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Episode 63 - Warner Brothers Studio and Meeting a TV Star

Warner Brothers Studios and Meeting a TV Star
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Oh my gosh. We're such dorks. Speak for yourself. We have all our new gear on. I'm in audiophile. I just yelled to Julianne, "I'm an audio whiz!" And then I hung coming up on her by accident! You have a new microphone. So how's it working? Yeah, I got one of these... I know. Oh, I don't even want to say it because they're such...  You said that there's a lot of haters on the Blue Yeti. But I like it. It sits in a little box. It's in your little foamy box and it's real cute-like. See? Audio Whiz. And now... Well, and you need it because we're going to do better interviews. Yes. You used to... You had your microphone taped to your stand with like blue painter's tape and it was a whole thing. Beautiful. We're turning more... Getting serious here. We're getting....  No more stories from the closet. I would make everyone sit in my clothes closet. I'm still in a closet right now. I'm looking at my brown trench coat. Brown Trench Coat Studios. Hey Jo, also known as Mouse? What? Hey, do you want to talk about visiting the hit show The Rookie? Yes. Oh, I have an idea. Let's take a quick break and we'll hear from our friends in this podcast.
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Yes! Yeah Weans. You are awesome. We had a day off school with the kids and so I'm like, "Let's go visit Aunt Nan," which you're called. Yes. You welcomed us. We even got Dave to take a day off of work. It was very exciting and went up to Warner Brothers Studios. Well... What? First of all, how does it go on your end earlier? Is it like, "Oh no, the whole family is coming. It's going to be a whole thing"? No I just always worry that something will-- That it'll be a busy day in that I can't spend spend that much time. But no, you know what I did which is different? I pre-told everyone. So normally I just kind of like try to do everything under the radar. But it's so much easier when you're just like, "Hey I have a family that's coming on Monday and just to let you know and is that fine?" And someone says, "Sure." I go, "Great. Can I call in a pass and call them a drive-on so they could officially get in the gate and have a parking space?' And they go, "Sure." And then I talked to the producer and said, "My family's coming. Can I bring them to set?" And he says yes. And every thing is official. Aha! Yeah! You're growing up, Weens! (sings) "Someone's growing up. Weens. Wiener's growing up. She's getting bigger. It's getting taller. The Wiener's growing up!" Yes, yes.
Add yes, so we felt very official. We checked into our Magic Castle Hotel the day before... the night before. It's so cool. I found it because somebody was talking about doing a weekend up in LA from down here in San Diego and said, "Does anyone have recommendations for good hotels for kids?" And so I looked into it and I sent you a link. And you had been there with mom, right? Yeah, but you guys went how long ago? Because it's new. I think, what it was... It was this weird transition where they had these bunkers next door. Or, you know, it might have been the same apartments. They must have bought the building next door that was apartments but they were really old. Like we were one of the first ones to stay there and they looked kind of like army barracks or really old 1950's but they weren't fancy. It just felt like you were in someone's...  Like they had a stove and kitchen news. There's a weird part of so cool.

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Though I was totally did they was. It are painted bright yellow. Like how it is now. I don't think so. I think they were. I think the quite get out I think you probably got the newer fancier version. It was cool but it just looked like they had just taken someone's minds apartment building so you must have had the pre phase so it was super cool. I went We pulled up. They have underground parking when we walked up into the lobby and to really nice people were there and I wrote down their names because they're cute Thomas and Elizabeth and they checked us in and went through this whole list of stuff. He reminded me of like a Paul Red and she was kind of like Another I feel like everybody is probably in the business at some level rate. You're probably on everybody's kind of slightly beautiful and slightly on their their great though. They're so cute so they went through all the list. And here's what sold me As a place for kids They had free snacks at the front desk. You can go down and get any snacks you want like full size candy bars anytime hell for free. Yeah for free. They had complimentary breakfast in the lobby. which is just your pastries and fruit and cereal? And all that good stuff coffee. They have white glove hot chocolate service for the kids. They'll bring it to your room with marshmallows or without. Oh I know they had ice cream. rolled out our ice cream machine into the pool area out in the main pool area in soft serve ice cream as much as you want. a soda machine with all the buttons or you can make Cherry coke or whatever refill their as much as they want the laundry that ah you can drop off your laundry and the wash it for you. And then they'll package it back up. I'll folded in Brown paper package that goes on and deliver to your room me and then they have all these games as the kids love that I mean is that their heart totally. They are just like we're adults. They went down and got snacks and popcorn and ice cream. They're running all over and you know all the movie channels you want you can get. DVD's at the front desk. They had this huge list and and I don't know it was awesome. They had no food on site. But you just like put in order and you can call it down and they will have it delivered to you. So Oh yeah and then Oh yeah. This is the best part. They have a popsicle hotline at the pool. So as a kid. You're bopping around the pool. You get out and go to the red phone hang on the wall there and he lifted up and popsicle please and they come out with their little white gloves and a silver tray and popsicles for how super cute yeah and then the inside of the place was like you said kind of fifties style apartment and it did have the old stove and old cabinets and but it's all painted and they redid the floors and nice beds and so I didn't mind it at all. I thought it was cool. Like a little retro different than when I went there. Yeah that sounds really cool. You know what's interesting though is for being so kid-friendly isn't there only one period of time where the kids could to go inside the magic castle right so it's a building right next to it. You have to walk across a big driveway to go over to the actual magic castle. Which I've never been to? Yeah and it's adult only and it's like black-tie right. You have to wear fancy clothes. I mean just a little nicer polka effort nighttime shows And they said kids are allowed for the branches. I think think they've Saturday and Sunday brunch so filled up because it was the weekend before Halloween that we couldn't get in so it didn't work out this time but now that we know about it do it again. The kids loved it there. They were all over. It really doesn't even matter if you go inside the Magic Castle. You could just have fun at the hotel. Yeah totally you guys because because they have Yamashiro. Restaurant is the big Japanese cool restaurant on the hill. Right there stop that right behind the magic hustle right. Yeah I forgot to tell you about it. You could go. Oh and they have a little pagoda. Gouda get to go down and look over the hill from a Japanese pagoda and then you go inside and I think they may have filmed a little bit crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Inside. There's this really cool. Outdoor were indoor outdoor dining area. Where they have some kind of coy looking thing in the middle? And then you feel like you're outside but in Japanese paradise Like Karl Strauss done here. The beer gardens a little bit. The Koi yet liked except just one main central indoor outdoor courtyard where you dine around the outer edges. I see I see you went to the Roosevelt Hotel which is very walkable.

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We had to walk like a block. I guess and went on to the historic Roosevelt Hotel and I went to what was it. Called like twenty five cents or something Anyway Hamburger Diner Yeah Roosevelt's cool it's they filmed a movie with Johnny Depp and they have a real nice outdoor pool that has been used in several films. That's famous hotel right on. Isn't that the stars and ghosts. Yeah we referenced in our Ghost episode last year. With your seance lady that was. What was her name again? Kathy the Patty Patty Negri Petty negree medium for the stars. Yeah yeah she was walking around around. There felt a little haughty. We didn't go to the pool. We just went for the food and and left again and then we did. All the touristy stuff walked around the Chachi shops and looked at the stars on Boulevard and when over to the Chinese man theater but the it was all like quartered off because they is that how you set quartered off cordoned coordinators had ropes around and stuff and they were setting up this huge premiere this red carpet premiere for the new Terminator. Sure I since found out after we left in came back to San Diego. They had to re schedule. Because of the wildfires Oh fires which started up that Sunday morning. I think or no Monday morning. Yeah Yeah 'cause we woke up and it was smokey. We did the Guinness Guinness Book of World Records Museum. How is it was cool? It was really cute. They had a lot of good kid. Activities like different kiosks where you could like test your skills skills see if you can type as fast as this guy and throw the ball and scream in this chamber we there's a screaming see how how many decibels you could scream out. And I'm like Gosh. I have video video. The kids go nuts in there. That's cool yeah. All sorts of sounds good as a tourist. Is it satisfying like a day in Hollywood. I always look and and say God or people disappointed because it's kind of dirty and scrunchy over there but move but it was such limited time we really only went for like one one night in one morning. So it's a longer next time. Is there enough to do yeah. We got the multiple pass for all the museums. We thought we'd have enough time to you. See the Wax Museum. And then the Ripley's believe it or not but we didn't and the pass wasn't that expensive much more expensive than the regular entrance fee so that that would be something we'd do next time we didn't get to shop a lot like it would have been fun to go. See the Rodeo drive and melrose and but Oh toby got to go to the supreme cream store so that was his big he and his hat or two year old boys in like that obsessed with at that that age guess jeans and all that was earlier. I didn't have a thing. I don't think I don't either. Yeah I didn't either. I was all Ellena like my sports like that was a whole new thing being new at school and do basketball and all that nice and healthy all right now. Let's talk about. The meat of the trip was going to see the Weenie. The Weiner meet we intervene action. She's real sitting. Yes so you came in. I WanNa hear about about like did you guys say oh. 'cause he didn't really know what to expect. They came over to the Warner Brothers Lot and and at first they were like we thought we were going to universal. No we're going to go see Anna work. It's like a day at work and they're now that's boring. It works at basically like universals. But it's warner brothers. It's all the studios and you get to go on a golf cart and we're going to see stuff okay. So we pulled hold up. We got all our badges. They were very impressed. They got their names printed on special. VIP badges went to our parking spot. Dave love that he was all excited excited because he has his Mr New guy cool car this test. It's crazy by the way just driving around the block in that car with him. I was like Okay Joel. I'll drive around the block. It was so neat it was like a roller coaster. Where you get that zero to sixty again get your stomach is like whoo? Yeah S. A sedan and yeah he loves showing it off to seventy minutes before it's cool. Yeah the Zuma's humor but but he does worry about it. It's like Oh what if somebody but it's got so much technology now it's cameras on all sides and it was hilarious when we first got it the very first night we all went out to a family movie and we parked it in the parking lot and watch the movie came back out David. Forgotten the key. Fob there's that word off off you love it.

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He forgot it in the movie theater. He left it on his little training now popcorn and stuff so we all sat in the car right like can open by this APP on your phone but so we were sitting in there and we turned on the music and we're just listening to music waiting for dad come back with the key and because I hit enough buttons on the radio all of a sudden it like did this alarm thing sitting inside it but ball it all lasted. I know that got really loud. We were all we jumped. It was like funny. What does that Phantom of the opera's Da Da de? Yeah anyway was hilarious and then he ran out an unlocked unlocked. It and we were like screaming. That was the alarm. Wait are you saying. Oh my God. So so matic like symphony plays Yat. Ah Larry's really loud. And then all the lights start flashing just put the hell is going on. But it's funny because they give you like thirty seconds. Where so you're thinking that cool I got this? I just broke into this car. I'm going to radio and then all of a sudden it comes on and it's like so freaky yeah I mean these are like jokesters who we designed this car because they have a whole fart thing on it where you could make people seats far. It's crazy like who would design the Super Fancy high-tech cars than have fart seats. Yeah there's whoopie cushion buttons and then you can ask us set your blinker to noise. The Tick Tick Tock. Because he's funny Elon. Musk in many people in the higher echelon thinks it's funny. See Not all right back to the story so you came on the why you got your parking. He was happy to have a parking spot. Very good we walked into your offices up your medal stairs and you're coming down to find us. That is the warner brothers. Mill the mill. That's really do the sawing construction department and paint and all that yes. Writing Department was downstairs because I went in there looking for bathroom realized they didn't have one area. In the raiders bad. I heard the murmur in the rooms. yeah in everybody revenue very nice. She brought us upstairs and we got to meet all your coworkers. Little shoutouts to everybody. We've met a few of them on the PODCAST. You've done little mini interviews with him. Who is who is on so far dating story guy? Oh Yeah Jackson. County Guide Jackson's funny. And then I I think that's you know mostly like Eddie Marie family. We're with you. Yeah and then I'm GonNa move this story along. Yes US then. You got into a golf cart with us in. We zoomed around got to see the true blood scenes and we got out a day above that Yeah yeah at least that one the kids too. I mean it was the day before. No me weekend before Halloween. So they were like a hundred houses was go in and they're creeping around. There was like creepy stuff. I think we might have been in Lafayette's house because there's all this stuff like spray painted on the walls. And ooh. Yeah that was cool uh-huh what else did we go into or that one house but it was offices are we having it was this out. Warner village is a street street where it looks like. Just a bunch of desperate housewives street it kind of looks like that all the nuns at universal but yeah so we I said Oh yeah. I can't think of anyone. Living there are another sets. They're just empty. You can go in. Charlotte runs out of the golf carton goes in and then it's like someone's office. She's like we all fall in quick back out and then and then we went to another stage. I think we're going on the set of young Sheldon uh-huh okay here's young Sheldon's house like come on and see where the set first house we go in and there's like a man sleeping leaping in the middle of the floor so and then some lady comes out she goes. Hey I go just showing the kids and the FA- she goes check lorries here here. Chuck lorries the big show. Creator of like two and a half men of that show. Three Elliott give going back check lorries sleeping on the floor. Is it Chuck Laurie Sleeping on the floor. I don't know who knows it was just a man on the it could have been who knows snapped a picture of him. Yavapai Elliott. He couldn't I was like Elliott's go. It's like it was so so if thrall but it's me on the floor.

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He took a picture of a picture. They've pulled it up multiple times in the relevant everything they look. They go check long. It's like so weird so we were there. We went to Charlotte's favorite show. Oh folder house. Not Her favorite but she knows it. Those crash there stage and snuck around took a handful of candy from some coffee. Oh my God you guys. It was like a set which I didn't even want to tell you but usually those their props and they've been sitting around for ten ten years and you just keep reusing and you guys are digging your hands in there. He's POPs his. I didn't see them doing it. Luckily Jolly ranchers so those NAS forever. Ever Charlotte ran into the makeup room. But she start stroking the whig of some. This is the grandma's wig and start playing with sharp. She knew a lot of stuff she she was like. Oh this is the brother. And she's like Oh this. Is the couch that there's a whole episode about the dog getting on the couch and the DAD got really mad and they had to cover it. Was this whole. Oh how that's so funny. No so I wonder in their brains like was this. It didn't seem like it was so fascinating to them but was it. Do they understand behind the scenes a little bit. I think if they had been avid watchers of any show they would have been like. Wow No they got it. They understood how have important and popular and all this stuff. This is but I think they've been around it kind of with you mix since forever and then when we filmed our little movie at home I can tell you this is really what it's like doing a movie. And then they got to see the other side of it too because when we showed our friends the little alien movie especially Little Hadley. She got all excited about it and she came to our house. Revisited all the scenes. What the the alien crept around the corner and she can? I do it and she liked put on the alien suit. She owner those cute to see like. Oh we're Kinda like stars the still yeah so mystifies it. It's really cool. Yeah Yeah for you remember your first onset experience besides my audition for milk and my sick body we did go to dad EH. Dan was in the TV show. Partners in crime with Lonnie Anderson. Linda Carter so we he was playing like a bad guy in jail or some lecherous assuras tattooed character right and we got to go on set with them for the day and I sat on Linda garters lap. Did you do. I don't know I don't think so so. I think I was standing next door going I. It was like some police station scene. And yeah seeing the set and standing on the side and watching the whole thing. Yeah it did demystify but it also made it very cool too. Yeah I don't know I think wonder woman that was a big deal like that was hero and to sit on art APP. We didn't we on the Andersen did we. She wasn't there that day. I think we did. We do under Carter was more. Yeah I remember the same. Yeah Yeah and then that picture. We took a picture with her in that followed us around our whole lives and we duplicated and it was such a precious photo because before digital rights. Yeah picture I think I might have that anyway. So you guys we jumped around we went to Lucifer set for for Dave and his CO worker. Wanted to see that and And then we went into the archive building. A remember. There's premier for something thing with Batman there. They announced it. It's called the. Hbo Max but it's HBO is They just launched launched new streaming service. which is what we thought and they had it all like you know behind walls and security guards everywhere like nobody can know and it was this whole secret thing? We finally found one security guard to tell us what was going on and he said it was an HBO conference. There are having a huge party there and yeah. We saw the batmobile on some huge rubber duck from. I'm assuming it's like a joker thing right it's Batman to okay penguin or they had the big rubberduck stuck in the river below. I remember that written by our good friend Dan waters. Oh you wrote Batman to that. We hung out with member that he was such a nice guy. Okay Yeah I think should be funny. I know. camelot he heather's anyway. There's then then. We were building where we got to see all the Harry Potter Paraphernalia. Yes all the superheroes no is it. I'm GonNa Mike make a Lotta nerd brains explode right now was up.

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Marvel or DC that as DC DC. Okay yeah so we all all Disney. Okay we had. Our men wonder woman who else was in there. Well Harry Potter. All the Justice League Justice League Justice I league in fabulous beasts. What is out miraculous piece? What's the other Harry Potter one? Forget forget it. I don't know yeah family's incredible these or something. Yeah so cool that is cool and then you guys is whenever we went to the whole costume warehouse that was cool too big gigantic. Like there's hundreds you just walk in. And there's thousands of shoes news from all eras and then it was like a huge warehouse. I mean Florida's ceiling imagine going into Costco and seeing racks and racks and racks of clothes. All the way up to the ceiling throughout the entire warehouse it was like and everything was labeled you know nineteen thirties birthdays. Young Boys Nineteen Thirties. Young girls and you could go down any I'll go home and medieval section there's a whole Spartan section. It's crazy it's crazy vegas. They had bathing suits. They had retro. It was like everything you can imagine. So do they are all the anything that people have used used on. Any Warner brothers. Movie is there. I don't know how that works. I should find out more about it. I think yes probably but then maybe some go with the show and earn outsource but under no maybe for standard extra things. They have a lot of stuff there. I would think if you're getting into some really fancy movie would have a costume designer that designs a lot. And maybe the the stuff that's sitting around as background for the hundreds of extras and maybe for things that are just like period pieces were you. Don't have to get like Johnny Depp in a movie where you want to get real specific. I'm sure they design stuff for him. this might be able to secondary or if it's not as important if it's just throw the guy in the suit I don't know that's my guess because the designers are going to want to design and put their stamp on it and make it special. Yeah there was one that was featured in a lot of the displays as to WHO She was in that little movie too where they tell you how because from script to screen in she was the costume designer talking about it was really neat yeah. Her stuff is beautiful beaded stuff and she did What was the Lady Gaga Bradley Cooper Stars born? Find Her name later her. Yeah we went on the set of friends or not the set but they recreated the central perk in we did a little photo op there. It was kind of the tourist trap. Grab a gift shop area and we did a green screen with about mobile mayor cycle thing. Yeah yeah go through. Oh sorry. Oh don't tell that story say say weans when decay embarrassed us at the cash register making us all exit stage left really fast. She just did something that was fun. Here sorry sorry. What's funny? Oh forget it anyway. So anybody who is interested in this kind of fun can take the Warner Brothers Studio tour. I I think if you pay. I don't know what it is. I'm guessing it's somewhere like seventy bucks could go into a little tram and they drive you around and show you all of what we talked about. And and so. I told my friends about this when we came back our friends that were featured on our last episode. My girl's trip friends and they're like let's go up and see Ellen. Because does she thumbs there in. Try To do a whole Ellen weekend and do the LA thing up there so Fun So yeah maybe you like Ellen. Does she have really really good topics. And I get depressed when I watch talkshows yeah ooh I know why I like her. I mean she's very like you know. ooh mainstream America Sweden Q.. And I like what she brings on any little guests and they always show clips on facebook and stuff. So I see it there but I don't like watch it regularly. Ah But yeah it's it's nice. It's cool acute. Were Brad Pitt was in the audience and nobody knew it and he likes wild fun all right so close out the day of your day and would well you went to dig whipped cream on top of the warner brothers. Sunday was when you took us to. The filming of a scene of the rookie was much with the way up in Griffith Griffith Griffith Park.

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And it's GONNA be episode. What did I say episode called Dealie? Yes yeah and it was great so we drove in Griffith Park You just said hi and everybody lets you buy and you just parked up at the whole crew like usually do. I'm sure her in. We walked up this trail to where they were wrong. Hollywood they normally have that closed off so only bikes can go through so now all the Mount Hollywood is where they film a lot of scenes. Where you know people are out in the woods or in the dark driving down the Pine Tree Road Dino Lot of we've filmed up there several times for defy notice? There's like different trees Greg. So they've actually planted it up to look like different like areas. I think just the park. I'm guessing but maybe more of a pine filled I don't know yeah 'cause I said different groves at different types of trees that look like awfully grew different trees there. Maybe because very film friendly in Griffith Park they really want to get filming there so it makes sense yeah jeeze because because think about how many movies are pines in the woods. Great does use that all the time. Yeah so we walk up this trail and and The whole crew up there and we're telling the kids be real quiet you know they're actually going to film so you have to make sure your phones are off. Newt no pictures. Listen so we Kinda Seidel up to the back of the crew and you're like Kinda waving and everybody whispering high high and then we see them marching up rehearsing their scene and sets this whole cop seen with guns and and I'm not going to give it all away right because this is all stuff but It was cute because as they finish the rehearsal and then Nathan fillion the lead guy. meet some and modern family and firefly. It was a modern family to. What did he play modern family? I have no idea. I just know that I write that on things. Sometimes they need to drop names in house or something. I don't know so he was standing there after they yell cut or whatever and he He goes there's A. There's a loss family in the woods and he pointed us out and it came walking over. Everyone chuckled chuckle and he shook hands and introduced himself as the kids. Names were in the suite was so nice and then he was talking about he goes okay guys. So what's the shiny three leaf like we was telling us about poise snow. GO WATCH OUT FOR POISON OAK. And then he was so sweet and then he goes yeah. He got crazy poison oak last month and it was so bad. I'm super allergic project. And then he went and filmed some more scenes and then came back and showed all the pictures Kinda saucy because he had his shirt off. Oh boy no I know he was showing seeing some poison packs rub your takeover goodness. ooh Yeah very handsome in real life. I I don't yeah like I don't know I didn't notice him him on TV. Mitch okay. Another actor another show but I was like all his skin is so nice and such serious together very well and it was a super tall but he wasn't sure he was just like a nice normal guy super kids and at the very end I was like. Do you mind if we get a picture with you after you showed all his poison pictures and he was like. I was hoping you'd ask her like I was waiting for this. Yeah Yeah you took the picture. And then he was kind and of arranging us like okay. You stand here used in here and it was really cute so yeah and then after that we left and but mean in the meantime we were talking talking to inbetween takes that. You're talking to the stunt coordinator. David Roden David Roden. Who talked about in the last episode? Love that Guy I so nice. He looked like just a huge buff. Woody Harrelson to me. Yeah you did iron men and men in black. He was like some of the main guys. Isn't that for jumping out of helicopters US talking about falling onto boats Mike fight scenes and going to glass windows and just take it day in the life. Quick Novick deal and so now. He's a coordinator which means you can. It's great I think people do that when they get a little older. Or you know you just get up to certain level and then you. You don't have to do the stunts anymore. You just coordinate. Everybody that's what he does. All the stunt guys will come and they'll run through all the seens and school. Yeah little things like lift if this leg instead of this leg he was talking about that and yeah and how long it takes and how tired you get and really cool stuff nice guy totally talking to us a lot.

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The kids really were impacting fries. Remember WH- Hamlin's go up but burgers and fries and the fries and double fires. They love that they thought that was so cool. And then you're tactical guy. What was his name? I have to insert that. I'm so bad I'm sorry. He's a great guy and totally forget. But yeah. He's a guy that used to be a detective used to work with sociopaths and murderers and Serial killers and so now he's consultant to everybody on how to hold their weapons on like Richard the other main actor. Oh yeah he was business too. He was super sweet. And he love you guys and plays this Sergeant Serge and he was like hey when any find a dead body. How long does it take like? If you unveil a dead body will it take like do you smell it right away. Does it take a second. Hit your nose. You know this little questions like like that and he has all those answers. It's crazy so he's onset all the time. Yeah yeah it was so cool to watch the scene come through and two sear buddy the Photographer to Kinda pre walk. The whole scene how he was gonNA walk backwards in. So how does someone kind of guiding him like holding hands on his hips to guide them walking backwards. That's the camera. They called a camera operator. Who is Brad who anyway did music with yes? Yeah and then Other marks right they had to take off just even the dirty trail had like different colored tape on Annette. where the they had hit their marks and stoned talk this way and then all the plants they brought in to Kinda fluff up the fully edge to make it look extra the Greens Funds Department onset? Greens yes these are my people. The garden guys digging that watching them snap twigs and get it all properly set that up and this is so neat yeah and then it was cute overall. I just thought it was neat that everybody was very like. Oh cool a family and it was like we. The stars is kind of like a word to see kids walking around and we see each other every day all day long and it's all business and so to see anything that comes in. That's like real life. I think everyone is so excited. 'cause they told you that you're like oh are we going to be okay like is everybody going to look at us. Like who are these people people and and they were all like kids at family. This is great they were taking Charlotte over to the scene where it was being shot. What were they had like some props that were really Interested yeah dead. And they were asking kind of educational questions like okay which which which dead body do you think has been decomposing longer? This one or this one this one and they're like you're right very good and then of course awesome like jokester dad type had to be like boo right behind her while she was he can touch it and she reached down touch. They're like it's just rubber to scare from behind and look great. Thanks guys. That's not. Just good about nightmares. Do they talk about that. Like did that penetrate the brain of craziness or no she was Charlotte was proud of herself. She's like Kinda tough with her brothers right and he's always messing around with her so she was like. I knew they were made out of rubber. I wasn't scared cared ugly. But she told her friends at school about it and so it was. It was cute. That's cute. I mean it's Kinda cool to know now that things things aren't real on TV. I don't know I remember having that lightbulb younger going okay. Those are all props. And that's all of this and that's you know right behind curtain you take away. The nightmare party doesn't because they still can't watch horror movies stupid can you. I mean Ooh if it's a good movie gets in your head yeah especially the psychological ones inside your mind. They're coming out with the shining too by the way Gosh I know that's cool. Yeah Listing Charlotte and her best buddy when as Annabel dolls which is another horror flick. Annabel my Gosh Josh. They're all obsessed about it. Yeah it's like you're eight. You're not supposed to be interred. Let's get a little dark side. She was 'cause we went into the prop house at Warner Brothers. And that's kind of a cool Like you another place. That's so weird. You can get telephones from all the way back from the beginning of telephones until current so so yeah. I'll post our video on our facebook group and it was the kids turning to a rotary phone. I'm like okay boys. If you had to call someone what would you do. Because I've seen this before I was just curious. You'll have to see what they did. It was pretty funny Yeah but that was cool seeing all old games old.

00:40:06 - 00:45:02

Imagine now creating doesn't make you WANNA create a movie when we see all that stuff and I want to create a movie just being there in sneaking into someone set in pulling off props it just running we could. I mean there was like a Presidential Rubai obeyed all the kids. Go in there and say haram. That was favorite phone. Yeah those great. There's so much stuff to Z.. I mean you could really spend hours and they did up tours coming through to see parts of it but we got that the real tipper all inside we totally snuck in that costume department. Would you Out in trouble ladies did not. They did not think kids were Q.. Like the other show venture curmudgeon you. You had interviewed Your election betty awhile ago. Oh and he talked about trying to balance family and this whole work life thing thing do you want to pop it. And Bruce Sharp I love him. He reminds me of one of our uncles. He feels that you just have fun. Sweet Family Guy. And I'm GonNa let Papa Man Bruce Bruce Pop hi Bruce Julian how are you. I'm good what is your first. And last name Bruce Sharp. I know that already but all right now this is for the people who don't know a whole lot about the film industry. What do you do? I'm a rigging gaffer which basically means I support the electrical department by supplying power and lights and has phones going off. We are on the job. Bob Very Important Person I supply power and lights the electric department on location and onstage. So whether the company's building sets on stage age for permanent settler swing says we call them. I supply the power and the dimming capability or for out on location shooting out in Los Angeles or wherever I supplied where we are in now are in a neighborhood. So you'll come down before the shooting crew gets here and rigging setup cable that's correct we set up all the cable. Make sure everything's out of the shot or you know appropriately set so the cameras and the scene is all set without seeing our equipments but we're also three important for us to supply power to the sets. Everyone can plug in their iphones. This is pretty much all we care about. During the there's a bunch of eighty five people in charge. Your phone's thank you for that. What do you to the film business? That's a really long story but I'll give you the short version. I was in art at school. Doing filming photography had an opportunity to see a film set guy on the film set and just kind of fell in love with the whole or the whole you know it just drew me. And as far as like the creativity the actors the locations. The the whole way it was presented to me at that time was Very enticing and I just kind of fell at that time so so do you still have it or is it a bit of a grind. It's both I do love it. I love it we do. I enjoy it. We are in different locations occasions different places. Every day. We meet different people every day. We are able to work with friends Were sometimes able to you know. Hang out with people that we've known for years and still have fun but we do work hard. It is a grind. Because we're hours we early. We get home late. We work long average day in my average day is getting the work between four and six. AM and getting home between six and eight PM has that been a problem for the family or understand. I'm celebrating my twentieth year marriage. I think I figured it out. She's in the business too right. Has it been easy But it does help. It hasn't been easy we've raised two kids So it hasn't been easy but we've been able to navigate it pretty well because of our understanding timing of the industry and the business itself so a lot of people say that it does destroy marriages and family. Do you see that happening a lot. Or how do you make it work because those are a crazy hours. And she's a producer right. Yes I in my opinion you you you have to make the choice what do you what do you want. Do you want to work in this industry and have a successful career and be able to go home and enjoy your family and your partner or do you. You WanNa go have fun and and not be you know not have the traditional relationship and things at home and you know it's it's a choice. People are represented with choices every day. We run location for weeks or months at a time. We're working long hours every day It goes both ways but I think it's really just about a choice choice. You know whether or not you prioritize family and relationship correct because a lot of people do get divorces and maybe get caught up in the craziness of the you know.

00:45:02 - 00:50:04

It's like a traveling circus or that's exactly what circus. Yeah a lot of people hook up with each other secretly because they're in some hotel room in Atlanta and people party afterward and like what stays in Vegas kind of thing or your family person in a and then you hold it together. Which which you've chosen wisely Bruce? I've tr- yes I have and that's what I wanted to do but I have to say the industry itself has been given me a lot of opportunities that that I've enjoyed I've been able to travel. I've been able to make income to help my family and be successful with our our kids and everything and so I do love the industry as much as it tends to beat all of a separate times I do love it I really enjoy it. I feel like I made the right choice and I'M GONNA stick it out as long. I'm so keep me and boy are they gonNA keep them Bruce. Sharp is one of the rockstars on the set. He's got his own trailer. He's got his own director's chair. When he comes down the road people stop and swoon? And say there goes Bruce. He's got a theme song that follows him not aware of that. Especially thank you. I'll tell you what the theme song it sounds like. It sounds like this sketch about put do for book. Thank you lose okay latest. But that's a little insight family balancing family were or yeah. Yeah it's a tough gig. I don't know how people can sustain A. I'm sure you only have limited time in this kind of industry you know is the money on or just takes a special type. I don't know I think to be. Yeah what is it a legend for punishment. That's not the right word. A sucker of what is term whatever who cares glutton for punishment that's at Glutton gluttonous literal sense but now a lot of people do it and then but then you'll find some people that say. Oh Yeah. I've been through three marriages. It just doesn't work. It has to be a industry person. Understand it I just think you have to be someone who kill right you being gone many hours many days at a time the benefit is then you get three months off sometimes true between projects just a lot of people. Don't take the time they just keep going. They don't know what else to do with themselves and they just keep yeah. I can't imagine like I need the breaks in between right well and you have time to do other projects to if you're a creative type you'd probably want to. We use the time wisely and I know all the big actors like even our cousin you know during his off time of filming New Amsterdam. He'll do like his music projects six or yeah so little film projects or plays in between you know you WanNa make sure to have that balance in a very imbalanced gig. I would bet this probably like are there other jobs. I'm GONNA stop seeing Lake by the way diener Semi Lake and my and and you're very trendy. I counted Toby's yesterday I asked just turned. Try to say something without like he did it. It was a thirty second story. He said about about fifteen times. It's crazy you really listened to your friends and stuff. I had my friend Rachel start going every so say as if breath and almost parallel to. It's just really weird. Try to replace like with another word or just say it at all you news like in the real meaning versus just a gap leg. Because I do not it's my It's awful well will maybe we'll look at it Okay I think we're out of time and I want to say that it's been a real pleasurable experience with you. All of our friends taking them on a journey through Warner Brothers studios in the hit. Show the rookie film set. We were there I castle. Yes thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule for us. It was great. I love you guys. It was so much kids will remember forever and me. I love you to the video while you listeners. We love you as well. That's good thank you everybody for listening being There's 'em go to all of our social media please at Masson Weans. We also have a new patriarch page on which we are putting new Content we have episodes and videos and I even designed a t shirt. I didn't know that would like t shirt for patrons that have been with us for four months just picked a month and I'm GonNa send you a free a t shirt if you sign up on Patriot for and you last for four months.

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Yeah we're going to put other stuff on there and have contests and post different fun things so be a VIP and go to And please let us know anything you want us to talk about. I don't know. - trying to throw it in here! They're all in. Weens, quick! I just want to say thanks and call in and and ask us to talk about a subject. That's always fun. We'll choose your subject to talk about. We'll do a whole twenty minutes on it or something. Yeah you can be anonymous or leave your name. Or what about advice? Giving advice to you? Advice! Let's do some stories that are fun. Okay, all right! About, yeah, any problem you're having in your life and we'll solve it for you mealy. Oliver Commissions And go there. And we'll see you soon. Everybody a a rookie. ooh The house



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