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Episode 59 - Fourteen is a Rollercoaster

We recorded most of this episode while spending a day at the Southern California amusement park Knott’s Berry Farm with Mouse’s 14-year-old and his buddy. Hear our interview with them about video games, restrictions, thoughts on bullying in high school, and what might be going on in the mind of a school shooter. They break down current rap styles and rappers for Weens as she lists off her favorites from the 90’s. And even though we are forgetful and say words like brawn and gams, we were pleasantly surprised that these sweet kids wanted to hang out with us! Mouse tells a story about high school football and marching band, and we jump into our theme park memories of boy crushes. Weens – what a heartbreaker!
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Fourteen is a Rollercoaster

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Nassar Medicine. We send thank you yeah. We are mouse I'm mouse. I'm the big sister. One honcker over here is Um. She's really gone for leaving me here on my own to do this. Whole insure all right lease leans otherwise known as Weiner otherwise known as Weenie in Julianne Shut up here with me. You're not going to talk this. This is a good idea. Speak One of US awkward and dealer not really high we're here. We're back together other in town in L. A. She's still doing it. What's going on. You got the giggles. She's got cleavage spilling out into the microphone occur phone. If only you could see it talk all right. We're putting together this podcast mother and uh we're we have clips that we've been saving because we all went to non spirit firm. Deem it a minute seventy of awkwardness. I'm enjoying this I'm not all right so the kids went back to school. Oh we did a week of school and then we decided to take the fourteen year old to Knott's Berry Farms van hubs had to work in deal with soccer boy hubs. Yeah I know that's what I call him never heard her use and so I decided to his no good mom always call all dead hubby really be anyway so it was just me taking him and his friends Sam to Knott's Berry farm arm but we had Weiner over here joining us drove up from her neck of the woods to Dilemma Buena Park Area. Um you're still not talking. I'm talking. I'm letting you think maybe I need a breath mint. When you say that about you I think you mean it about me and my breathing someone mentions the birthing might one really. Is it hot. My Ham with pickles also breath set bakery called. That was really good proof bakery. Glendale Boulevard is We just walked around today. We went to farmers market market. We also saw where the beastie boys recorded. What's it called Brant Royal Records Romance Dunk Glendale Boulevard. That's where that that's where it debt so here are clips from knotsberry farm. We hope you enjoy our visit of the day we're taking you back into the land live teenagers and fourteen year old boys and rollercoasters so here we go sister. We're here at the Knott's Berry Farm. And how are you feeling today. Good except a little frazzled because you were just turn I know whisper something in my ear and your heart breath is going right in my ear hole and I couldn't hear or feel anything so she kept getting chills chills because I was trying to say quietly something that the person in front of us was going here so she kept just going right in my ear. Holes chick got so little pill bumps up and down. You call this show. She bumps goose. All the bill bumps hated the gospels the way that never caught on in our family goosebumps goosebumps chill bumps uh-huh we call them chill bumps all right anyway so we're here at the lovely knotsberry farm with the your son. Toby and his good friend Sam Damn. They're both so cute the fourteen in there so innocent in Nice yes agreed. Take a look over your shoulder. But do you think this this boy's GonNa throw up. Look Yeah it's going to happen. It's happening backing up where putting it in reverse. I were stepping backwards game his privacy he took in bed. Maybe he too many milkshakes and totally reds where he's a drunk.

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He was twelve and never know all right so we are here. We were just having a discussion I just said at this age where you boy crazy reinspired because toby were wondering look. He's sweet very innocent right and they're so cute. They don't seem like think think or talk or care about girls at all. There's video games and sleepovers sweet yeah yeah it's cute I I would inspired at the most so you just jumped out but it was that when we're amusement parks that's all we did was go and look for boys yeah cute boys we would be here at their age seeing who's the cutest boy and following them and giggling and that would be yeah totally totally and trying to look cute right trying to dress the part so that they might look at you your classes cooking. I know they are not secure. We just went to this wild wild west like song and dance place and her glasses are all skewed because one of them broke off. Cy superglued aside so so they sit sideways. This is what it looked like all day every day. That's all right. I'll have my eyebrows. Brown seems together boy crazy it was I don't know is that normal or most. Most people like that to you have to go gun in close quarters and we're doing interviews. Steph. We ended up looking at each other guys. Something's wrong with you. We should just stick to the phone. No is that normal note to be like Kinda into boys like. Can we walk and talk. I don't think that we're stopping yeah. I would think that maybe these are different time. Are we developmentally we kicking the coupe a little later this young Muslims to have flouted stirs vaping. What is that that's a Indian flute. Look at them. That's GonNa meet our study of doing something illegal. I'm very suspicious of the youth especially that guy who who dresses as his twelve but he's actually fifty eight this Mr Sunshine last time. This is my that was checkbook. That just rolled by. We need to see him. Knotsberry Farm Jack was here and all right well so boys to tell us about your first amusement the US mint part of Park experience with the boy. What happened a new person that you saw me. Why did you say boys a boy see that you boy experienced amusement park go i. Let's see oh I remember going to Disneyland with Alley and and we got in line for the matterhorn and we're doing the same thing running around the park looking for boys and right next to us in line at the Matterhorn was billy's ABC. Oh billions from karate kid he was so cute and it was in his cover game. Yes the movie had just come out on. This is the eighty s and all his blonde. Tan this Oh and all I could think of was pleased matterhorn with me. We'll double up put his arms around me from behind sit fred. Not Gross told me it was just like a hug like sitting in the matterhorn. When you know you have to double up it didn't happen didn't say anything see by himself? No I think you have a little posse with them. Yeah how about you good boy. The only one I remember I was dating fisherman David at the time and fishermen. Dave didn't want to go in the big drop ride. It was like one of the edge or something you know where it drops. You just go straight up and drops you right. Yes and I remember he didn't want to go and I am very excited about these rides so I went by myself and it was a whole ring of open seeds and then sweet Indian man about forty eight sat next to me and as we're going coming up we got strapped in and it was like why did he go. Sit Right next to me and you know I'm twenty five at the time older dad type. I try and and so we go zoom up and as we're zooming up he goes. Oh are you dating. Anyone like terrified fight. It was this big ride that we right to the edge and I was like I looked over make a what why and he goes. I would like to date joop and then I was just like what this is very true story exactly like I said I'm even making it up.

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Oh my God and then Oh then at the bottom you have to sit next to them while they unstrapped you and clink clink you back to this. There's my boyfriend. Trent Nice meeting. You my fishermen Dave right away until that was the joke. It's true story. I like it. That's a good one really wasn't a sweet tooth phones. how Ah out there wishing you were around? The elevator closes out because because this is waiting for someone to give you that one time what can kill you know who else. You're thinking of turnaround that guy. Oh ooh oh. He's so cute cute they're. He's got Mickey Mouse years that are rainbows. You can tell he's been doing the theme Park Circuit Yes. His arm ducked out all right. Let's go and Calico river rapids. Roy Fi all right toby wet bothers you about your parents restrictions Sam. What do you think about feel like if the person is mentally mature enough up to I guess separate video games from the real real world then I feel like it would be plausible to get it. So what about other the research that shows that kids are more violent. You just don't think just games caused violence thing yeah. I feel like that's kind of BS Benji. Don't you Hippie gibberish. That's that's adults thinking that every child is going to be like that. Do any other friends have parents that don't let I'm not there no really other like restrictive parents. Everyone I mean I think like you're the only parent I know who actually believes using the whole like what you see you do. I don't believe in that but I don't think it's great for your brain till it's all developed. That's I mean that's kind of the same thing. Okay now fast forward when you're a parent. Are you gonna want your fourteen year old to play that... Well that's a dumb question because you're 14! I was going to say. Well how do you know I'm going to be a parent? True. Very true. Are you going to be a parent? We'll have to see what about you SAM. I planned to be yeah. I hope that my life turns out that way definitely very definitive. I think I'll stick to the CAP for now. It just one cat. Oh I was going to see a few hundred. Ask a question Oh. I thought you didn't know about you to fourteen again. so the questions. I'd like to ask Kiddos. Why do you think people are shooting up schools. Is it too dramatic. I mean what's happening to those people. People make that choice I mean they probably had like some sort of twisted childhood or something and people around on them not picking up on the problems they're having and they feel ignored and they feel just terrible so they just go crazy or they. You'd become a psycho and just decide to do that. Have you seen sorry D. attempt to say boy. I I was just going to add that probably been like neglected children and that's probably very true. You guys you're very perceptive is a social media thing. What do you guys think do you think these kids are looking for attention and so they go on social media media and then they read these weird websites on the dark web and learn about like Isis and all these bad groups and yes yeah I'd say they've been like mentally peer pressured by things they've seen on the Internet yeah definitely mentally or they've been pressured or they get like twisted ideas and again back but like I would say they they just churchmen. Just room ceases off to it's just gone so a lot of them. I'm say that they felt really isolated. From or bullied or ostracized from social groups is another big thing. Have you experienced airing Sunday that in school not personally but I would say. It's definitely a thinking you've seen it. Yes there's this dick in like unlike pre school that like like there's on one of those like play sets and like like we were just standing there and like he like shoved me off and then a couple of years later we went to the community pool and he tried to drown me so oh wow what's wrong with this guy. I don't know I I mean mom probably knows well. You guys are buddies and I think he would get so excited and he loves you so much. You're a little but you don't see anything in highschool. We're we're about to get on this rollercoaster.

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You guys any last thoughts I mean nothing like really like nothing big in highschool cool. How do you ever get this. How see something say something anything like that. Come up those mostly like middle uh-huh school because I think they just know that we've like probably know all about that already on not all right. What was the question. I don't know any last thoughts. Okay see something say something. See something say something. I say that still like a saying but I hope that people oh act on that and I would say that the video games caused violence thing is probably just made up by like adults because they don't really know what's going on with the teens or children's heads at the time and they just want to think that because it's something new that they don't understand thanks thanks for your impact guys. I hope we survive this rollercoaster off. I mean this is a big roller coaster all right. I'm a little meaner. She's being nice saying I'm not old thank you. I appreciate that AH look at even look like a name break me here. This is for the sun but it's embarrassing okay so I'm stuck in the nineties and I was listening to stuff like public. Enemy tribe called quest for side. That's what I was into. You know them. I know a tribe called quest out of all of them. That's for sure Yeah Nice. They've they've good stuff. Definitely who is currently some some of your favorites well recently passed well. I guess a year ago now execs ecstasy on but his music is good enough to last so I listen to a lot of him still whereby the roller coaster called what what's roller coaster called again this one's called accelerator whipped by like a hundred miles an hour okay. So what about you what favor current rapper rapper I mean I definitely agree with exultation but I don't know who else eminem guys eminem no he. He's just gotten old. He hasn't been releasing as much. I feel like he's just chilling with the money he's made so much. Collaborations Yay does a few collaborations he he released an album not too long ago that that was pretty vulgar but it was like too much volts vulgar yeah I would say I mean I mean. There is no really too vulgar. UNWRAP KAZ people can just say whatever they want. In rapid people are like all right I mean he's good but he started pushed it with wife staff and Kim and putting your nose a little much in my opinion the thing is like like his only only two new songs that are actually good or collaborating with joyner Lucas and logic interesting interesting okay so break down the ramp real fast. We'll you're thirty second break down. What are the owners of rap. So you have like metal rap. I would say maybe like Chill Rep. Maybe like trap. Trap is like how would you describe trap. I don't really I don't know just like like a trendy a beat. I guess if you look at like a trap beat. It's like this whole like It's kind of like an automated system but if you WANNA hear it here like trap music risen the Travis Scott Travis Scott Sucks bad but he does a lot of people think he's good but he's he's really not trap beats would be probably designed some of like XS music. I guess XS music had some trap in it care what others owners of rap. There's like Mumble Rab. There's like really like fast drab. There's lyrical rap and there's probably Milwaukee grab and I would say those are the dark graph which is like suicide boys. That's that's more metal. That's more like hardcore rap or metal rep that means it's incorporated with drums and rock beat. Almost I wouldn't say that I would say just has the same energy as like. It's pretty hardcore really darkly like you said the man I've been asleep.

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I'm still listening to Dj Jazzy Jeff and the first prince parents. Just don't understand guys yeah sure ninety. What kind of careers do you think you to fall into and also he wants a male model or you do. It's all right and you might you want some Ron. John Braman Brun ginghams anyone uh-huh closing off the check is going to get a spider in the eye by ooh those were the boys toby and Sam. They're so cute they're fourteen. Are they really though or were you would not at all. I think they're very smart and cool kids the fact that they would just hang out at that age would hang out with US yeah. That's cool cool man. I mean I wouldn't have done that at Thaddeus Age. We're so me appearance yeah. You know what I thought was cute. Was I kind of sat down because I get so motion sick that the I didn't go on any rides so I just kind of plopped down. I'm like okay boys. Go ride. Meet me back here. If you want if you don't want here's your I have one of those green light right credit cards. Have you heard of these for the kids. You can put money in the account and you can turn it on and off and you you can designate how they spend the money like twenty dollars can go to a restaurant and fifty dollars they can spend anywhere so he has one of these limited cards and I turned it on former like okay you guys can go get your own lunches and snacks and whatever I'll just be here all day. They just talk to me by text and they totally came back and found me. They wanted to have lunch with me. They wanted to hang out and then that's when you joined in and they like like saved all these rides for you to ride on with them. I couldn't believe that so Q. Like this is the time when I thought they'd push you away and you and think they know it all sweetest kid they are. They're cool kids even really did I was so. I was shocked when he said they waited like yeah. Sam said no toby won't go on that right with me until his aunt gets here and you're like the cool and he even said something like C. Sam See how cool she is watched. I know so good going the full fold yeah. I like to be here in mind right now summer turn. I know we're very close again. Kids Yeah they were fun and I also think it's testimony to good parenting on thank you you know it is kind of a phenomenon. I've heard about it more and more that these kids are. Maybe it's like fearful Communities Society Society now. We don't want kids to walk to school anymore. We you know like really monitor them the helicopter parenting stuff and so it's almost like we're infantile ailing them. Is that a verb emphan television yet but just yeah I think kids are staying home with their parents a little bit more and they feel a little bit closer with their parents and it's good in their more protected that it's also bad because their failure to launch and going off to college and they're not ready and emotionally ready zip. I've heard that from different articles and stuff and things things I've read and seen but yeah I don't know we'll we'll see I mean we do try to make them independent but they do kind of hanging around so like when we grew alab. Sorry you know it was eighteen was the time when you felt like you were going to get kicked out of the house or you had to figure it out. at Lisa felt that way did you I did and I knew I was going to college so there's that but then I know because I went to junior college. I stayed stayed home from eighteen to twenty ish something like ABC right yeah so I guess I can't talk because I was still home home for a couple of years but mine was more money wanted twenty. Now kids are staying home till thirty yeah yeah. It's also expensive world out there right. I know if we want our kids kids to stay in San Diego around us. I don't know how it's going to happen but to what we're going to say so. The kids are infantilized. Yeah just the helicopter parents. That's all to sit. They stay home mourn so it was cute. I liked seeing it. I liked having him around that day here wanting to hang out with us and you and doing all the fun things and pretty cool. You're we're cool. Jazzy Jeff stuck in the nineties. We can learn from though and articulate kids to and there they know what's going on in the music world.

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I know yeah there is. How would you pull out good for good for them. Yeah I think they like the jazz part and the thing. Are you wiggling the Mike. She's got the shaky legged the bouncy leg thing go Nari. She's a shaker. I am a mover all right. Let's go now are we. We onto another subject. We have no more clips from the now. That was a yeah your takeaways on fourteen well. We're GONNA talk about. Where were you mentally my fourteen so ninth grade I just kissed a boy at summer camp go back to our first kisses episode to hear all about it. goodstuff talk good sloppy stuff that was when I had my moped boy see mine is all about the boys I really was boy crazy like we were talking argument that up front and but now I started playing basketball at the high school. I started playing softball. It was a lot of sports as is trying to kind of find my little group of people 'cause a lot of the middle school groups break up and go different ways so I was kind of hanging out with the jocks and then I was hanging out with some of the mods and then some of the AP class kids you know the nerds gas whatever but it was fine green. I don't know I just sort. Isn't that weird. Have you just naturally I'm thinking about that time. When we went from middle school we junior high seventh and eighth grade those separate but then we have just broke apart groups. Yeah Buddy Chris Yvonne hosts was my big. We did everything together friend and in that like soon as we went to junior high I think it just started she shifted and what more the maybe the rocker group and then I started hanging out with more the skateboarder keep border punky group right but it didn't feel like a big split. It just felt like he just drift yeah yeah and then that was when like we had kind of our I guess it's our first cheerleaders than those girls who used to hang out with all of us kind of went off into their cheerleading thing so that was a little different but I don't know I think everyone everyone bonds based on what group they are in so I hung out with the basketball girls and then the softball girls and so you the athletics and does give you automatic group. That's it's a big thing liquid. Dave I moved here from Kentucky. He moved as a junior in high school and being a baseball player he immediately joined baseball and he had a built-in group matches good by the way it's hard to find that community. Africa's straggler new going to be a trenchcoat mafia kid in the basement energy cookbooks cookbooks. Oh did I tell you well. Maybe this isn't the time or place to do it. I'll tell ya no. No it really good story. It's a feel good story about anarchy. We know about the marching band okay yeah. Can I tell you yes all right but toby might hear this well then. Maybe not all right. We won't let them hear it but I like okay this after the fact. I'll let him shoot next year after it's all Sinden Navy but this is cute okay so I was on facebook looking through things in somebody had reposted just some dude wrote a little paragraph and it said wouldn't it be nice nice if the football team supported the marching band for once because the marching band if you think about it goes to all the football games you know we're cheering hiring. We're supporting and in this day and age when that be nice if there was some reciprocation that'd be neat if that could happen so I took a screen shot shot of that and I sent it to the new high school principal not new but new to me. I don't yeah a brand new parent. There and I just wrote hi. I'm a new parent Erin. I have a son who's in marching band and I just saw this and thought it would be neat out how wonderful for Powei because we had that shooting recently Ali right and they're always talking synagogue shitting yeah the synagogue and they're always talking about you. See something say something and bullying. Ling and making people feel included and we've also just had a rough few years with art school system with a little bit of corruption and things like that so I said how I could really use those right now and what a feel good story. This would be an good pr for the school so you know F- Why and he kind of immediately wrote back this this was on a Saturday morning and said I love this idea. I'm calling a meeting with the football coaches and the merchant band leaders and we'll see what we can do going in the nose like oh boy. If this is embarrassing for Toby I hope he does annoy did it so I haven't said anything and then like Oh cool a few days later he wrote back and said Hey so we had our meeting and the calendar is pretty full this year but we do want to figure this out and do something thing and I just wanted to let you know it was a great idea and it's you know parents like you that are contributing and it was so positive I know Oh and it was great and I was just is not nice.

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I'm excited and I just love that concept and then at back to school night. The bandleader confirmed it. He was talking to all the parents parents and he said so. You know parents instead of leaving after halftime show was done and taking your bank at home. We really hope you can stay through the end of the football game with your band kids because this year's going to be a little different that we had a big meeting with the football coaches and they really WanNa be supportive of us so they're going to help us out at our tournaments. They're going to help load equipment. They're going to do things and it's going to be this whole like giving back. Yeah community thing ooh because this also is part of the bullying ban kids. Sometimes were looked down upon in some ways. Maybe Yeah Yeah Cal- shifted shifted yeah kind of Nerdy but then there's some cool ones and I mean as adults you look back and go oh yeah they were probably either that or the business owners. We probably all work for them. Now hours true reality smart kids yeah but I I did just see actually watching toby's footage of him playing with the marching then you took some his first big experience of doing that recently but then I was looking at the she's telling me to get closer the cheerleaders and heated that idea that the cheerleaders all they do support the guys yeah and they don't really get anything back. Maybe they do yeah but just the same concept of be nice also have like honor the cheerleaders ah yeah and I wonder though probably incorporate that to some that would be cool. I thought it was cute too. I'll post the video I took last night but there was the whole student section and as soon as they announced the marching band coming out on the field the whole student section like erupted in applause and it was acute you know the different dynamic I think they're really segregated and so the lake yeah he's the boys in the women's basketball new but he came ARGH Games. Everybody went to the boys basketball yes. I was always like it's not fair. Why is this awful yeah yeah very sad and and so I hope it changes I mean I think women's soccer the you know World Cup this year was for you. That's soccer the soccer player woman who just did kickoff in the football game. Did you hear about that some like fifty five yard field goal and she's being pseudo recruited by pro teams now or something and and I love that girl power but yeah but the crowd erupted with toby coming out with his not just yeah it's like a huge band band and saying that's a good thing yeah yeah and then they did the parade yesterday which was cute. God is your house hunted the worst. This is all ideal deal with fucking air pressure and yeah the whole summers ventilating doors slamming. She lives in a cottage cottage but it's hot in not well insulated so she's had to pull in air conditioning units and had them running but then the fan was out for recordings so she turned him off then we open the doors and nothing's are slamming so that's what's going on but oh. I WanNa talk about to well. Maybe maybe we can talk about it. In the next episode going to the Party last night in old Hollywood will it wasn't even Hollywood but thirty six ABS in minutes yeah we can. Oh I know okay so we met at Knott's. Berry farm is going to tell Oh my story and at the end of the night you know it got to be about nine o'clock. I knew I had to drive all the way back down to San. Yeah go You're going back home. So we said goodbye. I walked to the parking lot with the boys. You know late at night. It was about thirty minutes before for a fireworks. Show started a point with boys. When I left Toby said isn't my cool yeah see him. I felt so good. I'm sorry cool aunt we gotta get you a cooler name though alley dusty body oh I think anyway so we walked down to our car and bleep the car ahead of time so the boys walked ahead of me and hopped in and then I climbed in and noticed that there were two vans full of people around me right next to my car.

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There was one too right behind the right next to and they've vans the interior lights were on both man's. There are a whole bunch kids in there like babies in car seats and toddlers and the Dan was like standing around and the mom like sitting down on the grass outside of the car are kind of weird and then I thought well maybe they're just going to watch the fireworks show or they're waiting for somebody so I didn't think much of it and Dan drove home on the way home realized I look down at the gas gauge and I'd filled up on the way up. I had stopped filled up. My gas is tank. Look down on my gas gauge. Going home realized it was below a quarter tank. There was like almost zero gas in my car and I'm thinking how is is that possible. I had a full tank and it was just gone and I got the sinking feeling in my stomach and I thought something happen and all of a sudden I started thinking. All those families standing around my car. Were were siphoning. My guess. I'm like God. I'm such a sucker. I should have noticed I should've said something and then I got like ooh. That's scary. What if the done something worse to me. What if I walked up and I caught them in the act what if they had a knife and I was like a woman by herself with these two boys was going through all these scenarios drive home and before I dropped off Sam I had to stop and fill up again and I was like mother in it takes one hundred bucks to fill up my car because the big old suburban and dropped him off went home mm sat on the information for a little while because whenever I tell us trying to think of a funny joke a knife safer like snakes ner sorry it was worth it so I finally tell Dave what I think and captained and of course first thing out of his mouth was Joel like victim shaming me like it was my fault the my gas got siphoned and I was like what I I could happen to. Anyone and he's like Oh. That's suck. So what does that mean like. I don't know I'll call the dealership and have them check it out and all this stuff I mean because is that was the only possibility will I'm driving the next day and I see the Nice little shell station on our corner that you love. Ed played well yeah rix automotive. Everyone go there on the quarter of Rancho Bernardo Road and Pomeroy road. He's created a place for a stocker find you oh they don't come when I'm there pretty far away from their anyway yeah he so. I I saw it. I guess I pulled in and I'm thinking. Oh this nice man. He'll tell me what he thinks so I told him this scenario he agreed read that it sounded weird and my gas must be gone but then he saw my car and he has a chevy suburban and was like well. Wait a minute. There's no way to to siphon gas out of there. They have like a stopper thing like contraption and all the new cars. You can't show a hose down there so it couldn't be that way and I said well. Oh I've heard that people can go up and under the gas tank and shove a screwdriver in and kind of popular fuel tank and pull out the gas that outweigh and he goes thinking like a little person and a wet suit. Someone can go up and we have to put on a rubber suit did did you put your face in there and you suck chuck. Straw bendon go in but yeah. He's the only way you can do that. From under the car is you'd you'd have to cut through a metal hose and that's nearly impossible unless you have the right tools and I really doubt that they could have done that and then he goes. Are you sure sure you filled up your car on the way there and there's a gear yeah yeah. Why don't you just go home and check your bank statement and make sure so. I got in the car. Our turn on my is you might remember that Uganda Sinonov free before you're going to zero Frei. We stopped the shell station. Yeah Yeah I new. I filled out well. I pulled up my bank. APP and I looked at all purchases. The only purchase at the Santa Ana every Shell Station was twelve L. dollars and snacks so Nah I'd only gone and bought snacks. I forgot to put the hose in my car and fill it up so we pulled up to the tank. Never put gas in the car. Got The snacks and left and that's why my car was on empty. I feel bad because I'm thinking like creepy family with all the babies stealing gas and I told you and you're like oh what an awful first lesson to teach kids how to siphon gas and that's very far uh-huh yeah.

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It's sleazy there and we were like. Oh and provine but then we're doing like Nice oh well they're needy people. They needed gas more than we did then trump and the gas prices. We had this whole conversation about how siphoning is the new thing. I was thinking of getting a law house. Agai- ah you better change perks you should only go to magic mountain and Disneyland now yeah there's learning and it was me and my dumb senior brain. That's what happened and that's my story. People make sure you actually fill up your car. When you go to fill up your car gestation least did you ever ever driven Elaine Clink the thing off. No have you don't think so yeah. I feel like I did once. Maybe maybe when you were young. That was just another. Tuesday go with weird things and Oh God highly illegal. Things rules didn't apply. I'm telling you actually rix automotive. The same place I drove away from that with my wallet on top of my car one time and I went out the driveway into the main street and my wallet flew off my car and landed in the middle of the street strewn everywhere apparently and I drove off not knowing and I realized our later my wallet was gone and I backtracked and I called the place in Rick was like Oh yeah I found it in the street. I picked it up. I was waiting for you to come and tried to find Joan facebook kids at me a facebook message love is rick. I haven't got a wreck didn't take any money. It was all on the global stage. Good family owned. Shell station of his guys yet. Honest good there you go so so that's a plug for the day let's pop in a quick Promo of our friends podcast at the end here and we will sign off. Please follow us on social media and all good things we love our listeners you guys thank you so much for always writing in and joining the conversation we've been. I'm having so much fun. Weans say thank you everybody. We Love You thousand way though Oh Bass Bass in a also awesome so Malsin half-tonne for novel poke cost and enjoy listening to to it is discussing films then look no further we all movie joined postcards to might sit down to discuss new releases the static films anything and everything in between stay and he's mark together. We also listen questioned and set each other homework. Even cover film towards the Alba hasn't seen in the hope of another nothing you can download us on our change pod. Theme is what is Google searches to farmers unloader different platforms or email mood on hell cause at Hotmail DOT com. I think that's all knock John's. My favorite feature malls movie impression. Tokyo no chances at clay. You think they should do along with my family. You Go for put your troy is a small chunk. She wanted me.

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