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Episode 67 - Well Good Morning!

by Joelle, also known as Mouse

LA Traffic

Back in LA now after the holidays, the traffic is already driving Weens crazy, much like anyone else who tries to use the freeways of this city. But at one time it was empty and sparkly. When was this? Early on New Year's Day 2020, and Julianne could finally see the quaint appeal of the city. Is there any solution to the traffic problem of Los Angeles? According to many studies, no. In CNN's comprehensive report from 2018, factors regarding why traffic is so bad are outlined. One interesting reason posed is the fictional appeal. LA is portrayed on tv and in movies as being lined with palm trees and sprawling, encouraging people to move there. It is sprawling, but there is poor public transportation and California has a very strong car culture. Everyone therefore is crowded on the roads trying to get from point A to point B, and it can drive residents like Weens completely batty. She mentions that experts don't believe there is an easy solution, such as Brian D. Taylor director of the Institute of Transportation Studies at the UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs, who proposes cities charge fees for driving during high congestion times and design dedicated bus lanes in hopes that the supply and demand will change for public transportation alleviating traffic. For now with traffic, as Julianne says, if you live in LA, you just have to get used to it.


Speaking of LA, have you seen The Imagineering Story? It is a Disney+ miniseries covering the creation of Disney theme parks. I saw episode one "The Happiest Place on Earth" about Disneyland and explain to Julianne how Walt's brother Roy thought he was crazy to develop orange groves in the rural area of Anaheim, Orange County into a theme park to entertain both adults and children. The images it shows of orange groves in the 1940's and 1950's and fields of trees is so breathtaking, one can't imagine that it is all completely developed now. Progress!

Mr. Rogers

After we segue out of Julianne's cute story about a perfect b-b-brisk morning walk in Seal Beach greeted by a sweet man in a red sweater and bow tie, we of course are reminded of Mr. Rogers and his red sweater. The story of his life and his show has recently been portrayed on both the big screen and in documentary format. Julianne saw and loved Won't You Be My Neighbor? the documentary, available currently on HBO and Amazon Prime, and I promised to watch it too. (Editor's Note: currently watching it and loving it from the bottom of my heart! Everyone must see this.) We both grew up watching Mr. Roger's Neighborhood and those memories and lessons are a big piece of our childhood. Our parents were particular fans of public television and they connected with the emotions and truth that he taught. Neither of us have seen A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood yet, the movie starring Tom Hanks, but vow to do so. Get the Kleenex ready.

How to Get an Optimist into True Crime

We have an intrinsic difference right now in our lives as sisters. Julianne is into the macabre dark side of programming and watches shows like Mindhunter, and I am stuck in the Pollyanna happy, funny side of entertainment, obsessed with standup comedy and lighthearted podcasts. Why is this? I used to be consumed by Stephen King and Anne Rice books, but then it all changed when I became a mom. Is this a protective reaction for some reason, once you have children? The Atlantic  wrote a piece about Pollyanna and the craze with happiness, that made me feel a little better about my money-making ability. (Who wants to buy my future book?) But I'm getting bored of myself and need my edginess back, so I am still trying to get on board with true crime shows and podcasts.  Just peruse through the lineup at Wondery or our podpals in #LadyPodSquad (search on Twitter or Instagram) to see how many podcasts there are and know why those of us Pollyannas of the world might feel like we are missing the party. I want to like true crime.  I watched Making a Murderer and The Staircase on Netflix with my husband and that was a nice bonding week while we binged them. We had our thoughts. But it left me feeling creeped out and watching David out of the corner of my eye.

Why is true crime so popular especially with women? There are articles by the BBC, NPR, and the NYTimes trying to give answers to the same question. It seems as if it's an evolutionary, protective, and informational journey which, if you know me and my caveman theory, I can get on board with! Julianne watched the 8-episode Dirty John Netflix series, based on a podcast, in one fell swoop, and it got deep into her brain. So we both agree that these stories can distort your thinking, even though we're both excited to talk about Dirty John and its whole catalog of information. Stay tuned!

Odd Ice Skaters and Roller Skaters

Since we got back from Idaho for the holidays, my friend from high school came down from the Bay Area with her 15 year old daughter to visit for the weekend. My other high school friends and I took them out for a day of festivities at Liberty Station. This is a cool new shopping center, recently converted from a Naval Training Center which closed in 1997. The city of San Diego got ownership of the property in 2000, and now it is what we know today, complete with an outdoor ice skating rink during the holidays! I was the only one of us moms to strap on some skates, and boy did I regret it. The ankles were so loose that I took about three steps and fell forward on my knee and slid on my belly sprawled out like a starfish! I sat there for a moment laughing at myself, then promptly went back to the rental counter and got skates a size smaller. I made it around the rink a couple times, but handed my skates and ego back in after the third revolution. Photos of my fall and bruised personality are on Please join for all the behind the scenes and chatter!

This reminds Weens of the skating rink Iceland, in Dublin, California we used to visit growing up. It was famous for being a spot where Olympic gold medalist Kristi Yamaguchi would practice (and still practices!). She tells a hilarious story of a man who would frequent the quiet rink to show off to all the young girls with his skid-to-a-stop move. ("He shaved us! He didn't even know us!") He looked like a mixture of George Zimmer from the Men's Wearhouse and John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever and would skate to his tight beard's content! We wonder who that guy was and what he did each day. How did he have so much spare time when he should have been shooting commercials and selling suits?!
(Editor's Note: After posting this on social media, some East Bay residents said it might be Charlie Tickner 1978 world champ and 1980 Olympic bronze. He was from Lafayette. Also that George Zimmer was from Lafayette. One in the same?! #conspiracytheory)
You have to hear this story around Minute 12, and see a video clip also archived on our Instagram Page in a post from 1/18/20.

We also wonder about other characters and skaters that we have seen around our towns. There is the Naked Cowboy well known on the streets of Manhattan. This busker of New York streets has been playing his guitar and freezing his banana hammock off since 1997, interestingly where he started in Venice Beach, California. Did you know he is now sponsored by Fruit of the Loom?! I was reminded of the G-string roller skater famous on the boardwalks of San Diego's Pacific and Mission Beaches and now that I'm writing about him and his buttocks, I'm finding out his name is Ken the Flash and he has been doing this for 20 years! And Julianne talks about the rollerskater with a turban and long beard.

Stories of the Street

(show notes in progress....please stay tuned!)


Summary Episode 67 - Well Good Morning!

Hop on the 2020 sister train and follow our thoughts as we talk through Mouse’s suburban optimism and Weens’ city pessimism, while discussing traffic, Mr. Rogers, true crime, and the homeless. Our eyes were opened by Julianne’s interview with a Los Angeles Police Department officer, who had a lot of information and thoughtful perspectives on the homeless problem in LA and the day to day issues that the LAPD deals with. Then we have some parenting discussions about Mouse’s boys about male role models, teasing and gender jokes, internet safety, and sexual health. Fun fact: did you know Joelle was a sex educator in college and was on the news talking about HPV? Now, don’t be fooled by the heavy topics. This episode is laden with ridiculousness and funny stories. Look out for brisk red sweaters, bearded ice skaters, drunk tarot card readers, caped rollerskaters in g-strings, condom banana totems, and a guy named Rare. Come hang out with us and be part of the fam! Visit Patreon for bonus funny outtakes from this episode!

At A Glance:
0:00-1:49 Donate to homeless a/o trafficked youth
1:49-5:48 Catching up, LA, freeway, red sweaters
5:48-9:33 True crime, optimism, Dirty John
9:36-15:43 Skating stories
15:43-21:13 Fascinating people on the street
21:13-26:51 Trying to help homeless
27:12-38:33 Interview with LAPD about homeless
38:33-41:33 Weekend recap, Marc Maron, Black Crystal Wolf Kids
41:33-44:24 Raising boys, role models, internet safety
44:24-48:00 Sex education

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