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Episode 65 - Ski-Doos and Ski-Don'ts

It’s Christmas Eve and it’s our two-year anniversary, so we go back to where it all began in our mom’s basement in Idaho! She even pops in for a bit - a throwback to episode 1 - and we recount childhood holiday stories, getting nostalgic about the elf on the shelf and dad dressed as santa. So much fun but so many lies! We catch up and compare our LA and San Diego parties. And we tell our latest crazy family story about going snowmobiling in West Yellowstone, where we crashed and got stuck in the snow for hours. Did we survive? Or did we freeze to death, only to thaw out and be discovered in the Springtime like so many other victims? You’ll have to listen to find out!

Mentioned in this episode:

- Jim Eggold at our uncle and mentalist!

-The Coffee Shop Trio (Matt Politano keyboard, Matt Cory bass, and Steve Ferrone drums)

-Holiday card love from Lady Pod Squad podcasts:
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Hey! We're here. We're here. Welcome to Mouse and Weens. Can you believe it? I'm Mouse. I'm the big sister in San Diego with the kids. And I'm Weens. I'm the little sister and I'm in Los Angeles in the film business. That's right. And we are currently sitting in a big fluffy bed in our mom's house in Idaho. Yes. And today's special. Why is that Weens? It's our one year anniversary of the podcast. One year. Call it to two years. Two years. God, I'm so bad at this. See? That's-- Oh I'm sorry. The two year anniversary, Jo! Two year anniversary! Yippee! I know! It was this day exactly. It was Christmas Eve in 2017. We're in the basement here at the house. But we started this idea and recorded our very first one on a little iPhone in front of us on a (Oh those were the days!) gift-wrapping table. Awful audio. You can still find it on Patreon. No glad we hit that we buried it a little. I bet because it's kind of It's been so great we love. We're looking at each other. Sometimes it makes us is laugh. Please don't I'm sorry I have to. The altitude does funny things to us. Okay no laugh or all right so weans we have to catch catch up because the last episode we put out our sex and love episode but that was a while ago we have had well. We've got a lot of downloads. It's from people that were pretty. He acts a lot of people like that. Some people I had a couple of friends who are yeah. I know a lot of comments. So it's good. I think it needs to be brought up more so I'm glad we put it out. There in my kids will not be listening till about eighteen. That's fine just going to say that. That's okay yeah. Didn't you try to play it for them. What was the experience? Oh I played them a couple of the clean ones like our Warner Brothers episode and they were into it they like during their mom and hearing the stories and hearing stuff about themselves but then they kind of talked through the whole thing so I was like well forget it. You don't even respected enough to listen so never again! They're young. Yeah but anyway yes we gotta clean up our act a little bit. Maybe make it cross-audience. I don't know. This is what what happens. You start with your organic grassroots. And then it starts getting corporate. I know. It's just-- Giving in to The Man! It's just the mom thing. It's the big ears always around. But that's fine. No, we'll figure it out. Anyway... We are starting our next season - our next year here. But we wanted to kind of catch up real quick from where we were from the last episode. Yeah So we had Thanksgiving happen. I was in palm springs with my inlaws Dave's family and The Big Fund incident there her amidst all the cold traditions was that my mother-in-law fell and broke her arm so that was really sad. Dog opening the door. Oh aw look it who it is. She's coming with a glass of wine with your hair l.. tillerson tattered raised raised on our very first episode. Did you time this. She's back for recap. This really truly happened last time to where you walked in when we were recording and started Vicini with your crinkle bag we made you throw it to the side Shit. crinkly bag comes just cut line. The Mike can pick you up better so so mom or you're talking about thanksgiving. Don't touch anything because it will goes and makes noises. You can just Kinda you can't you can stay. Don't destroy inc where appreciate lots of weird pillows and things but Oh so our mother is a little your spring chicken you have rosy Z.. Red Cheeks you look like you're about I don't know forty eight. Oh right of beautiful skin. Isn't she hip to your queue. Everyone thinks were sisters. Isn't that weird. I don't know why you don't play it instead you you go. Oh come on but you just need to thank hugh gracefully roll with it. Yeah talk about two beautiful daughters Christmas. Thanks to the PODCASTS world.

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Hey I know it. Can we talk. I know you're I know you don't WanNa talk about traditions. But can we talk about traditions since for one second Joe Joe talk about it well but okay just quick traditionally us. You don't want me to go off track. Tell you looking at me for no. I don't care. I just didn't want wanted to be doesn't have to go into Belgium. But what was your favorite. What did you implement in our lives growing up? That is wonderful. Fun Tradition that you love of to do obviously Christmas Eve. When I was little Christmas Eve wasn't as big of a deal? It was always Christmas. PSOMAS morning I like the idea of opening one gifts on Christmas Eve. And all the hype and HOOPLA. We always and we also did. We always would do a nice dinner right that China dinner which we have ready tonight tonight. You have ready ready but not yet. They're not back yet. Okay So that you know what I remember I I liked when you guys had the Little Elf. It was the original Elf on the shelf of age. And you and your first husband our father other John would. I don't know how to say that without Sounding Weird Our dad your expert okay so you guys would create. I Remember Elf movement in one time you would you you have us looking in the back. Glass Patio door. We would see little Elf and all of a sudden you would go. There is there is and then we'd it goes zip up the glass door and it would fly away fly away. It was the most exciting thing in the world. And that's called monofilament line. monofilament film online on a fishing pole. Dad would have a fishing pole. You guys know I know we all the way over the roof and came back in Dan and because we were both there. When you're looking out the patty so you were just tugging and then we would pull the monofilament and hope hope that it didn't break when snag on something right going over the house back through to your hands behind your back? Yes exactly so I have this weird vision. That is not true of a fishing pole. No no fishing pole fishing. Line of Se- memories go and the other is one time when your dad dressed up with a red blanket. And he did the whole and it was in our little condo patio are you. Do you remember the Brenick. Did he run out. Actually scaled that six foot wall. He ho-ho-hold wrap the red blanket and then he pulled himself up and over the wall back. Thanks you saw the back of him and a Blanket going over look like Santa's oh I thought if he lands on the other side and not break his neck so athletic screwed it up over. Can I tell you that I had a conversation must have been when I was in kindergarten or first grade because I was sitting in the lunchroom. I I have few memories with. This was very vivid in everybody goes. There's no Santa Claus. Can I say this warning spoiler alert parents turn off the radio radio. No kids I was telling you know all the kids were saying. There's Santa Claus ditch are in. I was the only one that goes guys guys. I I saw Santa Claus going over the wall. I swear Ed I was so in a hand. Try to reconvene. Everybody and I was one hundred percent convent's event and I don't know I just was like you guys are crazy. Yeah so we were hard at making you guys think Christmas lasts forever forever. You guys had such good youthful energy to your on the thirty at that time Condo and did you guys do the same thing with the Easter bunny at the ranch. I think I remember glimpse of an Easter Bunny going over a hill to dress up in a brown a white something right right. I'm trying honoring them from brand down the hill and I saw the back of a weightless hopping away. I mean we frigging believe. There's another podcast about this. How the kids are angry at the parents because they did this elaborate? Yeah anything and they believed it for too many years. That's our that's me street all the kids. It's were getting mad at the parents. Because they didn't believe them this fall so they finally revealed snuffy was was not invisible. Maybe pc now is to reveal your kids'll no no no no because now the off the shelf has a whole new a whole new thing gone onto Elfin.

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The Shelf is back. The only thing that you guys really got Madam me over was I taught you that. They were pine noodles. Instead of putting needle went to kindergarten saying incline noodles and getting laughed at Anchin. Well mouse came home. She was really mad like hands on her hip mad. Well I'm perfect perfect. And how dare anyone call me out on a mistake and again I said they are pine noodles. I'm set so they grow on Pine Trees Pine Noodles and I was not right and everyone loud and also so the little stickers that get stuck in your socks more. Oh Raymond Burr's Raymond Burr's you're the actor after that was what was his big role. You're a big law. Pay Mesa Perry Mason remember. I was going to say Percy faith ought to much Christmas music no periods. Yeah Raymond Burr's so again that one win until high school mom. I would say hi to laugh half hiking with my cool guy buddies. And pulling Raymond Burr's out advice. We have Indra Coney who kind of an Aficionado auto of like old movies. I don't think we wait. What are you pulling out your socks? Raymond fears and they have quite a hoot He trying to one more to assist one's really embarrassing. Mom You might WanNa clears for this and it's going to be about Essex. Well well yeah so. I watched an episode of the Carol Burnett Show remember that we watch that there was a whole she was listening to radio program or something. Gosh I wanNA find this and see if I'm right. But they were talking all about like sensuality and if you touch them here all these things are going to happen. And so she was following along and her knees buckling as the guy was talking and it was real funny right but what happened was they said and you touch a woman behind her neck like someone common touched her behind her neck and she just crumpled to the ground in ecstasy. So I saw this as a little kid and I thought that was the big central's but that was the central spot so so in Highschool again somehow talk with my friends. They they said you boys. We're trying to figure out where the g spot was and I came in. I know where it is. It's your neck. Carol Brunette Cherry do all and again but at the joke. Okay Joe all sorts of things talking about. Oh we were just catching up on. What we've been up to Thanksgiving was where we left off? Yeah Thanksgiving GonNa talk about. Julian's birthday was thin right around the same time. You Okay and so after my palm springs your Thanksgiving you went to party. I went to Al Goes and Beth corvettes house and they have a lovely home in Hancock Park and it was raining that night. If you remember it was raining and said they had one of those they had to quick one of those outdoor tents but it was really clear it was cleared tent and it was beautiful and he did and it was probably a twenty five percent table or just everything was just the cheese plate alone. took up a whole roundtable. MAZING beautiful cater dated had there I think they're living housekeeper. Wow this is high end. Beverly Hillary like not Beverly Hills. Hancock Park is okay. Very nice neighborhood. Yes so but there's such sweet people are so down to Earth and really beautiful house too so we have a cheese tray upstairs yes just wind it interject checked. I know high end. Fancy stamped with Jay Bardea cowboy ranch here because we are very country Christmas. It's so sweet here. Yeah look forward to it for so long and drew pictures about it and prepacked and and although sometimes you would not cause they. They lay `round on their little phones all the time but but they're so happy here they're just like and you know sometimes toby's he's a little bit kind of cool and I said so what are you. It's hard to get out like what's your day to day. He's not that cool. But you know I thought okay he might be well you know what I mean. He's not he's not shutdown like some kids age but he said he was so excited about going to grandma's house because it's it's really kiss both of them behind their next constantly and they're fine leave them grandma's there's no going to start talking about those stories stories but first before we can luncheon stories.

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Can we say thank you for all the lovely podcasters who gives holiday cards. Yes absolutely we received A bunch of cards from from Our Lady pod squad friends A collection of podcasts. That all supported to there and we love these girls. We have Cut Scenes and cupcakes. You read some of these Shelf love podcast spooked. Our your love the the Phoenix Nest Luby's and newbies. That's right the Geeky Book Book Reading Brooke Reading All. They're so cute and in our I women. These are our supportive fund podcasts people so please go look them up rewind this listen again and just from down and go so follow these great podcasters. They're wonderful people so we love your holiday cards. Happy Holidays years this coming to all right now. How can we talk about our experience? Yes since Snowy Idaho. Yes mom did have to leave while we were doing that but We we rate up here in Idaho so our big day out was going snowmobiling. Yes and it's about a two hour drive would go up to where I had a cabin family cabin Up In island park area so there's tons hundreds of miles of ATV trail or for in the wintertime. It would be for the comb. sleds there basically or ski dues or Ski News. But we saw highland park. And then it's west yellowstone that we're at West Yellowstone. Yeah we went through an parkway to have a cabin but twenty minutes from the West Yellowstone Gate also close to. I think we've crossed cost over the month. Yeah we're in Montana. Yeah it was really it's gorgeous. We'll post pictures on all of our Social Rocky mountains absolutely rocky mountain high. Why were you hi? I guess that's in Colorado but here I was not hi John. Denver also has a song called Montana skies. Oh ooh valley in the early morning name geese over the John We looked dimmer so anyway here we are in our country. Christmas we all piled into cars. We are here with Our brother and his wife will step brother. Denison Denison here. We go with these awkward. You have to describe it. I know I know people get divorced. People have stepped right. We have a combined family we have but but we think of him as a brother so we have Chad and Janine and their three kids are here and emily and so we had two full cars poem and Denny in their truck and we follow them up a new new. Three kids get is an we got to. The snowmobiling shop. Rented snowmobiles I got the grumpy cowboy. He was couple D-. Oh Yeah. You're in their truck. What was it like on the right up? He was great he took business. Because it'll get to learn about buying and selling trucks Oh and then Towards the end there was some miscommunication about where to pull in and how to how to get in but who cares about that. Yeah it was you know holidays holidays. Yeah so we get there on holidays Thirteen of us. I mean that's a big group to try and and grew ordinary bless his heart he coordinated all this. Yeah he is such a nice person to make sure we all had our things waiting when he knew where to go. He rented a hotel room that we could hang out so we could ever love base. And we're only going to rant guy. Yeah five or six sleds so that we could take turns riding home and doubling upper. Whatever we wanted to do so we sort of finagle? That anyway we got out. Everything was Fine Mom and Denny tooled around town went back home but we allstate allstate although younger families and we took turns. Coit just tell from your perspective because you have been snowmobiling a lot more than I have. And and so we had doubled up people on snowmobiles. We're supposed to stay together. But then the path split the first thing suite of Livia she is seventeen seventy seven and yeah I think she was the first one to bite it because we all ended up biting it was the first one but we were. Just you know these things are these giant machines. You drive them once every five years. You know it so I think we were. We're on our little happy paved trail which is about to fire trucks a wide.

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Yeah big groomed trail really. Yes but we're making a left and as she he said afterwards. It doesn't turn a car so on. We just here go left indirectly intuit tree head on just debts. Poor girl just jumped off and ran over like Oh yeah and you have great instincts. You instantly killed the thing. Jump off in run to help the people I sit there and just go guy I start steering and I have no take a camera ones. Yep No no I did. I think we well. We'll get to that crash later. I do have a picture that which I was GONNA say. Well let's post all this on. Instagram and our facebook spoke facebook group that the facebook group is were. We'll put the secret stuff is I want. I don't want the company to see. Oh God what we did. Yes okay so that had happened and that was you know. Chen Janin's daughter and we all were or to families. Were together going out as I think it was a seven sled family and I had toby in the back. Because he's not old enough to drive. You had Charlotte little list to and then Dave had Elliott. Yeah Eleven twelve hundred. Sorry twelve and then They had their double ups in their family right so we was the only one that could Dr legally licensed. She's sixteen. She's the one that hit the tree. She's seventeen half suffering now. I feel bad. No you're fine but So instantly you have something you want to say. I'm Sarah Families Right after that. We got back on got moving. Because I don't think she ever Weeden didn't kind of wait till she got dug out. We went ahead and we didn't we. Didn't we waited. We were all on the same trail again but we just went to faster so I thought we went around on and then came back for but they had split off at that point and then we saw them in the woods but we couldn't catch him or something. There was like immediately we got separated like the no no of being like New People in the Wilderness. Yeah in the snow when there's avalanches and freezing two deaths. Yeah it was so we. We thought we were fighting though because it just felt like a nice big boring path that we're falling long so our family kinda split off so there's are three sleds all doubled up marine going along and and then then we switched drivers than we let the boys drive this in almost instantly. We are three minutes and you guys both the cool cool parents that you are. Let the kids drive. We've I mean it felt really safe because it's just this huge wide road. Where can you go? Oh these things are like one Anton machines that no. It's cool to put your thumb on the gas. And then you put your thumb on the are you squeeze the break on the other hand. I mean there's just go and jetskis mechanic and were scooter anything. It just felt very say you can't screw it up because it was just wide and flat and we weren't even doing anything so we you did that until we got to the end of the road and there was a second because we have your own. I'm with so okay. Now this is where in Kabul Danny yelled at me letter he goes. You should have been the guy. You're the one that's been out there and I probably should have. But you know Dave who's used to being Taipei driver well hallways driving the car patriarchal society. Let's leave and you know I'm always whatever so he's in front with Elliott which is fine. It's big groom path yet but you know anyway so We get to the fork. And that's where Toby's driving Elliott slow dally slows down down in. Toby just kept going and I see this slide getting closer and closer and I'm still waiting. I'm like no way he's going to run on and ran right into the back of David. Elliott fully broke crack. The whole front end broke off the little like flapper do you. That keeps the snow down the the asking the Mudflat Snow Flop just didn't stop didn't turn into he and it was weird to me. I didn't understand like oh the instinct is gonNA popping soon describes the break. Yeah well the training was real. Yeah there was one guy that came out with all thirteen of us well. Yup here's the throttle. Here's I didn't know what a throttle was. Here's did he beers group. Here's yeah just hitting girl and I was like to ask. What did he say? Yeah and they were like you weren't listening all guys like I couldn't even hear back back and all while the engines were revving in the background. Bears Donald Yes. So we just we were like attack of Californian Washington Motley crue no flakes and then so we remember how long it took to get across the.

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Yeah we got stuck on the APP realize well icy. You're supposed to stop ever had to get across the road to get into the snow across so we're a bunch of frigging frog California's great picture. That did you see these dump. ducklings were all lined up just stuck there. Nobody was going anywhere. We're just like what do we do. Dave contraction attraction. He was in front and he couldn't get the things. I signed a bad idea. But we got across the street eventually inbetween cars going about seventy miles. Yeah so but the point of toby hitting was because he'd probably never heard where the break was or knew about it. We didn't bother going over to. I don't know it just was like it seemed like. Oh we're and snower insulated. So then we turn it into a learning thing and I said Toby. What are the two things you could have done to not hit the person in front of you and it is to let off the gas to squeeze the break or to just swerve out of the way like just to turn? I mean he went straight into it which was just like our Bob's burgers episode. Gina is in the parking lot. Bob's teaching Tina the younger daughter. How to drive? And there's one car in this giant parking lot and she's inching towards it and he's GonNa turn turn the car turn the car and she's going off manages to just hit that. Go right over the one car and I feel bad like why didn't my instincts kick in to do anything. But I guess I just didn't think that was weird. Ah So anyway I thing get back on. They continue to drive. Yeah now we let the kids keepdriving dumb parents know it's our parents were like that too. It was good training. Yeah I mean yeah where are you going to do it. Like on a tractor in Idaho. That's where you're you're sixteen and not right well for that But but we got up to the WI in the road. Right at the end of the wide groom Pathan than you could choose to goes kinda straight narrowed or You could go left. Left up in wind up into the hills and that was where the guy who did fail to tell us where to go. Dave finally asked. So where should we go. He Goes Oh treetop trails. Nice to actually I take it was in my throat and I'm from the country to tap trail and and note bubbles now. There was one called like cream creamy creek throat. It doesn't matter anyway so Dave thought that'd be nice to see the scenic view and it seemed fine so we went up that way. I would say that I was not content with this decision once again because that whippersnapper. We were all happy. We were going right. Do you remember this. I remember joint tipped. Oh yeah they tipped apt and I said this Elliott. They did go up this trail so back on the road. Yeah we were happy to go down. The groom paths again. Dave said we'll know appears is that and I remember. Just Oh okay here. We go off the beaten path. Yeah Yeah and they tipped over because Elliot did A to turn right and we had to dig them out again. You jumped off and ran the rescue them. They weren't trapped under there and I stayed on the sidelines Edwin watching and they they write it pretty quickly. Yeah skinny trail. We all had to follow a one by going up. This big hill skinny trailer keeps getting skinnier and it looks pretty unpaid. Yeah pretty unpaved out a Lotta Whoop de woo moguls. Yeah Yeah and we finally got this one spot and Elliott was in front with Dave Elliott. Still driving and the trail for skinning trail. I was like and his left ski sled right because the has the to kind of skis keeping on this went up the uphill part and so it turned the sled to be. I was a forty five degree angle but there really was no option. Really the the path really forced you to be on an angle. I don't think anyone had been on that path in Long. Yeah and and so. His ski went up which with their weight. Plus being on a double it was not very maneuverable machine. It was meant to be like a touring machine. We later should did not have been up there. The whole thing tipped and rolled twice and did yet to three sixties with them still holding onto it right. Yeah they were holding onto in the motor still going. Yeah and they ended up at the bottom of a tree saw three or four trees. Stop Them Yeah with their ski bottoms autumn's hitting the tree trunk and they were machine off on thunder NEOM. Yeah and it was so in. The only saving grace was that it was such deep powder. Her that they weren't squashed under they just kind of got pushed down into the powder deeper and so that time I had finally seen two crashes of men I learned to jump often I just killed my slight.

00:30:12 - 00:35:00

We Will Holy Shit and like jumped off and we both just ran his pulled like we admired it on. Yeah yeah strength and little car off the kids off the husband Elliott's arm and he popped our like 'cause Dave got out from under it and then Elliott. It was still trapped in a scary feeling and then he we finally got him Yan. He's fine okay are you okay. Are you a kept asking for both fine. Except that the sled landed on days calf so he was sore on his catt muscle but other than the and then it was about what an hour of more than that it was awful awful just Juliana Dave. Mainly I was Kinda wrangling. The kids a little bit and then I jump in to help a little bit. I wasn't much of a help. I'm sorry but I was overwhelmed. It was just so scary but they got it out from under the trees got righted and I have to say for the record Julianne. You were the engineer of the whole thing. You knew the physics of how snowmobiles work you knew how dig again. You knew what that grabbed onto. You're the wait. Was You knew how to hit the gas and what side to stand on and when to sit when the stand next to it was cool watching. You were totally running the show so that was great. You're good emergency director. And he took charge. And you've got the thing out. And you got it flatten. In between you and David David figured out angles and you've got to kind of the hill but it was an hour after but it was. We're we had to flip over. That's probably a time you know. Luckily as mid day it was like new. ooh Yeah and he finally up forty five minutes after leaving. Yes we're having our day. Yeah and they but it was kind. I just say that it'd be flipped over. And at the base of trees we had to figure out a way to flip over one ton machine and get it out it. Basically the trees were catching it from falling down a giant slope. Yeah it was down. We are big hill. Yeah there is a big at least forty five degree angle. Oh but you got it out and we tried to get up back up to the flat path again pointing back down the way we went and you had about ten feet to go and it just could not get any traction so the one thing we learned is that you'd have to pack the snow. Bird pro tip packed the snow pro tip you have infineon behind and to get a snowmobile are is ground all the way down like probably four or five feet down to the bottom when it runs on ground. It won't go needs to be on pack snow but we kept putting it back in the powder part thinking that would be fine but we needed to have packed little path. Yeah you know stop John. Blake had stomped on it for thirty minutes on your prep work. which way to starting to do we kinda you were oh so tired of and then the kids are starting to cry while Charlotte was North Avoids? But they weren't wearing warm enough stuff you know we thought we were in an tour So finally I stepped up. And I'm like I'm GonNa take the kids back. I'M GONNA take one of the double sleds me plus three kids. I'm going to get them back to the lodge and then get some income till you guys out because we could not get it out I love. You're kidding talk. Talk twit your. Yeah your fate was Dave is going. K- keep moving forward. Take your side and continue forward. Were close going forward like we're closer to the place and you go. I don't WanNa go forward because I don't know what to expect and I have three kids on the back of the seeing. WanNa go back the way it came because at least you know that it was it was is kind of flat. What if we got into more tippy situations? What if I was ahead with it made no sense to go ahead? And then he was saying go ahead. What's wrong with you take your thing thing and then you started to listen to him and then I got to that tippy part with just me on sled? I didn't let the kids get on. Let me get past the part. Where Elliott rolled I? I couldn't do it I I was scared. I'm not doing. Yeah I'm like no you can do whatever you guys want. I'm going back with marched back to the sled and the way back and I did about two hundred point turn to get. It turned around on that tiny little half and I did and Davis Yellen Mad and you held your ground and finally you were like I'm fucking going and going this way and that's what I'm doing. Yeah and yeah okay. Well just let me know. I'd say you when you were your Mama Bear head to get my baby's back they're crying. They're cold. I was just like knowing what to do. I got real weird but it really. It made no sense to me and my instincts are all grad flag. So yeah got them back run and we bobbled on and then we did find the to rescue guys because I think we were able to make make some phone calls and get the mccown just protect also pro tip in the cold. Your phone dies really fast so battered. I didn't have my phone protect.

00:35:00 - 00:40:05

Don't go anywhere without your phone. You turn on your location system but also you have to keep it close to your body. which is what they told US phone? Cause your body the or- deep buried in a pocket because you're warm. Yeah because it will die and go. Yeah died they die all the time really. NC failure people die all the time phones. Type have fun. Why don't they quit these things with a little USB charging or like even a flare or something yeah right it's so wrong of all the ways that it could have gone wrong so anyway I'm driving out with the kids? I see the to rescue guys coming. I tell them where to go. I'm like okay go up here go left. Then there's another other V in the road go left there into our rescue game. Yeah you're saying so. They scoot it off on their one. Need you know how they do running or made it made it look so easy easy Their bikes were all super late in their probe. So I'm like great okay. They're found audit so I get back to the lodge. Meanwhile you are waiting another hour. They didn't find the path they didn't. They had never been there before it hit. They'd never been on that path before by the time they found you guys who work there another hour in later. We're like started talking about the Jack London Book. I read called how to build the fire. Where the guy couldn't light? The match into the book is in college alighted. Right was it called the wild. I think it was how to build a fire. Okay yeah but it did have appeared about how to bill for. Yeah so scary Jack London. I didn't did indeed write. A short story called to build a fire. I stand corrected weans. You're right I was wrong for the record love you. I hope. I didn't think that would have been really too many people that knew were there. Yeah vicinity that we wouldn't die. You didn't have dead phone yet either. At that point still alive. Your phone is still working. 'cause when I left it was fine and then yes so you said our later. Those guys got their. Meanwhile I get back to the lodge. I'm trying to tell the people behind the desk. What happened where it happened? The story was I was driving. I don't know Eliot was driving so I road the car thing and she couldn't find it. I I had the coordinates sent you know. Drop a pin here. The coordinates find them. Send your guys there. She couldn't do do it. She couldn't figure out the COORDI- to the map to tell the guys where to go because well those are all fire roads. I mean Google is just GonNa send me like Fuck Google. Just there's Gerald Blue Dot is going to be and then you're a little red DOT is here and they're going to get close and find like I don't understand why this doesn't work so that was really frustrating because she needed to know the Mile L. Markers or the markers on the road and they're not visible. The whole thing was so backwards so finally they find you guys. I'm stuck at the lodge not hearing anything. No one's picking up phones. She can't get a hold of her gun. I'm guessing were there two and a half three hours rate. I mean 'cause we got back and it was almost dark so we left attend attend morning tenor limited finding doug you out with the path and they said things like wow this is really. We've never been here before. Yeah yeah he didn't have his avalanche back on him. Because I'm not really prepared for this winter the day luckily that they'd done a million times before so they were doing what we were doing which is to lift the back end. And you lifted off of the dirt that you've already scrummage down to lifted it onto the regular snow except what they did. was they packed. They were going the opposite way of the past and so they tried to go up and over where we were pointing. The direction was into logs. Dogs and stuff WHO's the other? Oh I see okay but anyway so the point is you got out you can follow them all the way out right with your niece said he goes this this these things so heavier on a double he goes. I could ride up here with my bike and you see but they know they didn't misled canoe. I do yeah. So we're telling us. And then they launch an all these stories about how many deaths there he goes. Oh yeah this isn't the first you know. We got so many deaths this year. And you freeze out here all the time and yeah only God awful people ride up off the trail. We can't find him. They will find unfrozen. We have to wait for spring for them to go out. That was the other. Oh my gets a CON story. Oh great yeah so yeah so you guys are finding eating your way out took you all to get ghetto. Innate didn't even know how to get back they overshot it by another half an hour and they you know I don't I don't know what was going on but we finally finally found her way back. She's an so I of the kids. I go back to the hotel room finally and I am freaking out a little. I'm starting to do like going going back through my emails looking for the ATT location services that we signed up for for the family to attract the kids phones. I'm like maybe Dave's phones logged so they can track him and I'm watching the clock doc. I'm like dude the Sun's GonNa go down and finally guys call and you're like we made it.

00:40:05 - 00:45:02

Oh my God. I almost cried with relief. I was seriously like our good. What what am I gonNA do scary? It was really scary and I was trying to hold it together and be like. Oh yeah everything's fine for the kids but secretly I was going on but yeah so we're we're like sitting there going Kay. Well yeah what now just kind of waiting and hoping and you were like Dave's he's GonNa kill me and eat me like movies out of tontons empire strikes back. I'm like yeah. He'll be the first one to climb inside me and me and himself not. Oh I'm so income to that but that was our big Christmas adventure and then we finally got together. And then Chad gotten buried in the powder and then he got himself out with the help of two guys that came by losing a whole. Sketchy is not Folks be careful if you go snowmobiling get a tour. I and learn the area and take a map charge up the phones all as for Avalanche Kit. Yes and it's a backpack that you can send up a flare and a balloon if you get covered by an avalanche so they can find you. Yeah that's the other common thing. Avalanches didn't hear about that. Yeah yeah those wild but it is like a wild west like Gary. You sign your life away in its. You're on your. Yeah it's really interesting. Yeah and it's not like Jetskis so yeah I think they're crash ended up being Dollars eight thousand. Yeah well the deductibles eight fifty and they came in just under the deductible. Eight hundred and RS ticket the two plastic pans and then there's another scratched apart underneath underneath. The tree ended up being three hundred plus the regular rental rates so it was a it was a very expensive thing but we got home. uh-huh and over the family dinner love stories so many stories and so much excitement and it was a huge event. We all survived. So you're in it together kind in him back in get out. The other side rate was great relief. Yeah Yeah we won't forget we are all sore pointing it. which still sore forearm arms from lifting the thing digging? I was back there digging all wrecked from that but we made it. Yes well ah did it make you think of any like knowing that your family may die or a couple of them I was joking cashing she in on his life insurance policy and Jamaica with the kids joke. Just kidding no of course you think of everything and how awful it is as I was just going to protect my kids. Sorry Dave but that was my thing and then I knew you are survivor and you could like run away with the other skis. And you'd be. Everybody always says that I had that lands on her feet. You do you are. You're very smart Wiley and you'd figure it out just your attitude out there so like well. We can't stand her and think about like let's do it. Let's do it. Let's do it whereas a lot of people would stand there and think you know I was getting past at not you you but I was like. Let's we need to work standing there. I was just they dirt but yeah I was accepting where if nobody nobody takes over and takes control then and taking control but I could see that you jumped in instantly and we're like okay. Here's what we gotta do and so I think we both defaulted okay Jillian to do. Yeah so it's interesting. I guess people do different situation as you do it at Party Planning Party planning for sure I step back emerges Azimi went to do life threatening party. Planning I've got it down. They'll save your lives and give you punch. You did my party good. Yes you wouldn't have I. I was sitting around dumbfounded at what to do. Oh Yeah Julia. We had a big party for Julian's birthday too and I sat like a deer in headlights and shown up. I would have been in my my house coat and slippers team. I you know you know you would have been fine. And then you helped me Termi- Plaid Party for House. Let's talk about your party. Let's have a couple of minutes but yeah it was good. Would you think of your partner. Julianne Party was you know in La with a lot of artsy friends very I don't know cool. It was just cool. People were cool. You called music the the band guys you know You hired our uncle Jim to do mental mental ism in need named the band again. It's the coffee a cop shop trio and and it's Matt Positano. When keyboard so good he was so he gets a lot for Groovy jazzy? How's he just feeling it? Oh my gosh.

00:45:02 - 00:50:00

And he's a little guy. Yeah like almost ask burglary and you see kind of person mcgrory on being taste and electric bass. And he's my buddy. He's the one that pulled it together. Did it for free on his end. He's the person he's plead with. Ben Harper recorded a couple of albums. And he's now very classical teaches jazz at Couple of colleges. At least you see and then and Steve Roney on drums. Who play the Tom Petty he was in the one of the angry weightman? Oh that's the wrong name that I always messed up my phone. I can't look it up aggressive black players angry. I can't remember really famous banned from the anyway. We thought that the band name. It's the average white band honey session with he played with train ran really all those guys. He was awesome too. I talked to him a lot while I was setting up the party. He was testing out his drums. And getting the sound. Just right and so we were talking about how he got into music when he was twelve and he was on the streets of England. And he's got this really cool accent and it saved him from gangs things and you know yeah. It was kind of cool. He's going to do an interview so good. Yeah he's saying when people were good Sir uh how many people were at the party. Like sixty seventy. Yeah yeah like. You've I think you've got two very anxious cat running up into your driveway. Yeah Yeah what's going on. It's actually just zooming back and forth. I think if a very anxious cat jackal Michael Anyway. So yeah and I loved. Everybody was their uncle jam. Uncle Jim Jim eagled the mental Est.. He's amazing his show is great people keep talk. They're talking about that. They're talking about the music and like stelter. How did he do that? Oh my God it was so cool. Yeah and he does this for guitar. D- do this a a lot of events and yeah and the bottom line was you had such a cool vibe and lading and music was in a big tent because we thought it was gonNA rain. Yeah and it was raining. Joe Helped set up from some of the movie guys that hooked me up with the phaser. We're big outdoor tent. But you had the whole scene planned and it was very it was very entertainment entertainment oriented which makes sense for your crew and your people are all versus mice. Suburb Party with parents. Were just excited to get out of the house. We'll don't compare them that way because now great friends great. Yeah totally different thing. Like I didn't even know very classy. Everything was like you know you have a great house house in the backyard for this year of a wood-fire Pizza Stove right there. You've got your heaters outside. It's a very beautiful beautiful home and it says meant for parties casual go to like it's like what are we going to do for music. We gotta get this week. We'll figure it out so casual made me nervous anxious about my steph coming like what are you GonNa do for pep talk. We need games. We need. That's where we're different. I mean honestly you ever really solid cool like your friends are to everybody gets a little bit more on maybe outside stuff versus maybe here we the other and we talk about our kids. And that's all that you know everyday stuff. I Dunno also people have like a lot of my people yet may be are freelance freelance art and sound and what a single. But there's a different sense of no. Your guys have different careers when you can ask questions in the full conversations about yeah. I don't know how to explain what the differences we've had come in two different groups merge merge my party were. I knew this group of friends from one kind of a part of my school life working at the school and then I knew these other friends sounds from other stuff so anyway I could emerge them to mix up the conversation and the Group A little bit and it was cool is fun. Yeah so it was exciting for everybody. I think to really get to know each other more than just in passing nothing but either way it was a big festive. Yeah it was fun was festival I love all your friends are really and they love you. They were really excited to neat. WEANS bag I know. That's I mean I guess I think your friends maybe listen more than mine probably say yeah. I mean take more dedicated fan base. I don't know maybe talking. Yeah thanks guys okay. Let's see Melissa. Yeah Melissa ask Uh Carla. I mean you've probably heard all these news. I don't know if we can do shout outs to everybody. Yeah they were all so nascent said. Oh Yeah Listen I. Oh so.

00:50:00 - 00:54:00

Yeah and Gabby and Steve Dow. They've got cool stories. They're very active politically. So that's kind of neat to hear them written books and all impeach abby so also sorry Gabby by the way we've got to interview her all these people brad the singer of sublime time. Oh yeah nobody's ever heard that. Were said she would be happy to. She wants to share them with people in with breads family. Only he's the guy that was a singer of supply is not what the heroin overdose so that would be cool to hear some of his footage and right right. Yeah yeah there's just a million fund people and funky stories and backgrounds and we could go a million different ways in a million different podcast interviews with them. And so that's what we're doing this season to. We're going to spend some time to think of different things you guys WanNa hear and Ways is that we can do interviews and more matters show. Yes so we're going for the Becky guys. Yeah we appreciate all your your listenership and and feedback and support. We've had some orders here and there are swag. We have a couple T shirt designs out. There we're gonNA make more We've had some some contests all the PHYSIO. All I really want to get so cool up and running with us because I see the potential but then I do WanNa keep it funding casualty. So it's Kinda funny so anyway I really do want to hear from whoever's listening please right in and let us know what you'd like to hear about what has worked what hasn't worked for you. We'll take any off feedback so far the ones that we have are almost split down the middle so please be the tiebreaker. Because there's a lot of people who like the interviews and then some people who just like are talking to each other. Yeah Stories hearing her story so but whatever. Yeah I'll be just do what we do anyway. Right probably probably there's some and then my list my interest or more on the parenting side and finding out about kids and how to raise kids. And what I'm doing right and wrong and talking to experts about that that would be interesting to me and minor mental disorders in. Wayne's likes the the self care self help now until wellness and brains will more legs neuroscience right like Saami as a woo new fruit okay. Let's talk about you. Say How you are I. I enjoy learning about the human condition the brain S. Yes okay. I do like the wellness kind of thing. How do we improve our lives and be better human in being in love ourselves more absolute? That is very important. I agree and also incorporate you know science and and how we are socially with each other all that stuff yes yes yeah yeah I love it too ancestor right anthropology. We five stuff. I've audible heff nice good anymore. Shake take the MIC. She all right guys thank you and we hope everyone had happy holidays. Everyone's lives were spared. And even if it wasn't with your big Catholic family that you had some nice rest in respite from busy life. Whatever that may be and now we're coming up on New Year's years I know episode so this is our anniversary episode? Maybe next we'll talk resolutions and things like that But of a set yourself up for failure villier and high expectations. Yeah right well I love you too negative. I love you too. I mean just being unrealistic. Realistic expectations are man's greatest. Downfall is quote. Melissa let's have lower expectations. Ourself in them will be pleased in the twenty twenty. I Lick Lick nuhere. Set my real low too low expectations news mostly weeds low bars. All right bye

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