breathing, breathe, traffic, Glendale, air quality, east side, gang, Swedish chef, Fox studios, Sony, bioscience, graphic design, Sony studios, hot mic, peaking, Happy Madison, Allen Covert, BBQ, barbeque, MTV,  Judy Garland, Egypt, Kurdistan, Iraq, fisherman, tall, DNA, travel, nervous, cheating, packing, fly, flying, airlines, excuse, excuses, affair, suspect, suspecting, infidelity, taking break, northern California, pros and cons, anxiety, anxious, stomach, chocolate, chocolate, loser, Wauwatosa, massage, stroke, Constant Comment tea, accent, foreign, family, familial, twang, Angelo Moore, Fishbone, Ticketmaster, promoter, Celebrating David Bowie, Wiltern, bowling, coffee, dinner, musical director, ​Gavin Rossdale, Joe Elliot, Def Leppard, reel, music video, documentary, vulva, urethra, fight, Netherlands, Wow Airlines, Utrich, jetlag, jetlagged, venue, hotel, tour bus, London, Paris, Berlin, Joe Sumner, prick, coffin, womb, puss, twink talk, poop, poo, stink, stinks, diarrhea, doo doo tank, doo-doo, steamer, Roxanne, Bono, U2, creative, cocaine, 70's, sober, smoked, warmed up voice, read music, intuitive, suck it, Simi Valley, gardening, rats, crickets, bugs, clock out, Bob Dole, prestrike, pre-stroke, certified, elementary, school, garden to plate, farm to table, farm-to-table, school lunch, school lunches, food pyramid, food plate, balance, healthy, lunch box, lunch boxes, grab n go, snacks, packaged, quick, easy, eating habits, eating disorders, food issues, pizza, prohibiting, carbs, cow's milk, cow milk, cows milk, coconut milk, activist, vegetarian, pescatarian, calcium, AMA, pediatrician, recommended, recommendation, breast cancer, link, activism, industry, torture, torturous, land, clearcutting, clear-cutting, ozone, radiate, bacteria, killing, torture, Chris Pratt, sheep, farm, hand-raised, lamb, slaughter, USDA wand, put to sleep, hormones, hand-fed, loved, stress, stressed, blood, vitamins, hamburger, hamburgers, steaks, carnivore, carnivorous, steak, supply, demand, organic, driver, drivers, drive, driving, Mormon roadblock, passing lane, fast lane, autobahn, smart car, Germany, Munich, European, Oktoberfest, Munchen, Bavaria, Bavarian, beer, hops, shootings, Women's March, constipation, constipated, prune juice, travel bowels, vacation, Hogan's Heroes, I Dream of Genie, major, Schultz, Mr. Hand, slave, bottle, female empowerment, feminism, Squatty Potty, Santa Susana Pass, Charles Manson ranch, orgies, true crime, Tacoma, road rage, road trip

Episode 6Drunk mouse, celebrity meetings, pubic wigs, James Franco, Aziz Ansari, #MeToo, The Dong Reaper. Mouse gets saucy, Weens describes celebrity meetings on set, James Franco talk, merkin mouse, stripteasing gone wrong. The sisters recall New York trip to Conan O’Brien show with George Wendt, Limp Bizkit, and Kid Rock. Add in Lucky Chang’s drag show, and the Dong Reaper on the subway, and we’ve got a party! Please excuse the peeing noises in the background. Mouse was drunk. chocolate vodka, Friday, Top Ramen, TGIF, sardines, New Year's, midnight and the ghost comes out, location scouting, camera, shoot, Angelo Moore, Fishbone, Amsterdam, David Bowie, Moonage Daydream, Berlin, BMH, TV shows, Last Man on Earth, Ghosted, Kristen Schaal, Will  Forte, Fred Armisen, Kristen Wiig, Jack Black, Adam Scott, Craig Robinson, The Office, Hot Tub Time Machine, Darryl, cast, crew, New Orleans, recognize, star, Dave Franco, The Room, Harvey Weinstein, NYT, New York Times, WTF with Marc Maron, interview, acting methods, Seth Rogen, juvenile hall, acting school, General Hospital, actress, indie film, orgy, scene, oral, naked mole rat, strip, striptease, Sade, Indian, Matt Dillon, Golden Gate, wrap party, San Francisco, barfly, whiskey, Long Island Iced Tea, lesbian, The Outsiders, Rumblefish, Rumble Fish, Conan O'Brien, Stella Adler, Marlo nBrando, Robert DeNiro, Harvey Keitel, big penis, peen, full frontal, nudity, Rockefeller Center, 30 Rock, tickets, Cheers, George Wendt, Broadway, Art, Martha Stewart, tape, archive, archived, shoot, capture, teamcoco, Fred Durst, Kristen Durst, Nookie, cookie, drummer, Manhattan, New York, NYC, John Otto, Hungarian tourist,  Scarlet Pimpernel, masturbate, masturbating, masturbated, performance anxiety, Lucky Chang's, Lucky Changs, Lucky Chang, drag, golden retriever, A train, subway, station, Alphabet City, trenchcoat, baby elephant song, wank, wanker, dong, jerking, shopping bags, brass knuckles, gun, safety, self-defense, protection, protect, Mohawk, animal lover, rat, pet, pneumonia

Episode 5 Celebrity stalking, defining Barker, foot pit hate, moose knuckles. Weens confesses to stealing Mouse’s stuff. We discuss odd celebrity crushes, stalking 90’s celebrities, life dreams, foot anti fetishes, armpit disgust, pheromones, camel toes, moose knuckles, and the real definition of a barker. Mouse talks about the early years with her husband, a gross ex, and how to know if you should marry someone. Weens tells about traveling with the Celebrating David Bowie tour and his musicians, and more fun stuff. Audio issues, trenchcoat, playing pretend, plasma car, pinterest moms, limits, motherhood, art of hump, siblings, vests, The Cure, mod, gothic, musician, new wave, ska, vomit burp, vitamins, Echinacea, Big League Chew, Bart, Primus, Berkeley, punk, George Jefferson, Martin Mull, Kirk Cameron, Growing Pains, Left Behind, Rapture, Bruce Willis, Andrew Shue, Melrose Place, feet, stomach noises, Greg Kinnear, Talk Soup, Friends, Monica, Rachel, SAHM, cook, garden, domestic, mom, location scout, doctor, nurse, draw eyes, obituary, two old broads, Rod and Maude, Bea Arthur, Golden Girls, Mrs Roper, Stanley, Three's Company, break the fourth wall, Ferris Bueller, receding hairline, Martin Landeau, Abe Vigoda, Fish, millennials, FUPA, plump in the pornhole, excavation, dinosaur, prehistoric camel,  spirit animal, boyfriend, poo, San Francisco, wig, street, Broadway, Amsterdam, Mike Garson, Adrian Belew, King Crimson, Frank Zappa, weed, Sting, Gavin Rossdale, Joe Elliot, Def Leppard, Claire Danes, Hobbit, armpits, stink, musk, glands, glandular, scent, smell, Hanes, Fruit of the Loom, deodorant, married sex, Chris Martin, Coldplay, breakup, cheat, cheater, cheating


Episode 4 - Stuck burps, hot tub poops, Weens' flamenco lover, Don Johnson's toilet, and all the Bob Barkers. We talk about the documentary Jim & Andy, hear Weens read some highbrow poetry from her suitor, and talk about Mouse’s poops and lost hamsters. story, Andy Kaufman, Tony Clifton, on stage, drinking, Netflix, Jim Carrey, psychology, nineties, The Mask, Adam Sandler, Happy Madison, guitarist, Spokes Café, LA River, bike path, Los Angeles, Happy Birthday, burp, belch, burping, belching, party, Jacuzzi, childhood, butt, jets, turtles, water, bottom, kids poop pool, turd, Baby Ruth, Almond Roca, beach cruiser, coffee, breakfast, beer cave, agent, New York, bikini, audition, Ford Modeling Agency, guitar, music, old soul, date, dating, fedora, courting, courted, impromptu, tea, Columbian, poem, kiss, kissed, Ozarks, Jason Bateman, Chris Farley, herlihy boy, spoken word, gigs, slippers, Nash Bridges, Dakota Johnson, Planet Hollywood, A listers, production designer, San Francisco, Pacific Heights, party, walk-in closet, shoulder pads, Jamie Gomez, Cheech Marin, Bob Barker, Christmas tree, ornaments, Angry Birds, meerkat, animal rights, freedom, basic bitch, deep thinking, cat, stare, smile, monkeys, Idaho, Island Park, cabin, black, brown, Grizzly bear, mauling, maul, 


Episode 3Family secrets, Weens’ guy and the brain-heart-dink connection, high school pranks. Christmas lights up too long? Questions about ancestry? High school life and close-calls? We’ve got you covered. xmas tree, Christmas tree, party lights,, German, family secrets, genetic testing, adopted, identical twin studies, 23andme, variance, family tree, genealogy, seeing a guy, hanging out with, boyfriend, girlfriend, commitment, relationship, roles, Bachelor, smart, scientist, biology, graphic designer, humble, humility, ucsd, neuroscience, creative, distracted, Lion Witch and the Wardrobe, Wizard of Oz, CS Lewis, Charlie and Chocolate Factory, Hans Christian Anderson, Willy Wonka, Facebook Messenger, middle school, skater, punk, smoking, bong,  bong hit, puff, pipe, pot, paranoia, fever, memory, married, divorce, drinking, drugs, addict, ex, custody, sober, long-distance relationship, art, philosophy, cute, fear, self-fulfilling prophecy, reality, fantasy, protect, drama, attraction, Scorpio, therapist, therapy, boundaries, personality, setting the bar, intentions, power, narcissist, narcissism, dynamic, self-help, EST, TM, meditation, alanon, driver's license, high school, Safeway, scavenger hunt, real estate signs, , bagels, invincibility, parties, drinking and driving, fake id, cop, Nebraska, social media, McDonald's, graffiti, Red Hot Chili Peppers, RHCP, tickets, John Frusciante, diminish, John Corbett, Sex In The City, SITC, Val Kilmer, Greg Kinnear, George Wendt, Kid Rock, Matt Dillon, Primus, Billy Joe, Green Day, attachment theory, avoidant, fearful avoidant

Episode 2 - Cropdusting, horoscopes, grandparents, boobs, and grandparents' boobs (lo-fi). It's time for girls to take back their bowels, loud and proud! Hear about Mouse's embarrassing gas, Weens art of cropdusting, and judgy moms. We recall some passive aggressive stories, sprinkle in some horoscope talk, then delve right into the deep, deep subject of grandparents sexy movies and boobs. gas, farting, fart, toot, parents, camping, board games, mafia game, murder, nervous stomach, colitis, gastrointestinal, gaslighting, Anthropologie, crime scene, cloud, theater, rock opera, stage manager, director, poop, doo-doo, in-laws, republican, democrat, Hillary, Obama, MIL, voice, apathy, debate, politics, OCD, neighbor, cat lady, authority, confrontation, honesty, Aries, Scorpio, compatibility, control, organized, judge, workout gear, housewife, cute, young, moms, perfection, garden, grocery shopping, Crocs, Jack Black, Jumanji, Judge Judy, Judge Reinhold, Night Court, Harry, Fast Times At Ridgemont High, Hardbodies, Texas, Tucson, Arizona, designer, teacher, football player, model, actor, writer, producer, summer vacation, pool, teenagers, tweens, knitting, turtle, tortoise, entertainment, VHS, church, choir, Southern Baptist, Dukes of Hazzard, golf, Matlock, Lawrence Welk, Mandrell Sisters, Porky's, butts, bikinis, Farah Fawcett, Baywatch, German, wig, Acapulco, Hawaii, bath, pervert, nerd, dad, teacher, cantaloupe, banana, garden, pollination, fertilize, fruit porn, grandfather, singer, deacon, WWII, Jeep, radio operator, Africa, General Patton, back injury, PTSD awareness, GI issues, tomboy, feminine, muffled, empowerment, sharts, cooter, pooper, equality

Episode 1 - Meet Us, Celebrity School Loans, and Pubes (lo-fi). Meet Mouse in suburbia and Weens in Hollywood. Hear stories about balls on ice, Don Johnson, The Cure, Laura Ingalls Wilder, John Denver, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. We interview our mom and hear how Weens got her name, plus hear about Mouse's kids and the birds and the bees. You shouldn't miss the pubic hair talk and hear about Weens' waxing experience. Weigh in on whether Weens should post her pubic situation on Tinder and if you have any 1970s Joy of Sex memories like we do! Enjoy our first podcast! Comedy, girls, women, female, funny, celebrities, suburbs, pubic hair, mom, son, relationships, life, Christmas, sledding, dog, wrapping presents, genetics, chromosomes, y chromosome, ejaculate, hemorrhoids, location scouting, film set, movie, tv, television, location manager, key location manager, location assistant, script, director, producer, breast exam, man boobs, tune in Tokyo, permits, fire marshal, contracts, insurance, entertainment, craft service, craft services, catering, PA, production assistant, filmmaker, loan, school, elevator, security guard, pell grant, government, celebrity sighting, Holly Hobby, lace-up boots, camera, film, flash cubes, developing, develop, canister, Robert Smith, mom, mother, infant, meat brick, canned ham, newborn, sausage, hot dog, weenie, grand central station, pie, oven, dog, vagina, where do babies come from, birth canal, Idaho, body odor, sperm, eggs, where do babies come from, you tube, youtube, dink, love trail, lovetrail, prune, pruning, groomed, grooming, triangle, wax, pube, Fabio, fireplace, Brazilian, crotch, bald turkey, yul brynner, yule, brenner, karate, transvestite, legs, leg, lift, laying, lying, lie, underwear, iud, landing strip, fumanchu, eddie munster, sideburns, bikini, bikiniline, wig, matriarch, burning man, single, hairy, hippie, hippies, pornstar, bush, afro, beard, fetish, armpit, lick



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