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Episode 61 - LA Werk It Weekend, Stump Dan, Stunts and Special FX

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LA Werk It Weekend, Stump Dan, Stunts and Special FX

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Hahah! Hello! We're back again! It's true. Mouse and Weens. It's Episode 61. We've made it past the hump. The halfway. Hump. We're humping along here. How are you Weens? Hi everybody. Oh sorry. I was addressing our audience of two. Right? Yeah or three. No. Sure. Millions! Many! It's okay. You know, I recently got to look at our stats. Let's not talk about our stats. But it's great! Okay. I think it's good. Thank you guys for caring and listening. We have a lot of good pals out there. Yes. So thank you. Even if it's a one-sided pal, we know who you are and we love you. She said Ween. Know. Yeah. Okay.
Well we have recently... I've got the Mouse here in my Los Angeles cottage abode. That's right. You're in town. What for? I am. I was here for a conference. I went to a women in podcasting conference called Werk It. It was "werk" like w-e-r-k. And you meanwhile were at w-r-o....o-r-k.'s called work. But it was a great conference. They were very cool. They gave me a scholarship to come actually which is wonderful. And I was able to sit in on all of the lectures and meet lots of people and get really inspired about how to take podcasting to the next level. A lot of NPR-types, a lot of marketing stuff and it was really fun. And it wasn't NPR types, it was actually NPR people. Yeah. And wasn't it a lot of the big podcasts out there? Yeah, a lot of the big podcasts. Right. Yeah. And Spotify hosted it or some of it or...? No Luminary (correction: it was hosted by WNYC!) hosted, but Spotify hosted a party and Castbox hosted a party. So yeah, it was fun. It was neat getting to meet some...
And what was your highlight? My highlight was, besides you being there in the evenings after work. Thank you. I would pop in occasionally. I had a room in the Ace Hotel there, which was a very cool, kind of deconstructed, very hip-- If you want I can play you some of the music that was on the record player. I don't want to digress but, okay keep talking. Yeah, they had a cool record player in there. It looked very 70's. There was like a mustard colored rug. Wait, here's the music. <music> It was very cool. Yeah, see? And you could just sit and write. We did! And zone out and listen to the city sounds. It was cool. Yeah, and we did. It was good. So your highlighted event? All right. So after Weens being there, I took her to the nighttime parties with me. And the one hosted by Spotify was over at the NoMad Hotel nearby. We scooted over on scooters which was super fun. Actual scooters. The kind you pay for with a little app. They're all over. Just a couple of dorks in somewhat high heels and tops and skirts on these things going, "We're late! Come on! Get on there! How do you turn this fecking thing on?" I know! And then scooting down the road with no helmets in the middle of downtown LA craziness. Sideswiping homeless people. I almost ran into a Domino's pizza delivery guy on a bike because I was trying to record you because I thought it was funny! I don't think we were even supposed to even be on the sidewalk. We're not supposed to be on the sidewalk. The road was so much more scary so we went on the sidewalk instead. It was pretty wide but-- Just hitting those humps! Yeah, there were tree roots growing and we were like catching air and our purses were flying off our sides - boing! It was great. It was funny. Yeah. It was fun though. But we made it there. Went up to the party. It was on a rooftop. And we're milling around and kind of taking pictures and then-- I was handing by the hnack guy. <laughter> Standing by the snack man who would come out with all the oysters and the little, y'know, catered trays. What do you call that? Yeah, I know. We kept catching him right by the exit point. I would just smile big and make eye contact and then he'd come over. "Yes please." I know. We were hungry. I ate everything. I was starving. I think he learned to just come straight to us. But he was nice. Yeah. But anyway, we were kind of on our way, like okay we've, you know, mingled a little, walked around a little. And we were almost heading out to the exit. And that's right when I saw Georgia Hardstark walk by. And she went up to the bar and ordered a drink. And I grabbed you by the shoulder and was like, "Come on". And I walked up to her and said hi and introduced ourselves. And she was so sweet. And if you guys don't know, Georgia Hardstark is half of the - I think it's like the number three podcast out there, like, ever - My Favortie Murder. And she is the co-host. I looked her up later and she, they get 19 million downloads a month. I mean that's a crazy audience. Yeah. Nutso. Nuts. Anyway, super nice, really sweet woman. You had impressions of her? You were-- Yeah, I didn't know who she was so I had no preconceived ideas. Very sweet. Super nice and very present. Very smiley. We told her that we had just interviewed her friend Chris Fairbanks, who has another podcast with her cohost Karen Kilgariff. So she said, "Oh you guys know Chris!" So that was sweet. We said, "We're best friends with Chris actually". <laughter> We just like bum rushed him! No, he-- They were all so sweet. Everybody seems very down to earth, and, you know-- I explained to her that she was kind of the reason why I got into podcasting. She was the first one that I listened to, really. But it was not even My Favorite Murder. It was the one before that, which was Slumber Party with Alie and Georgia. Because I was a new mom and my favorite radio show went off the air and I just liked that kind of chat style and they had that - the Slumber Party one. And then theirs eventually-- I ran out of episodes too because they kind of put it on hiatus. And I started searching for one like it and there's nothing out there like it. I really couldn't find another good one that I really liked. So now you love Mouse and Weens! So we started ours! That's when I talked to you and said, "We could do this. Let's just talk. We have so many funny stories" and whatever. Let's get it all-- We do not have 19 million downloads. But that's for murder. We do not. We could start talking about I would like to murder certain people. <laughter> Good lord. Ah, that's a great idea. Let's do that. Talk about who we want to murder? My Favorite Wanna Murder. Yeah. Well there's an idea. Yeah, she was awesome. I really liked her. She was very cool. She acknowledged like, you know, that she can't believe her luck and, you know, just bought a house. And they just made a podcast network.

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and the best delivery guy in as i was trying to record you because going over i don't think we're supposed to even be on the side of us we on the sidewalk road with so many it's more scary so we went on the sidewalk and says pretty wide but hitting those humps yeah they're tree roots growing and we were like catching air and our persons were flying yes thank you thank you even if it's a one sided power we know who you are we love you she said wean no okay how are you oh i was listening audience of two or three no millions many many you know lord i am i was here for a conference i went to a women in podcasting conference called work it it was work like w e g well we have recently got the mouse here in my los angeles a cottage and s- right you're in town it's very cool yeah see and you could just sit and write in like we okay and you meanwhile we're at w. r. o. are you work work it was a great conference it was they were very cool they give me a scholarship to come actually which is wonderful and i was able to see it was great it was funny yeah i know but we made it there went up to the party was on a rooftop and we're milling around and kind of taking yes fun getting to meet some what was your highlight my highlight was besides you being there in the evenings occasionally it in on all of the lectures and meet lots of people and get really inspired about how to take podcasting to the next level a lot of NPR types a lot of hardee's with me and the one hosted by spotify was over at the nomad hotel nearby we scooted over on scooters which was actual scooters yeah the kind you pay for the wall means this is episode sixty one sixty one where we've made it past the hostile halfway we're humping along here endzone out and listening to the city sounds cool yeah and we did highlighted event all right so after weaning there took her to the nighttime a lot of the big podcast rate yeah hosted i'm sorry hosted but spotify hosted a party cast box hosted a party so art and she they get nineteen million downloads a month i mean that's crazy audiences nutso nuts anyway super nice brenes in very you know present very smiley we told her that we had just interviewed her friend chris fairbanks who hasn't i think he started just come straight yeah he was nice but anyway we're kind of on our way like okay we've you know mingled a little walked around a little and into podcasting and she was the first one that i listened to really but it was not even my favorite murderer it was the one before that which was a slumber party with alli georgia because i was a new mom and my favorite radio show went off the air and i just like that kind of chat style and they had that we're almost heading out to the exit and that's right when i saw george heart stark walked by and she went up to the bar in order to drink and i was like the tank respite keep together they had a cool record player in there at look very seventies there was like a mustard colored wait here's the music i had a room in the ace hotel there which was very cool kind of dairy scripted yeah like if you want please some of the music that was on the record fair other podcast with her co host karen kill sheriff so she said oh you guys know chris and so that was sweet and she best friends with app couple of dorks in somewhat high heels and skirts on these things going we're like come on get on there slumber party one and then there's eventually i ran out of episodes two because they kind of put it on hiatus and i started searching for one turn this fucking thing on scooting down the road with no helmets in the middle of downtown LA oh no sides is homeless people ran into domino's pizza i think the number three podcast out there like ever my favorite murder and she's the co host and looked up later jokes so that was good validation so we like our high georgia thank you for being sweet so that was my no he they're also swe everybody seems very diverse and you know i explained to her that she was kind of the reason why i got in running stuff and it was it was really fun man it wasn't NPR there's actual NPR as a lot of the big podcasts out there yeah very cool she acknowledged that she can't believe her luck and you know just bought a house and she's making a they just made a podcast network and really sweet woman you had impressions over your yeah i didn't know who she was so i had no preconceived idea but very sweet big highlight and then the next night you met up with me again at the end of the whole conference and there was a closing party at another bar and we went grabbed her by the shoulder and the come on and i walked up to her and said hi and introduced ourselves in she was so sweet and if you guys don't know georgia hard stark is half of the and met lots of fun people and then the end of the evening you wanna tell the story here you tell this one oh we went to the closing party and then i and i mean it worked she's and i told her i go your you made it you did it you're in that like top one percent of people that can live off this and do it and she's like i know so many funny stories and whatever let's get it all we do not have nineteen million downloads for murder started talking about how people because ooh my husband and i were just talking about that the other night and yeah super humble and thankful and down to earth and very cool cute laughed at a couple of her i just explain to what she did onstage so she's a rapper her name's desa desa and i didn't know her name but i just knew she had like a cool hairstyle and tedtalk on basically here's a NPR synopsis this rapper tried to use neuro science to get over her ex doc by helen fisher and then used they ended up using a type of brain scan MRI and looked into the brains of loves i recently got to look at our stats and talk about her stats but it's great i think stamp you guys are carrying listening and we have a lot of good pals very influential ted talk that she did and i love the ted talks and she had one and i will read you something because it just pulled it up she it was just like some energy or a thing and yeah so when i saw her cross through my queens let's go meet her i really think you should meet her i don't know why said that or thought it but it was like a big huge goal of mine to have you talked to her so we went over and i said i know you you did the ted talk and i it was so our whole thing is like she reached out and said how do i get over this guy and actually had a neuroscientist call her and she came across ted tuck people started knows that certain parts of their brain were active and then you can watch the tedtalk on debt find out how she showed up we went together and you said i want you meet this the MC of the whole event was super cool and she's looks at japan and she's really lori that's a great idea let's talk about who we want to murder my favorite wanna murder the well no it was yeah she was awesome she was you know catered trade i know we kept catching him like right by the exit just smile big make eye contact with income over yes please no always were leather and shoe kind of walk and talk with their hands and our shoulders neck can sheet squat down and get really into her points and she's had a really neat way and there's nothing out there like i really couldn't find another good one that i really liked so masimov we are we started ours when i talked to you and so we could do this let's just talk with and i couldn't believe that you knew who she was just out of the blue that was so wild but we ended up sitting there talking for like a half hour or simply make her not think about the x.

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when those areas would light up it was really interesting i was floored i was just standing there listening to you guys go nuts over the study so maybe some people are better you your theory was on just find someone else easier said than done i remember still somehow lodged in the archives the bowels of the brain is the left side of her head is lighting up right now glowing through your it's hard to get over has been in your life for a long time and how do you do it in a healthy way obsessive and want to reach out and think about him a lot when david i went through our breakup i mean he was my guy he was my number one guy and i just knew it and there's no way to get past that in over it and substitute with anyone else so i don't know i don't have any good answers but luckily that one kind of worked out for me but it says here in one study participants learned turn up a brain region linked to motivation focus and other patients with depression were able to alleviate some of their symptoms but scientists doing this research said there's a pictures hanging by the neck guy by the snack man who'd come out with all that wasters and the little you did it to get over this ex yeah it was kind of like they gave her signals when some part of the brain would light up to kind of get it to stop lighting up right there were kind of giving her yes oversee minnesota so yeah go to minnesota you can go to our lab no big deal easy peasy follow skunk bear in sir sorry could near neuro feedback provide a bomb for broken hearts so it's EEG neuro feedback sessions the honey hey this is liz hi this is heather we a strong woman and once you meter think you'd like her yeah and then we saw her at the party and then you go come on let's let me energy or whatever yeah i didn't know mhm okay supposed to help your brain escape the rut of romantic obsession so if someone is obsessed over somebody what should they do should they call this scientists equipment so it's like the perfect situation but yeah so we just got back and he was here so we did some recording with him do you want to cut that in here and try to get in the study and do this this protocol will dessus brain was scanned by the center for magnetic resonance research at the this great big big fund big nights and meanwhile you were working on new TV show and then staying in the loft where i was nerdy bitches podcast a show tuckey ladies podcasts their way through pop culture from movies and tv to our regular book club and everything in between we bring you his new book my own devices cool i can watch her perform NPR's tiny desk series too yeah yeah so we got to her and she was she was super cool i that was like the icing on the cake the whole thing came together we each got to meet kind of one of our idols and yeah she's great yeah she's great really attentive and like okay tell me your story let's here yeah so you have a guy that you have similar situation where this person dr science show on youtube or facebook and fill out the short survey so they can more learn more about you in the kind of stories you're scared or find favorite phantoms with the feminine i we are talking star wars star trek dc marvel comic book from anime and don't forget sci-fi fantasy action movies video games st four games and so much more be sure to check us out on apple podcast google play stitcher pod being or wherever you find awesome podcasts you can defined hanging out on twitter facebook instagram pinterest and at nerdy bitches dot com soon right we are here with dan mahoney all right all right we're going to hear guitar dan before we hear him let's put in a promo off from one of our friends podcast so here we go with that and with guitar dan sometimes that's cool so each court you play has the note of the melody is the highest note so every chord is a number two in every note has a corresponding cord so i see i see stump the man the dan man yeah whatever you play the chords with the melody on top and you're telling me tell me what you told me that was so cool right well there's the melody and there's the cord some requests will shout them out so we have one from mickey and it's liz the box game okay all right so i got my wrote this on our social media real quick and said if anybody has honey i neon wherein weans living room with blankets everywhere we made a makeshift studio because they were goofing around knows truth hurts modern pop is not up although i love liz oh i've heard her new album court progression underneath it and the melody on top and then you try to put it all together at the same time then you had our friend guitar dan staying here with your kitty yeah he house sits and cat sits and then borrows your according according music and we decide to record but dan was just playing gorgeous little ditty of song we all know and love we've played real quick with d.

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all about try to stump stump the hump this and i was saying i see it you asked me if i see it like what did you what was your knowledge do you see the notes we're going to serve one i don't and i've talked to other musicians who who see differently but i see every every note is a number and every and then how would have to go spend a week trying to put together a little arrangement and so i have i have a bunch of those to be paged thirteen i don't know what that means a little afra- man colt forty five would sound great acoustically what is it on on all the cords and ice to do this in lessons to we would have melody and chord section where a certain song would be chosen oh i love it too many kirk just a jimmy floated through here is lovely so i was asking how co forty five colt forty five it's on page as if it is as visual and i said i don't really see it more visual i think of it as kind of a math problem which isn't forever yeah that's pretty much it right good it's tricky with rap songs can be tricky doc loser she'll play that okay next we have one from michelle and she went to high school with me she writes does it happen little cooler arrangements alex breakout okay well we were gonna play a little game too uh incredi- here's how it goes the charts in her album answer add in can you you can probably figure it out pretty quickly i'll listen to it and i'll do what i can yeah okay all right you go to the other room will the movie time we can try it okay let's do it in real time and what's the truth hurts ooh ooh nice nice nice all right i'm going to give you see your questions let's go back to the stan had a pretty good melody to all right so micky are you satisfied that was for you we'll show for makishi is a spin instructor so she loves baby that's all we need and i love it i love it i really do i haven't listened to it enough to get all of it okay let me here we're going to do like you don't leave move bit marijuana using in them stop and hip papa john's you know let's do that i know this song it's been a while that i'll do my best we were do you know the scientists by cold play i'm ali you know we're vaca gun it's true mouse and we do you think the cadillac coupe tapes and cds it's chris chris martin is rolling over cobb thank god i'm going to here i'll do facebook live that's all good as spotify backslash pod backslash attitudes backslash soundcloud backstage google play hi mom says tom cobb am i supposed to read well no one knows by queens of the stone age wow going back tonight from the guys at squishy bishops erratic spectacular podcast they have another one from tom cobb no one the no one knows he loves them really let's call dave and heaven on the over the phone cois how they thorough we get these pills in your podcast will you figure in five minutes and we'll figure it out let's give them the damn challenge dan challenge coming up where we could do in real taste good more like the pharmacist i forget exactly how that parker's as here i'm going to put on mr one time i need in sioux with played that before take this reprimand start live video spreading discern dylan tape from here dot com pick out the seeds high you sail through iceberg search mouth and leans make sure it's group not the page and we'll add you and then you can see the whole video of this all right this is where we recorded a live facebook video and posted it it's in our mouths and wiens group so you need to go to eight episodes we have taken our first season and we have moved a portion of it over to patron and we're just making it bonus material we also on dot com backslash mel means page and you can become a member by signing up and get some bonus material whoops david bach excuse my french with this david do you see anyone named david here that might be a rookie person so we started a patron page folks for those of you who would like to be kind of the inside scoop members and here our archives have a couple other bonus episodes we haven't released yet we were a little sensitive about the material and we didn't want to you know hurt feelings hey little guitar dan mahoney action i know put his links and stuff soundcloud and all that yeah he's on soundcloud and youtube did he say he's only there you go yeah hey speaking of david depending on how much time we have let's think about putting in his interview you got my gosh let's see last name but he's the stunt coordinator on the hit show the rookie and his name is dan david is enrolled in a public space quite yet but i think if we do it on patriot and then it will be you know members only so please come to our patriot i know i mean maybe there's a phone number inside agency but okay so we'll take a step further magazines hats but they have to look cool and we will give them will we have an idea for hats so that will be coming soon so please come over there is the has there was a wonderful guy you are collaborative efforts on julianne april dot com backslash art of freelance art of freelance we did a collaborative songs together right yeah i wrote him he came on and performed then we kind of worked together yeah really cute what are you going to do with that hats in that it says stunt coordinator on the back now that's a calling card now everybody on the crew almost where's this house amount as our calling card into the world and also would he would wanna put phone numbers in the back no no we'll do a little special thing for for members only members ooh number on it is or contact information his name i don't think so but i think it just says stunt stunt coordinator they're going to not contact him i think you'd have to look up the show and you should put it same as i do with everything out yeah let's put it on patriotic and make it something that people can get as a bonus what do you think sure hindi business cards and you try to get gigs because he's were all freelance ish and he said i decided to put the rookie embroidered on cool looking it's name no great do his name was robert or otherwise known as bob calvert bob cover that's can you hear me boy do we know how to kill david road in our WD and david rodents stunt coordinator on the hit show the rookie said that he he said he really oh that's not the stunt grenade from the special effects whose name talking to robert okay remember is such a sweetheart he's on the hit show the rookie also doing special effects he's the head of the department there and yeah it's so cool here we go i am here with bob calvert and he is special always interesting i love special effects because they are fun you can blow things up you could do many fun things that create smoke that lit just let him tell you coordinator and can you tell the listeners out there what what is your job what is your dovetail a mechanical special effects man ash do all the elements we do explosions bullet hits on walls and are are basically we do fire when rain snow sleet mud volcanoes hit song cars things as simple as elevator doors and water gags and onset of us sent service he's also drunk nine in the morning it's nine in the morning yeah i think i think definitely has an appeal the the coolest part is they'll ask us hey we want to have a toaster picks himself up off the ground goes across the room gets at the end of the rooms lowe's up and then green ooze comes out of it and i look in the icee you got it when you need it really really the job is is i can tell you that you put his head in his hands i can tell you that the weirdest thing we had i had to gag where where it was i've had a fifth of bourbon that's what happens when you're working with the elements all the time that's the fact i mean this sounds like for people who don't saw x.

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files and they wanted to have they wanted to show this this lung surgery and so what you do to this fascinating i think it's fascinating over purpose if you do not everybody wants to be in special gonna blow things up and right simple barshop has very cool stuff and what is the most interesting thing or the most fun thing that you've done in your am i asking too many questions okay run down the tubes and they go into a container polo works and i built this gag that was him gag and that you could suck the worms through the two and i kind of had it in what i did was i want to win and this and david duchovny has worms that are in his chest his lungs and they wanted to see the worms get sucked out of his chest is create these weird things that he's can't buy out the store is so fun now do you have cool stuff around your house i keep my house really and so then the accent and i got on the tube and start sucking you know pulling the ooh pulling the worms through the tube into my mouth chew him and then second more inside the the body that you couldn't see through the tube so that's where the two were the injured and then the other side came it wouldn't work so i thought what am i gonna do when we do so i told me just roll i'm ready and they go okay bob i am db nc all of his other things that he's done by by outweigh the clear tube silence and it worked really great and in the shop were really great on the day and soon as we started filming like that really is it's always whatever it takes whatever it takes you absolutely agree thank you for sharing star do you want to uh there are mealy worms pretty good size are probably like an intern half long and about three sixteenths in diameter you will see me okay go look up the hit show the rookie season two trailer all right and i did i am in one of those shots it's at lady so i watched the entire trailer looking for a hotdog cart only looking for the lady handing out ketchup and mustard and i was like so i sucked those through there and and i didn't mind taking one for the team then i looked over at gillian anderson she's just standing there looking at me and she's like bobby's he sucking the worms into his mouth and i'm like yeah do we one oh seven of the official season two trailer you'll see a tall woman in a mustard and ketchup tire must your shorts and yeah i can't talk these days to yeah we used to watch that in real time david i remember dating and i wonder if i would her because the ambulance were speeding around the corner taking in one of their dudes in the ambulance one of the main characters tim can you say that komo hopped up on beats gender you had a sip of that that made me i think we had an animal that i've made them the job that if i were to keep trying to ask david roden always asking i joined the state department 'cause i'm kinda older hi it's coming out of someone's mouth yet anyway that's a fun job yeah so stunts on the film set other favourite of stuff anyway so i'm in the mid one zero seven please everyone looked at up it's great you'll see me talking on the telephone i was doing facetime with one mouse anyway we did it again yeah see this is what you do in the film business yeah get the shot i mean that's the topic at the shot whatever it takes don't you feel remember that episode i kinda wanna lick it up now no let's find out if any of you hot fans messing means no the episode he's talking about the x.

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files please let us know yes game you got to do a lot of work i switched in biotech from being in the lab to being the graphic designer that was a weird switch and then in a marketing and i just forced my way or anything else that you think is cool i don't know i will in their thank you there's bob you can look him up oh don't look for the hotdog cart i was there that day and they needed like someone to fill in really fast on the side they needed like a a wide eyed looker scrubbing back and forth in slow motion and i couldn't find the fucking hot dog hurt she talking about i'm sorry in my brain of made sense fired by her because she's this red strong very you know and i had this epiphany sometimes have a pekingese it happens less and less because we'll do it do it he's sweet and i think it's it's like anything in the film business it feels like you're if you try to change departments this late oh no i don't remember he was beep it connotes i can't remember this might be insider information not okay i just can't remember the actors and i should the top a red top and yellow shorts and then she sent me a text going mouse you gotta see me in this shot i'm the ketchup mustard rent more than many actors are this is a good solid job i wanted at some point i wanted stability and i didn't wanna do an actor life becton like oh this is awful has a block for anybody else who might walk by was that it now i was just they just need an extra human okay and i think all the background or something dan i just kept being annoying i'm just going to start jumping in the middle of the scene i'm going to be on the edge camera gonna jump in and start tackling people in the middle asked around the corner and i had facetime out and i was like oh good acting great and they knew you're in the shop they but they need to do there would ask crazy the x.

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files story the x.

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files stephen coven but you just added an extra syllable in there something they did that same face hung stay stock in your eyes go wide just kinda go oh horseradish on the dog tags ready down because it was ridiculous but that's what happens you know so good get inspired for second than immediately taken down by life yeah you'll never forget that the best piece of advice ever slammed down the pulpit and fell it came down really hard on a cardboard box so you got to get up in front of the big loud noise started cracking it was kinda low to the floor like a platform bed yeah hipster and but i stood up his aac joe and she was on the computer behind the bed they have a desk behind the this is and this is where it ended up it's like you have to pause all these years later in the rent man you're okay here's what she wrote jules made profound statement about a dream it was something that rapper said last night and it became a dream you have to get out in front of yourself as a speaker as i under the table at the head of the bed hands loudly flattening box in a cool retro leather letterbox i was sitting at the table group it together and i didn't wanna i just wanted like medical and dental some people call it selling out i think i just wanted to learn what life was like pewter wide eyed and she said i just wanted to see what you were doing oh okay i see a land right when she was sitting typing started to trip her foes tangled in a per strip quick gut the footloose stumbled into her second step but stepped right on top of something unstable and fell hard hands order you have to push yourself up from within almost be out in front yourself as she was saying that she was standing up from bed she took her first step to the side we go nowhere again accelerates taking what for the team but tweets when twice and now stunts do you think that you would take classes do siemens driving school who really the san diego based gay i'm gonna shot right now look at this in all the ambulance because it looked like they were coming right at three am this is the stunt drivers driving you fell on where she was computing fell on her desk and then it got tripped up against an extra fall in my hand odd struck down yeah i typed it in words do my phone because here yeah we need to write this into a story at some point it was great arriving you certificate and everything and then you'll know how to stunned drive and then forever are you in like a database of stunt drivers they can pull from i mean i would imagine every character on the years so many seamark david cover prep turmeric and beat us please i'm all rammed it's great it's another one of my famous moments where you have to pause to see me at the same shot because they cut that okay showed up and took it seriously but they teach you to do reverse driving which is very scary like high-speed reverse driving gonna pull that getting out in front of yourself like i was saying it is comfortable start my god because the nate when i after we met desa right of his all in the gig because it can put a huge safety and they ended up putting that on the character in the video game doing and we had to dance around in the mosh pit embarrassed no yeah for fourteen hours in stiletto boots kicking and and then it was the lead in a sega video-game commercial called fighting vipers and i was playing the character the lead of the mosh pit with the band where else and i just popped in hopton literally for two takes the these different sean i love it there and on the first season episode so you have to stand up and get out in front of pull yourself out of your depression by getting up front of yourself cotton my first and then table bouncy or dislike for so long now that makes pro fear that's what it is well fear yeah definite and good i will okay in but it's really expensive but then you get a two day course of what it's like to be a stunt person engine you probably have to prove yourself a little more than taking two day course as this is with crash courses in life but you can get your start if you really what about when you were in i think it was before you went to acting school right didn't you get cast in a sega commercial in yours yeah kind of like a laura lara croft what's her name craft minecraft not minecraft tomb raider you were supposed to be like this kick ass bed choose the computing and just woken up i go i had an epiphany you know what i go this is the best most inspired i've been in a while i realized after talking what's the name for real vic zeman's driving put everyone says dick because i thought it would be funny but it didn't seem very well four okay what a best three days of your life in rear wheel drive stunt cars slalom obstacle courses forward and reverse spin safety in texas i can't take risks like that anymore if feels way too weird when i was younger i went benji jumping jumped out of an airplane i wouldn't do that now i've got nothing to lose this would be cool are you do you feel like safe enough to do that i would be scared i think the older i get and now that i'm a mom with kids mersal driving events dude two thousand eight hundred seventy five dollars deal that's the other part ooh no i don't i'm really i've gotten zipper mellow but i don't know having done everything once like you know the motorcycle thing and even queen c.

00:47:52 - 00:47:52


00:47:52 - 00:39:27

e. learned how to do all the old school moves and that's my reference point taking it down so you have not that you just have to get out in front of yourself like what it is yeah you have to you have to come out from it was really weird it was like he woke up and said it so it's kind of like your dreams day we don't it was great for a second there i know a guy like wanted to be on camera so he kept trying to put his arm and like take me down and he ended up i had a piercing in my nose to safety pin in it and that's part of the reason i got bungee jumping and all that like i'm not afraid of stuff really i don't like heights though that that's starting to get the worldly stomach yeah that's it makes me knees nations high speed reverse driving indy grit and chase scene setups precision ninety and underneath degree sides multiple car interactions e. brake and throttle drifting precision and for high speed driving to learn how because it's all counter intuitive driving answers yeah yeah you turn into the turn into it you don't put your brakes on i'm dead inside but this one i hadn't finney of cool in the next morning i woke up in the hotel room together king sized bed so we had to sleep together like flat little match what they call it but you as an FBI driver i saw these videos on how you learn driving put some kind of device under your car that makes you slide and you have to learn okay for an adrenalin junky no well i shouldn't say that every once in a while i get in the mood and do you drive weekend because he likes to drive the fan of big fancy fancy racecar in vegas i know well his his birthday is coming up next weekend weekly mom the older i get and when my kids are around a high place like we went to the grand canyon and right at the edge man and it's like bigger than life and good job coupon book well cool she's going sandiego she's getting out of here conferences over factory it's kind of like the being a pilot or something it kinda bus here she's got but they put on a slide really yeah that was cars oh owen wilson voice in paul newman he's out on that mclean it's not funny but if he's listening would have him in is is a real guy rick semen stunt driving school david roden told me to call rick semen i'm from the bay area called merv and their song was remember john mccabe burma number i'm not your little you have to drift to certain way so the train the it's called like a skid slider queen you gotta go left to go right that was like a big pivotal did you want to know how to stunt drive you know how they teach you because i watched a video i'm also interested in the FBI can't join now you have to be i think twenty five to thirty five i would love to watch you do that driving stuff we'll go to one of those racetracks for equal thinking you and dave would have fun as a romantic getaway questions that you guys have topics he wants to talk about anything and we will talk to you soon energy eleven major girl power we all support each other and you can just say the takeaway the whole conference was the authentic there you when win all right we will be on oliver social media we're at mouse and wiens on instagram twitter l. stump dan the guitar shown in progress so it was really fun all right then we continue on so enjoy the rest of our episode okay life back to laugh to reality nick do what you love and don't do it for anyone else don't do it with the end goal in mind and just keep at it keep at it hey that's a big deal dick seaman here he is i'm sorry rick steam and chill out of okay here's what you learn do you want to know yeah i have a garden meeting thing in the morning but we do know anyway so thank you everybody for listening you and wiens thank you for being my wing girls i haven't signed up for it yet let's do some crowdfunding i'll just start in the parking lot with my honda i the grocery wouldn't that be great though oh wow some last minute i will also supervise which means i secretly want to go and do maybe we'll do it over thanksgiving break because that's not a lot of lead time we remain plans patriots fan all the good things so we hope to hear from you please call us we have a phone number we would love to insert little messages and things but it's a cool gift you could do if anyone wants to know maybe that's up for future days cheaper of buying an and do what comes naturally to you so that was great i love that and then find your people find good team of people that are supportive and true and at this conference it was really funny we had a good week of the ladies and i don't hang out with them a hang out with dudes at work it's good it's really nice to have it was major eastern buyer looked at the computer screen and said okay okay great walked up to the bathroom i was dumping oh i don't want to upset the longer they don't call them but this is my acting career like when i was you know i went ahead big high hopes and

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