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Episode 71 - Awkward and Embarrassed

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It’s easy to be awkward if you’re an Eggold sister,  we have come to find out. Hear the latest completely mortifying story that happened to Julianne at work. Is it a tall girl thing because of extra long limbs? Or is it just us? Joelle is famous for waving when people look away, and we are both guilty of just generally being big dorks. We call on our friends to help us commiserate and hear some of their stories too, most involving underwear! Then we make official our segment “Celebrity Stories That Go Nowhere”, underlining that awkwardness is rampant around stars! We end with a must-hear tutorial about handshakes, fist bumps, and that elusive cheek kiss. Tune in and join the fun by writing to us with your awkward and embarrassing stories! or DM on all the social media platforms @mouseandweens

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Awkward and Embarrassed

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Hello. You've reached Mouse and Weens episode seventy one, season three. Today we are talking about awkwardness - being awkward, embarrassing stories, and "Celebrity Stories That Go Nowhere", our new segment! These will be fun! So we hope you enjoy the show. Please go to our show notes on and for all our other information. And here we go.

I don't know anything. Shut up! It's true. Don't you feel that. It's the human race. Everybody does this. You've got pepper in your tooth. Oh, here we go! I can't. I just obsess. Okay it's gone. Alright. Don't eat it again though. Well, it's the grossest thing. Welcome to Mouse and Weens everyone. Hi! We're coming in hot with pepper in our teeth. Coming in hot. And also why when someone picks something out of their tooth... You're watching them. You're staring at them. I'm sorry. And then they eat it again. That part. Have you ever seen that? It bothers me so much. Have you ever seen that? Alright, the bothered one over there. That's Weens. That's my sister Julianne. Can I tell you the other thing? I'm Mouse. I'm the mom one. She's the signal Hollywood one. Okay go. What? When people when I've had this happened a few times when people are speaking and you could tell you. Know bless their hearts. They're a little nervous but a lot of times people will do uncomfortable. Things like they'll pick out their stuff in there I will. They're talking if they're kind of nervous speaker. And then all you're doing because all these like I'm just watching. What are they gonna do with whatever's on their fingers and you'll see it go down and you'll see their finger roll or whatever. Have you ever noticed this? Well yes but not as much as you. And I know you do this because occasionally I'll have a little boog situation and you watch and you tune out of what I'm actually telling you and then you just watch... It's still in your tooth. I'm sorry. I can't concentrate. You didn't get all of it. It really.... I'm not just saying... No it's the other side. I'm not saying that. See?! She can't focus if there's like... I'm sorry. I know. It's great. What is that? You get so mad at me and you always watch my one pinkie finger, right? It's like a tooth detective. Oh, with the boogs. Yeah. My picker finger. I just do a slight little move... Because...yeah. But you watch...No, she gets in and you'll think that you're just driving. I'm also next to you driving. And she'll go in with her long nailed like pinky nail. It is barely in. And you go into your nose. No. It's like a rub. And I'll stop and I'll stare and then you'll pull it out and it's usually a long wispy thing. It's like a thin, long wisp. No it is not! Yes, it's like a cat whisker. I deny this! I've seen this! And then you'll look at it and then you roll it a little bit and then you put it on on the side of your seat where you sit. No! And I don't want to look at that library what's down there. Oh ho! Yes! That's not true. No, no, no. Mmhmm. You know what? If I'm going to put it anywhere, I put it on the bottom of my shoe or... I don't-- I've seen you wipe it on the seat... sometimes on my sock. Several times. No, I don't do it on my seat. I really don't. Okay you used to then. Well maybe, yeah. Yeah okay. That was in my old car. Really? Because I've seen it. Maybe a few cars ago. The minivan? I don't think it was that many cars ago. Can we call it Mommy Brain for me? No? Okay well. Okay. All right. Here we are. We're together in San Diego. Low brow! I'm sorry. That's okay. I'm sorry. No I'm saying we are. I mean we're talking about stuff to just... Oh. Bodily? Well... It's okay. It's normal human stuff. That's all right.

We haven't talked in a while except for today. I mean we've talked but we haven't done a podcast episode because-- You're drunk right now a little bit. I am not! A little bit. No I'm not! Really? It was a long time ago. How many glasses did you have today? Ummm three? No. We started our party at 4:00. It is now 9:30 at night. Really? Yeah. So you're just tired. Sorry. Continue. I'm all hopped up on pepper. She's a little saucy. Tooth pepper. We had a quadruple birthday today. We celebrated a whole bunch of family birthdays so everybody was here. We had a party and mom came, and Cowboy Denny. Oh boy was that fun. Yeah. He berated me the entire time. And do tell why because this was so funny. Oh my God. Okay. I can't. Okay. I don't know why even said this because... So I was at work and I-- She works on a TV set of The Rookie, if you guys don't know. Right? But we were, yeah... ABC's hit show. The hit show The Rookie. And I was. We've gone out on something called Tech Scout so you drive around and you look at all the locations and you know thirty of the Department people go out this and that and Then we were stopping for lunch at the California Pizza. Kitchen and wonderful establishment. Very nice people. They did a great job bringing thirty people lunch on time. Brian and then so what kind of van or bus.

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It's I don't know what you would call them but there something that looks like a large tour bus. If you're driving around what would it be kind? They're all over Rancho Bernardo Pick up old. Yeah going like shopping trips and things like yeah so the big huge windows. Kinda SHIRT BUSES RIGHT. Yeah short but so how? Many people are in the sand lake fifty fed or something thirty or a year with thirty coworkers. Yup driving around town okay. Something like that twenty five and then they have another van. We do to sometimes go tandem. Sometimes we meet each other anyway. We did this all day. We had a ten nine hour Texaco. Something really long left at eleven. Got Back nine or something eight. Pm and anyway we're at the California pizza kitchen. He learned to lunch. I offered to pay the bill with my accompany card. And then that's what we kind of do the job that we have. But I realize it was in the van and the fabulous driver was eating lunch so I said Oh. Do you have the keys? I'm going to grab my wallet right so I go and grab keys and I pressed the button and it's a blip but then it doesn't open. The big door opens only the driver's side door which is really high up. You have to do a big step to get up there whatnot want a crazy curb. There's like a weird poll industry. You know there's a lot of things so I crawl over and there's like a cooler in their shit on the seat because you have to water all those people back to water by people climbing over stuff and I remember thinking. I'm pretty good at this like I'm kind of I can go around obstacles and it was kind of trying to be cool because I did have this thing in the back of mind that maybe people are watching like. I'm Kinda like this gazelle like everybody's out in the restaurant at the windows so they're all sitting an entire restaurant plus like thirty of her crew members sitting in the windows. You know like and there's only one thing happening a six hundred. One girl at a bright red sweater is climbing. And I'm sure it's like. What is she doing why she climbing the front door this fan? Whatever the people that got outside view street so they're seeing the driver's side of the van like there's just on the sidewalk right there. Yeah they're seeing hits. It's a display. It's happening and they're just eating salads. They don't WanNa Watch it. It's just a bright red sweater girl like. Oh there's that girl she's climbing so I climb in there. I go I get the wall. Everything's going great. I grabbed the wallet I come back and I remember thinking far down but I'm pretty agile so I'm going to jump over this thing and I'm going tp do this. I'm really fast and we're going to do this. Cool landing and then go inside and building need to open the main directly. Just do it through the side thing because I mean it I go and jump out a big leap. Get all the power going. I don't know what the fuck happened. Except maybe my fucker cotton to see bill for maybe hit something snagged and just landed full force like a full gazelle glider out the door and just landed on my shoulder and hip. And I just crumbled like Bambi on Ice. Like a crash test dummy. And four guys were walking out and just started to laugh. They were like, "Oh shit." I think the wind was knocked out of me for a second cause I was just kind of stunned. But immediately jumped up. I'm like, "Yeah. Don't worry about me. I think it's fine. What a dork." And so oh. It's terrible to do the whole restaurant. I looked at by the way and I just waved immediately. Everybody because every single in the restaurant was looking every single person there like that was the best show ever seen. This is the halftime presentation at last. And we were more horror. We as and you know and you have bruises man. You show your your knee. You're so you're going to pay the bill and I was like and I didn't know how many friends you see that in. Oh did you blush? We've like now. It's like you know you can't recover from snow. We've been through enough in their gas so I don't know and then my favorite person in the world. Do you know who you are saw. The whole thing like oh I wanted to go out like save you.

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But he didn't know how or something like that But chest Tina that of seeing someone just about yes. I know they're going to not do as a mom not to relate this to mom but yeah you watch your kid about to fall and it is slow motion. You WanNa get there and catch up and you. Can't I remember toby doing the off a little like Brigitta thing playground one of these suspension bridges? And He fell he was only like two and he fell a good four feet on his back flat on his back knocked the wind out of all. Luckily it was just bark but yeah I can get there in time. It was awful means and you have a big scout. You can put a date order only banded. You had go to the Doctor. Everybody was laughing. That's the best part is like it was one of those things. Where like are you OK? Well how are you? Oh they'll look like it was so bad that are Filipinos are you gotta D- requisite like make sure the person's okay okay that it's okay to laugh feared name. Oh stupid absurd. It's just you know and then of course I go into like yet. This is something I would do. It's a usual occurrence. I like this. Well it's not that usual but it's kind of like you know it's it's a thing I think. Do you think it has to do with being tall being six foot? You have extra long ours our corporate softball with you and we were both the biotech company. And you kinda forgot the rules of the game. Sorry I just exhaled really a lot. Your face red wine the rules of the game. I think the last time you played might have been high school somewhere p. even less yeah and I remember. You're like okay I can do this. Never deal and you hit the ball and you're not a sports watcher like you don't care about us and you hit the ball and didn't know that you could run through first base so you ran but grab the first baseman and swung out like a pool. They continued on to second base in seriously. The first baseman was like we were like hooting standards like well. What did she do? Yeah you get home. I know I think he just made it to second. But you didn't know that you can like run pass something like that. I was thinking you had to hold you foot on something. Yeah Yeah you were. You were tried to stop a double you just. You hit a single. You're trying to get on first base and you didn't know you could read through it right so you grab the first baseman. Why not to keep your foot on the base? The Barber's basement was like what is happening. A lot of arms and legs old sloth coming at you got Longley. They're hard to control. They get caught in things. Are you kidding me people no? I'm not a gangly Spaghetti. Signed this like I'm just saying that's what probably got caught in. The in. The test are really long his shoulder up to my shoulders wingspan. We'll stand because I'm just want to do a front awkwardly of big movies in the way you squish down now looks out who were not that. She's got me by what an inch and a half inch and a half inch but I'm just more gangly. I don't know what it is. Maybe just a little taller. You've got me by a lot. Hi You're five. Am Six seven and three quarters. Really six and three yards shrinking. I know that I am equally awkward. I guess is the point because I think tall girls do have a little bit of an awkward thing going on right yourself tall I. I was always the tallest girl in Asia Asia but no I think I feel tallish especially going out at night and wearing heels and yeah give me one of your stories This just came back to me that I remember. We went on a trip to New Orleans and we had this hotel. It was where we met. I saw Craig Robinson your buddy. Oh in the lobby. He was staying in a hotel but I didn't say anything but he's from hot. Tub Time machine and cancelled chokehold ghosted in the office. That's also character name again. I don't remember sorry Anyway he doesn't matter that part doesn't matter what matters is we're at.

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It was almost like. Do you remember on Broadway in San Francisco big huge wide street. Lots of cable car tracks and I was crossing and my heel I guess got caught in a cable car track and it was right when the light was turning. We're in the crosswalk for walking across and my foot stuck. And it was that slow motion thing where you realize. You're tripping you're gonNA trip but if you keep stepping ahead of yourself quick enough you can write yourself. You're not gonNA actually fall. So is that step step. Step step step step and took about ten steps and couldn't get ahead of myself because a fast and all my shopping bags were just flailing around. And it was just a newer. There was no rush. There was nothing going on so I just imagined the people sitting in the car waiting at the light watching this lady does fluff off right in front of this awful. Yeah my shopping bags went flying and I finally did fall and I think I caught myself. I didn't hit any skin on. The DUDE JUST RAN I. Oh Yeah I do the same thing where I pop up like. Everything's fine blue. Wave do bow some. Yeah Yeah. It's so dumb so awful. No it's like I don't know I feel like it's par for the course that it's just normal typical stuff. Yeah Oh my God. Whatever WE'RE HEARING? Ya Cares at this age to doesn't people didn't make it some right. Yes okay so I did remember a couple stories of friends and I'm trying to get a couple so let's pop them in later. I'm going to Read them in. Some of them are going to send in the MP three thousand. I think so cool. So let's pop. Does Iran also in the meantime. We have a quick promo from our friends. Podcasts said take listen. Hey friends where? The girls at unpredictably as podcast. I'm Athena in I'm Christi. We're two friends that are running through life's unpredictable obstacles to see how well we achieve or fail those crazy moments. We know a life without some living in. It won't provide a story worth telling so grab some coffee. Maybe wine and buckle up because we're going on another adventure you can sit with us on. Wednesday welcomed unpredictable as podcast. Who they're great there. We go all right. So let's hear some embarrassing stories from our friends awkward and embarrassing. Maybe not embarrassing. Maybe you're just offered and owning it here we got here is my sweet from Melissa. Probably have a lot of these actually am constantly falling in bumping into things and like last night I like somehow managed to have my pant leg get caught up in my left big toe and I went straight down like nobody even asked if I'm okay anymore because it happened so often But one of my most interesting stories was when I was in college when I was standing with my girlfriend who is like really interested in this senior in college in suburbs like all the senior guys are like standing around in this area. The university where everybody congregates like outside the cafeteria. So we're all standing there and it was back when like baby doll. Dresses really famous and popular. Not Famous should never be famous or popular. Anyway I was like I was wearing it when the baby addresses with the biking shorts. Underneath it so you. Don't really see the earring biking shorts which also super weird. I cannot believe that was in fashion. And I think it's coming back which is even scarier and I don't really know these guys are more friends of my girlfriend and all of a sudden I kid you not a beef flies up my flow. A baby doll dress in stings me right on the inside of my leg and so I am throwing address like over my head trying to get this be out. I'm like try not to cry. I'm in so much. Being part of your body is so sensitive. And they're like what the heck just happened to you and I'm like a be just my leg. I gotta go the nurse that I was like holding back tears in so embarrassed. Oh Poor Melissa see what we do for fashion. You guys the baby doll dress and an a B.

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Which reminds me my story when Biegel stuck in my hair as we're driving away from our house and I had to jump out of the car and I was pretty sure I got it out of my hair but then it fell into my shirt so I- stripped off my shirt and the B. I didn't know where it was if it fell into my bra. Or what but I was running down my street with my dumb huge mom jeans on no-shirt just my big old bra. I just had babies so I wasn't in shape running down the street back into my house and wondering what the neighbors saw so These moments okay. Let's hear another story. This one is from my friend. Cari was about the third day of my freshman year in college and I was walking through the main kind of Quad area. Were there recycle students store and a being and a little movie theater and I walked up the steps of the movie theater. Check out the movies and I must have lost track of time because I was up there for a while and then I walked away to go back into the quad. I forgot that I was up on a little step in so I walked off of it and I tripped in foul and I was cute. Little mini dress that flew up in everyone underwear in. I fell so hard on both my knees and it was kind of cement that was that kind of pebble material and my knees to Scott thrashed stood up horrified embarrassed surrounded by people and I bled gushing. Both my knees and I was in so much pain and I was so embarrassed and I had to walk Super Far back to my dorm with blood running down my legs and I was so embarrassed in for days after people would see me and say we that girl that fell the other day and of course I was so new at school. I was so embarrassed. So that's my memory. That sucks honestly have happened in college in. We're wearing these little mini dresses from the nineties. Allah friends it's just a fashion underwear showing it's a whole thing. Maybe college is awkward. I know I'm awkward just in general but but these stories may be better all right. Let's hear another one back to Melissa. I was in catchy having breakfast and had a really cute outfit on and had pockets and my hands my pockets and I was running late to class and the doctor Khan and I'm running up the stairs because this one particular teacher would lock the door if you wait until you couldn't miss class and you can only get so many absences thought was kind of stupid because you know. I was painting two thousands of dollars this time university. They should let me enter at any time. But I digress. So I'm running up the stairs. My hands my talk it which is probably a role like you're never supposed to run with your hands in your pockets right like. I'm sure my mommy then simply but I was in college do my own thing and I slipped and all I could think about was like I'm gonNA break my teeth. I was so scared and I could never hand fast enough and I landed with my Chin on the very top step and nothing happened to me except for my pride because looked up there because shooting but me and they were like. Oh my God are you okay and my hands were still my pockets and mateen was left resting on the top stair so I hope you have a beautiful day and it's much less complicated and everybody remembers to never run. Okay Oh my gosh all this fashion stuff in college for Real Okay and now another story. This is from a friend. Okay she says I remember when I was a junior associate working at a law firm and a few of the senior associates went out to lunch with us at the big food court at the mall. in the middle of lunch she she had one of these plastic clam shell type containers and a gust of wind picked up and slam the plastic top into her face whereas stuck there. She's such was mortified and she just remembers all of a sudden wack and then looking out through the plastic. Everyone got image poor thing this is Barbara telling her awkward story so I. I rarely get an audition because I'm an older woman I have. I have my hair go. I prefer to say silver instead of gripe but I'm probably lying to myself anyways so. I'm just grateful when I get audition. They're few and far between and this happened to me before where I printed up the sides and it was looked like it was a leading role and I learned all the lines in the one I got in.

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I was I realized. Oh you're not the Li I wasn't the you know I was just a background person. So this time when I saw there were sides and there was a lead. I didn't get my hopes up but I thought to learn the lines anyways and Just so I'm ready but I won't get my hopes up. I have a feeling just An extra So when I got there I said to the woman who was checking us in. I just double checking. I not playing the part of Amy. Right and she goes. This is an xfinity commercial. You know this is amy. Poehler US playing the role. No you're not amy poehler. You're not doing the amy and and then she she goes. I said Oh I didn't know and she goes well. Maybe you should watch. Maybe maybe you should check out. And then I felt very inadequate in that moment and But I did sit down next to the another gentleman who additionally I said. Did you know that the role Amy Poehler? Did you know that? She's the lead in all the xfinity commercials and he said he didn't know either so they'll too bad here's another one another food related story This woman a friend I don't know if she wants to be named. I'm GonNa name you Nikola. She was watching one of her husband. Mike's Soccer game finals where they had a big party in a big barbecue. After she said one incredibly fit humongous guy came flying towards her during a play and ended up in her lab breaking her chair in the process and flipping her plate of pesto. Pasta Salad and guacamole onto her face. She landed on her back all one hundred or so people gasped and watched her pick salad out of her hair. The REF stopped the game to check on her. She said she was fine. And the dude is lucky that he was so good looking because it was kind of thrilling. Pesto Guacamole and Salad Olive Green Foods. Oliver FACE THIS POOR CHILD. I love it okay. Here is another story from a friend named. Leeann see okay. I can't believe I'm telling you the story. But many years ago I was wake boarding with some friends and it was a gorgeous day and I was super excited to be there. I've been working on. Some new tricks It happened to be one of those times where I was the only girl on a boat full of boys which was not a big deal in itself until the event occurred So I'm wake boarding and just as I crossed the way I like felt the wave of pride and excitement. Kinda come over me because I could tell it was probably the highest. I've ever cleared awake before and I was really like guess totally stoked on it until as I was. Be Descending on the other side. I realized Oh shit there's no way I'm GonNa land this and hit splash. Bam Tumble Tumble Tumble Very glad that we weren't videoing it because I would have been all over the Internet. It was it was one of those glorious wipeouts So I kind of brought myself back up to the surface of the water and was trying to shake out the ringing in my ears and making sure all my body parts were in one piece. I suddenly dawned on me that I was missing something and that my bathing suit bottoms had somehow come off in the tumble so I was frantically searching the surface of the water trying to find them before the boat approached me too closely and of course at this time as I looked up the boat had already circled back and was getting closer and closer and closer and I was getting more and more and more red and when the boat was close enough for me to help on the set they were all kind of looking at me weird like why aren't you jumping up and I finally had just blurt it out like please turn around. I lost my bottoms Hannah Towel and to which they of course all erupted into laughter It's still talked about to this day and I had to wear that towel around my waist for the entire rest of the day because of course nobody else had anything that I could wear and it was just the beginning of our day. That was a long one and I did learn a valuable lesson that day. And that was that Board shorts are more than just a fashion statement Sometimes they're actually a necessity. What was this one with your friend and the cord? Oh did you ever tell you something in high school? No junior high and I think it was like a cool guy walking up to the front of the class and just think about to tell his speech or his big story and tripped on the overhead.

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Projector cord I know plugged into the front of the class and did that like whoop and not only no projector with crashing to the floor like the slides of flying everywhere. I think the glass cracked and then the cord pulled the whole album. Out of the wall with the DRYWALL. Attached all seen from the junior high and I mean right when reputation means everything so so bad. Yeah no sweet also the guy. Sorry but my favorite photo. Montage you for him him. You were taking about for his birthday. And this is my favorite. You guys gave him like shots and he was starting off. Pretty cool and confident. He's kind of a cool guy so cool and confident he see one photo. And it's like Oh you for guys at the table gals and guys and shots. You're okay cut you taking a next one is like down the hatch and then next one is like he's got like seven or eight shot glasses piled up like a leaning tower and sneaking up into the air so that was like all right down and what was the next the next one. He's like dancing on top of a camp out of bar and you can see like some random DNC people in like a DJ backer under or something but he is just. I mean is slow moving. Yeah and then the next one similar leaning over a toilet. No NO NO KNIVES. Davor word work the next day in the kitchen asking for directions like he got a loss so like someone came up. It must've been you of course taking a sneaky picture of him asking the chefs back. Get to the bathroom or something and then the next one. I thought he was in a chef hat. So something happened where you suddenly chef and then it was hymning head in the toilet and then the next morning he had to get on a plane to go back home and he had. He's sleeping on my couch and I just set up this whole. Add to go to work so I set up this whole thing of crackers and water advil and he had to get on that plane and I guess he made it because it worked out. You've never seen him say yeah. No no that's right. That's a good. This is true. Everyone has stories so many great stories which reminds being celebrity stories that go nowhere celebrity stories. Here we go guys. We collected some stories of friends who have meant celebrities or not. Let's hear their stories because they are awkward to celebrities. Nowhere okay so I'm Pila and on my prom night I Rented a Limo until four in the morning and at the problem went to Hollywood boulevard and ran into Tom. Morello from bridgeheads machine and I Didn't notice it was him until he had like walked past me and like full prom. Regalia I choose not to him and I was like Tom Morello and he turned around and once he turned around. I realize it and anything sit except I I love Regan's machine profound yeah he was like thank you so much and he's like. Is this your prom night and I was like yeah. He's like you look really beautiful and it gave me a hug and said thank you. That was no. Did you love him? Like forevermore forevermore like I've heard like ports a he's a jerk and I'm like that is not true Tom. Morello forevermore aloe. That's beautiful nowhere. I was with my last show that I was working on I. It was my job to find some random branches inside of tree so I had to like climb this tree and start like pulling branches that the Greens men like left out for me so then I ended up finding like a bunch of them in the whole tree is shaking and I was like. This is ridiculous that I'm climbing. A tree like at work looking nights like climbing a tree. He's just very well. He's got nice shoes a nature this would be and then I get down and like the whole tree shaking and I walk out from behind the leaves are and Reese Witherspoon and her costume person are standing right there staring at me and I'm like this is really comfortable.

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That couldn't do anything but I think that's the only interesting thing that's ever happened. What's your name Brandon Perfect? He didn't give very smart. That's a good. That's a good. Yes but we have many awkward moments. I don't know if it's just maybe mean you you and I I mean I think everybody does but there I feel like I'm the one that always waves at the person. Oh yeah the street right when they're looking away Yeah it's it's turned into a joke with my husband. He's the calling and see you again. He feels sorry for me heated and then and then I'm really bad. How're you handshakes in lake bed in high five? Not when they're or more. Yeah when it gets tricky. Yeah I could do a fist bump you see it coming in hopefully persons older and they do it. Okay but how do you see it coming like like going with the high five we gotta go slow? Oh you gotta go slow. If were of this age you have to just let like make the contact. We're not cool. Don't go in fast. Don't do anything jittery. Okay no jostling. Just go straight like. Yeah we could do the what. If I'm initiating I come up with the hand for the high five and someone else comes up with the fist then someone needs to who gives the paper. I don't know yeah I like the. I like the high five. I'm old school. I'M A DORKY. Mom and to this too many variables there corona virus arms. Yeah no variables because the hand could go up you could be going in for hot hard one could be going for like a light touch like. Let's try and touch her hand thirty. I was spend two hours away. Okay Rennie late touch. Hey guys would just sorry concave. Did you hear that noise? You make somebody really. If you'd like somebody right cupper okay now. I'm at the gym. All right right now. What was your situation though? Okay Okay Dude I get a really fascinating fist-bump not stuff going for the hand. Okay now. What about The handshake turn turn the thumb. Gye does that anymore. I go into lumberjack. Just did shake the thumb and then I are we supposed to snap. This is the snap thought. Well that's where it left off on our. I love the older. She's pulling my your. Have you ever done that? I guess the joke with the high. That's creepy. She just tickled my hand like a painter from the paintings. Old All things. But that's okay. That's who would ever do that these honestly I can't do the the cool Hannemann. What do you do from there? Okay you snap here. Ready SHAKE THUMB. Hook like a fat part of the thumb. Yeah and then you pull it off. Finger finger. Snap Compelling Radio Snap Jesus Christ came off Surrey like can't turn to mom talk me into getting fake. Neil Sergey severed did I. My fingers gone no disappeared. I'm sorry all right. Don't do any with anyone when you just say. Hi Just fist-bump always I just don't do nothing. Say Hi will give it. What if someone's hanging? What if what? If it's high five your neighbor the gym to say you have a cold with your elbow. Oh that's not awkward review that what's Yeah and you bring your elbow up then. You don't have to worry about anything your armpits. I don't WanNA anyone's armpits beam phobias. You thought I had corona virus amended ago. You don't WANNA SEE ARMPITS. There's too many weird fleshy things. We couldn't do anything. Can I talk about? Awkward fleshing moments. Yeah Okay my sweet housekeeper our ten. I loved her alone. She's lovely wonderful. She's been with our family for fifteen years she's the best and I always hugger.

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Hello and I have children teeth. Yeah right she's got some Blakenham. She don't scar though. I'm trying to remember what happened. I think I went in for the hug as she was trying to come in for the cheek. Kiss that's the other one that I can never do the cheek kiss. I wouldn't it kills me so I went into someone wants lips and then I get uncomfortable. Yes even your son did that today. I wasn't sure is he a little toby. No Elliott Yeah. He was doing like a sweet. Yeah he's a lip kissing. I think so. Yeah just turned thirteen so he still does the little PECs with the family. Okay so I didn't I haven't done do cheek. I wasn't sure that squeezes I didn't know what was happening. I didn't WANNA be awkward. Like what if I was the weird Anthony All mouth kiss? Here's was just trying to give a hug or something back awkward. But he might be. Yeah Pecker you know what I mean. Yeah okay so what happens. Yeah I think she was going in for the lakeside cheek kiss like the Air French but I went into the hug so she ended up kissing my neck. Oh hats that was. Yeah was it and I couldn't read the move I don't know here's the Nice can our buried in what you do after that you just gotTA recover. No we have a little language barrier so I just kind of nodded and work backwards. Zip Do oh that's ackerman. Let's throw one more at the end. Here right yes and maybe we should tag some videos. And things like that and put dozen or social media of the handshake montages also. There's a good one. Yeah this is this is my life. This is-- Welcome to me. All right. We'll do that. This is a quickie light one for you guys and then we'll come back soon with our next episode of good interviews. We have lots of people lined up. And what else? Oh I know. We have part two of our Paul Shaw interview on Patreon. I don't know if people knew that from episodes 69 but we did episode seventy and it was a little risque so we put it on Patreon. If you go to it'll be there. And that one does delve into his other job - side of his job - as a sensual dom, which is like a dominatrix. So if you want to hear those stories, go there. It's very interesting enlightening actually so kind of cool. And then social media. And we'll be back soon with more interviews so stay tuned and we will see you guys. Bye!

When at my age when somebody asks me any any kind of question I I go into this....this minor, mild panic attack. I'm doing that today because I'm so tired. I see people I know-- Like I could run into you and somebody else and I'll panic that I can't remember both your names. I know both your names, but this "what if.. what if I can't remember their names?" And then I might not be able to recall your name because I get in my head. Insecurity I guess, and social anxiety. I blank on people's names. I thought that everybody did that. It's not a normal thing?

My thing is that when I see an actor that's kind of a not famous actor, I always think they went to my high school. I did with Aziz Ansari like a couple years ago and before he was really famous. So it must've been six or seven years ago. But you know I went up to a mega where he wouldn't my math class. Kauai and then he goes no. I don't think so. And then he walked away at his friend was getting a beer and his friend goes. That happens all the time yeah. He's kind of famous but they look familiar. Also Matthew Broddrick. When I was in New York I asked him, "You just look like a nice guy that maybe you know.." Like a familiar nice guy. And then I asked him for directions to Tribecca or something. And he sat there, and as I'm mid-sentence I was like "Ferris Bueller is giving me directions to Tribeca." I didn't hear and then I got lost.

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