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Episode 58 - Mouse Doggy Dog You Need a Jobby Job

Mouse Doggy Dog You Need a Jobby Job

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Hey! We're here. It's us! Mouse and Weens. Oh my goodness! Back together again at your house in the same breath. That's right. I'm Mouse. I'm the big one - the old one I guess. I'm the little one but the tall one. The tall little. Yeah. Kitty, don't you dare... The cat is stepping on the computer. Yay. All right. Weens just breezed into town again. I did. She's breezing through. I just like breezing. So I quick, so I grabbed her on the mic because we've been trying to schedule things. I know, it's been forever. It's been a very rough week. The hit show The Rookie's demanding. How's it going? Demanding. You just had two big location shots and got them done, right? Yes they were my locations to man. They're like, you know, throwing gigantic weddings back to back. Can you...? What are are they doing about the girl? You probably can't talk about that huh? You can read about it online. Well I read about it. I posted it on Facebook. There was a little employment shakeup on the set of The Rookie. A #metoo moment, right? Are they recasting her as someone else? Recast. Really? So it's going to be like Aunt Viv or whatever on Fresh Prince of Bel-Air where she just shows up the next season as a completely different person? I'm Aunt Viv! Right? Did that happen? Wasn't that her name? On 227? 227! No on Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Oh sorry. Oh excuse me. Not Two-Two-Seven. No. Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Okay. I'm sorry. I didn't get the distinguished memo. Wasn't that her name? I think. I don't know. Vague nineties memories. But yeah she uh.... People take off and someone just pokes back in and.. Yeah, they just put her in the suit and threw out there. There you go. Doesn't get addressed. How odd. But she was an integral character right? And there was some some stuff that happened. I don't even want to get you in trouble. I'm so scared to get you in trouble. I don't want to say anything. You always are asking asking me to post videos and I always tell you no. I know. She sends them to me and then I'm not allowed to do anything with them. I just sit on them like a hot egg. Isn't it hard for you to resist? A hot Hollywood egg! Yes I just let it rumble around. I did some from the set 'cause it's funny. I was on the Warner Brothers lot in the offices there and then I was walking by another movie and all of a sudden there are characters that look like zombies and a Little Bo Peep outfit and then like weird... Sorry. This cat. You're getting her all riled up. Hi Kitty. And look at your black outfit, all furry now. Ah geez. Anyway it's funny. It's that typical film set. Or, uh, when you see these old movies - like Mel Brooks movies - where two people are walking and all of a sudden a bunch of Roman conquerors walk by. It kind of is like that. It was totally like that. It was like some bizarre circus scene. It reminded me of, what was that, HBO Carnivale. Kinda creepy but then there were zombies and like bloody faces. And then that workout video. That was working out in Warner Brothers gym and there was a lady in there who had her little 3D green screen suit on. She was working out and still had all the bubbles of the green screen. So yeah. She was jacked too. That's why you kept saying, "Take video of it" because I was scared. Like she's gonna kill me. She's like a warrior princess or... Yes. Yeah. I'm sure issues. I pretended I was taking video of my feet on the little thing we push the feet and secretly she was in the background. Did you notice? Oh Instagram foot model. Yeah. You're gonna get me in trouble always. Sorry. I just get so excited. It was exciting stuff but I didn't post it. What have you been up to? huckabee been fact a school well we did last time we recorded. I was about to leave for sedona and all these family vacations turns and we went and it was great but did i get my ask me if i got my writing done. Did you know i got some. She's doing a book leasing gentleman uh-huh and a button got some done on the garden in creating lesson plan so you can have a book ladies and gentlemen a book and putting my brain gene out on the paper instead of keeping my brain but it's difficult so now that the kids are back in school. I feel like i can focus on it more and it was my whole plan and to get done before school started which was yesterday and it didn't happen and i'm so mad at myself. You realize that self imposed deadlines and one of the hardest do things to do armpit smells here so i know we'll stop staring at me.

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Maybe just we should look at the mike and then you have to close though we're not european opean ever been to like an italian line. It's a line in italy a line of q hugh. Oh yeah nobody uses a line versus the counter really there's no. It's a personal space thing what just happened. Why did we flip because you're saying mind took close. Oh and i said it's a personal space issue like italy in my brain. I'm thinking of one time i was in align at era talia and i was waiting eating in my line for to go to the counter to purchase my to get on a flight. Whatever in italy and just a bunch of like what what do you call. Those up just started like going up to the counter like excuse me there's just twelve twelve italians at the counter. Suddenly no line regard anyway so rude rude but uh-huh back to me. I'm gonna make it happen because school started and now the program is gonna start seeing and i need to have some curriculum for the teachers teachers and parents to teach the kids the gardening so that's my thing right now and that's what i'm busy with in its plaguing me. It's a big cloud following. Oh him yeah around and i wanted to be fun and joyful. I'm trying to change my mind about it. You've done this a lot. With what have you learned instead of worse stress in self-imposed deadlines lines in the beat yourself up if you don't hit him and all this stuff with a good trick for writing deadline that you've used. I've heard this in apparently it works works. Is you set your time every day and you sit there regardless. If you're writing or not in a job like anything else don't wait for inspiration and you just set a new safe from the start of this time. I'm sitting at my computer. Even if i write nothing what your computer all day anyway which i tend to do you just go and face. Turn up all your social media. Turn off my social media butterfly. I know well. I got to keep this thing going. I like doing in this to see. This is my fun exciting passion. The garden is starting to turn into more of like the job my job feeling yeah so i wanna uh you know what i heard actually from someone who was really profound very wise person who's they looked at some incident snoop doug. Does you need a jabba job. Maybe you should apply that to yourself and work on the garden. I know not fun. I know our firm okay. Okay good i will i need to. I think if i do one page a day. Just one small goal and then it all adds up right all right force yourself to set there is also medium phones turned off right under some. I will do look at twenty minutes sniffing dogs the <unk> stinky parts. She's right his nose than his eyes than over to his ear. Do you think he knows i think he doesn't think she'll do the thing with her mouth open. The cat is sticking our nose in the dog stinkier. What is your job. You're not living. You're what's a job. I wanna talk about jobs because we've been talking about jobs a lot in our house. The kids are like mom. You need to not give away your time and you need a real job and i'm like yeah. Will you need a real job so you can pay for the food around here. You'd jerky just turned fourteen and corporal punishment. He wants a r._c. Car which is like eight hundred dollars one of these little remote control control <hes> official cars get a job <hes> yeah. It's way expensive like just to get the child. Did you have your first job age ru three four hundred dollars so then i went back and was liquidate. My old resumes your question. No i'm telling you i had my first first job. When i was eleven i started babysitting and i babysit just the kids down the street so i could run home known if anything happened in and like little babies like they entrusted as sleep. I don't get this heaney. Baby like newborns at twelve eleven year olds eleven those were the days but but i guess you just hang out with the baby in the crib do a whole lot except make sure they except for when they had sids or something i don't i understand that i would not i don't even trust my cat with weirdo except for that hungarian bicycles and then dan after that it was i was a camp counselor.

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I think that was my first real job working in cuba that must've been fun and it was okay who is out there. That would know this christine. If you're you're listening and who else anyway it was a no she wasn't there it was i think ronnie was there veronica and it was <hes> reindy stevens no randy anyway. You got a friend in me the her own randy. I forget s._r. S._r. as r._v. d. r. e. d. c. n. P. s. r._v. d._c._a. Day camp day camp day camp and i had the kittens and they were eight year old girls and we will go to the pool every week and it <music> suspicious turn red from seeing i think so. I just playing back in my head like oh this is going to be. Let's cut that out that was bad but i remember it is camp songs and which was looking okay how about calvin kelman kellerman notion shen elamine cattleman callan the shin. Oh no no no not the lotion into the sending money. It's calman lotion. Yes itchy scratches goatee. Not yeah forget it. That's how it was all these fun songs and stuff like that bet secretly. Didn't that was like a cool recused acute man. I'm shooting. We were drinking wine. Coolers careers just starting how old the older camp counselors like the seniors were drinking wine coolers and christine and i think split one and it was. I was like oh big scary moment in my in my room with my purple pink walls locked the door and we genes that was all that was a good to you. Remember feeling so bad about it because it was like a kilt guilt. How about you. What was your waivers acres. How'd you get. I think one of the older camp counselors give it to you. I was probably six fifteen fifteen. I wasn't even driving yet. That's one year older than your son. I know what if you saw him drinking. Oh no what would you do get him in very big trouble. Would you know yeah yeah. That's like no bueno no. Don't go down that road. Kids kids out there. No kids will this. Yes it just makes you fat and <hes> dom everyone's gonna do they will eventually it'll be more appropriate appropriate age. I'm only saying this because <hes> my kids are showing more and more interest in this podcast. Oh no now. I need to like hide on my bed stories but anyway you yes you. I also drink birtles james in a tent. Does your linton in the backyard backyard. Did she have red hair very blonde super super toe head. Oh yeah yeah yeah. I can remember her really. She had an older brother and it was more like ooh. She's a wild. I was just nervous. Fourteen fifteen probably around that age. I got that didn't make me sick. I don't remember those as much i remember going with her to pismo beach with her family and a camper when big or something in the world with her half sister older sister and they were the motley crue crimped hair and they were drinking but cardi guard and i drink bacardi and it was like law and just threw up leading a bush and it was awful and they've never been able to drink picardy sense leverett yeah anyway to q. a moment in college college and same worst so bad. What about these jobs because you wanted to make this a theme on jobs well yeah. I was thinking about it. Just keeps coming up so i'm like ncoa. We may as well talk about. It and i know you've had so many jobs. We've talked about it here. Before you've mentioned you know working at the like. What was the nutcracker suite. Yeah the nutcracker suite yeah and you would like just put a closed sign on the door. I was a terrible person. Just like walk around and well it was in dan the danville mercantile so it was like this little nice shop area and it was kind of you know like more homegrown stores they would say about that and so they just left me with the phone and the candy could never a good combo in these fourteen year old kid who it was somewhat sneaky so just put a sign on the door and says be back in five minutes and then he'd leave for half an hour forty five minutes and just go walk round and i've had people that wrote notes it's back.

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You are a liar. I waited like oh. I want my jelly bellies talk on the phone for hours and that was before we waving waiting to his friends how people that he talked for like their girlfriend for an hour and a half and then no kids don't talk anymore. They just text yeah a whole different we we used to just talk on the phone. We'll do stuff like set it down and fall asleep all night. Wake up and go higher. You wake up just phones where everything but yes. I had the bosco. It's been busy for two hours. Oh nobody's calling. I didn't understand the concept of like good business beaver. How long did go on. How long did you have probably i don't know in my mind is years but it was probably four months. This is funny so not credits no radio there now. It's not but I just wanna see okay. We're told to test we did you keep that job or quit or get fired by okay. Ah for now. I don't know I think it was. I tend to mutually split <hes>. I don't know i don't remember okay. You're a i was cold stone creamery besides the other ones <hes> yeah. Let's see after camp counselor then. I was a scooper <hes> <hes> frozen yogurt girl which and then i was like talking about this on facebook with my friend. There's a lot of frozen yogurt ice cream people out there. Yeah jobs yeah well. It makes sense. It was a super normal... In fact this other pal Bruce was a soda jerk. He was like the original yogurt guy which I thought was cute. I worked with a Bruce. He was a asshole. Go go ahead but yeah it was called chill out because it was very cool and hip to be visibly started by the way i remember feeling the shaft from you a car and a job of certain yeah but I remember going into my sister has a job and be like hi and then you just would work as if you didn't know me know give more attention to the employee than either the customers than me. You probably walked in wearing all black was your best friend. Where's my ice cream. I did not want to be for free. Not that bad was I because I was sixteen when i got that job oof and you were twelve three hours to get home. Sorry she's not paying attention folks. She's looking at the LA traffic three hours turn to plan her exit for awhile now well you can. We'll just finish up in after traffic but exciting exciting job of chill out your i'm trying to think of the exciting fun parts of that were probably i'm trying not to shake the cream cans in the back and did you have intact and then having them did you and getting the like woo blue spinneys. Uh i was bad and then i worked with a girl named Kiki Kiki Gorman. Are you out there. She was the owner's daughter and she had a mad crush on on your guy on <hes> you know top hat. Tom Petty, Tom Cutting. Hey I like oh. Tom Hardy? No. Bob Dylan! She loved Bob Dylan. My Tom hat? What does that have to do anything?  It's absurd. Tom Petty. I was thinking of the tall habit. It's was not doing yes so forget that man crush she was like a sixties hippie girl like a revisited hippie girl and she dated a guy because he looked like Bob Dylan. Can you imagine? So she sat there in the back and I would run around doing most of the work and she'd pop out and do the work too. But she sat in the back with her ashtray and her cigarette. And she was a little bit older than me and she'd talk and she'd inhale and then the smoke would come out and go up through her nose. And I remember just staring at her and being like, "Oh she's so cool" and just studying how she smoked in case ever needed to be actress and learn how to smoke. I'm like okay then you do that then you put it there yeah. Did you ever smoke. I did have one my one and only one scene of my one IMDB credit the night the black one night of the black widow. She played that's right. I was cookie hot bra. No that was my newman. Goldstein to find is to find andrew smoke cigarettes and did a sick. I down about my one pack and learn how you didn't get addicted uh done.

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I just did it for the argue yes. You don't really have addictive personality. I don't think so. I don't know addicted anything chocolate. No I can take it or leave. It jobs jobs back to the jim. She's all over the place folks yes so that was chill out yogurt that was also where i met the bill bixby q. former next door who took me on a motorcycle ride the hills of this. I think we talked about this to impose no. She already knows i told her yeah i think so he was like twenty eight a two fifteen or sixteen roast men out there. I know but used you and like young at heart. He didn't seem that old that case and i called my soften in sick from school and oh it was bad went on a big motorcycle ride. Wouldn't you rather be with oh. I consumes on. He's calling okay okay so now back to you. I'm gonna say my chill out. I quit. We're gonna do retaliating quinson fires okay. No it was your next one. Oh i don't quite remember about of these but i will. I'll say that i worked at a place called tar help. Treatment authorization request was like a pharmaceutical it would maybe it was to help. I don't even know i was doing data entry data entry and it was two guys one was jack and he listened to Rush Limbaugh john and the whole time he's an older man was rich and he had a certain voter yeah overly. I just guessed i'm i'm sorry and they didn't change your mind in Rush Limbaugh stuff. You didn't turn into a worst marks on a._m. Dot gov aw fucking. This guy's going to blow his gasket every second. He doesn't turn down. It was on ten for like four hours. Aw that guy is the worst! Imagine him in bed. Can you imagine yeah cashiers way better getting tool yes. Is he still around? Didn't he get fired or something? Who cares. He's stuck in a gasket. Gel couldn't get through his neck visit shirt one day stuck initiative poking out. He walks the job. No you're also you did a photo or photo phone calls. What's it called. Oh ooh that was one of my first jobs. Telemarketer telemarketer wishing that I had to help people buy some land out in Angel's Camp really and if they came and looked at this timeshare in Angel's Camp they might get a dinner at The Velvet Turtle. Come on! Everybody come to the Velvet Turtle. Then I just... That was when I was wearing all the black clothes and being punky to other punky friends that probably is fourteen, fifteen years old and I would do things. I was sort of... I always had a lot of finky energy. I remember catching flies and making people boxes while I was doing the phone calls. And I'd put a fly in the paper box that I would give it to someone they would open it a fly. I thought that was hilarious and then if someone was mean than i pass around their phone number and make everybody call well and we just keep offering belva turtles high. Have you had to think about velvet. I told you not our call. We call five hi. Have you heard their god gary. I told you not give rush limbaugh. I turned into rush limbaugh minute. Call the original no call list. That's why they yes the velvet turtle lady calling. Didn't you do voices two. I think you called me from the line or something. Maybe yeah did you get get my timeshare probably not no sorry upshur commissioned yeah but you would practice all your voices from around the world countries right so there were you fired or did you quit. I think we left <hes> when q okay kiefer quit. What about the data entry country fired quit <hes> think that went under the company. I mean most of the time i leave. You know i had one of those. I'm gonna write bankrupt for that. One i had they were nice guys. I worked at med center and we came to work one day and it was the doors were all locked up and somebody he came with a key though because it was like we're buddies with all the doctors and nurses and it was like an urgent care center where it was open all the time and so the doctor let us in was like we're going to clear out this joint.

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They owe us two weeks of pay and so we did. We like pilfered the whole place printers. We took pen pen cups. I took a coffee grinder and coffee machine. Oh a plant - the plant in the corner of my kitchen is still the original plant from that midspan loot and i carried it around. It went to college with me and all these years of marriage. It's that same plant and it's still alive. Yeah it's alive yeah and that was a cool job because I was a front desk person checking in patients and it was also a sleep center and like a sleep study place those did you didn't know that machine the picture no you go to find with all your wires and talking recently like when i was having this panic attacks I was what's wrong with me so we went to one. I was working on set of The Last Man On Earth and I we're done at midnight midnight and I went in to the sleep center and slept there with all the wire hookups and then went back the next morning yeah. My dentist is trying to tell me I need to go to one of those. She's like, "I think you might have sleep apnea based on what your gum lines look like and your biting pattern. And I'm like I think it's a ruse. I think she's trying to get to spend money there. And then I referred Dave to go to her too and she said the same exact thing. So she's gonna get a kick back. Maybe I happen to have the same issue as that. But the place was cool because we could go back and watch the videos of the people sleeping. I would work there till really late, like two in the morning. Sometimes people  would come in with their little overnight bag and get all hooked up and it was like a little hotel room. It's the same thing. And then they'd have all the other computers going and watching their brain waves. It was cool. It's a neat.. That sounds like a fun situation. But yeah, that guy was a creep. Though the guy that owned it was real shady doing stuff where he... Like patients would come in and he would tell the doctors - Not all the doctors were like this but some would do it. Instead of just giving the person a prescription for antibiotics, they would say, "Oh yeah you need an i.v. antibiotic", so they could like up-charge and then bill the insurance and it was like this whole scammy-feeling place. But it was like outside of the system. You know,  they come in and pay separately. And then and we had a family friend come in. Someone's dad, whose name I'm not going to disclose. But he came in looking for pain medication - addiction - and then he saw me and was just like, "Joelle. Don't tell anyone you saw me. This is patient confidentiality," because his chart had a a big huge red stamp on it like 'Drug-seeker'. He was going around to all these different facilities trying to get like probably oxycodone (co-dawn. How do you say it? Oxycodone. Co-doan.) from them. That was before it was like a big thing, right? this eighty so yeah and i was just like ooh. What do i we know. I never told anyone you're good. He'll just no secret keeper over here. Well good show but med center her so i'm gonna put that went bankrupt for me to bank bank ripped right. So when did you get into movies and stuff. What was your wait. Wait while you're looking for that. I'm going to talk about what i saw our mind because i asked a bunch of friends what their first jobs were to just to see. Oh my gosh oh that's funny. She's got wires forehead nose chin legs they monitor look at that all this electrodes. You're holding wow. I look like shit. It was like midnight look at that was that mall because could we barbershop and the lady said i will cut your hair for free so she did give you more more like a eight dollar haircut for free and it was a street of mullet when a deal here just like whoever ever cut your hair you kicked him next time you see anybody touch. You're here for at least a year. No daddy fix it all. I had to let it grow out. It was like i gave you a picture. I look like kenney from eastern anyway. Great interview him. He's like why do people keep putting me in sleeveless shirts. Maybe i should rethink my character choices but he's seen as funny is a good okay. I want to read some of these really quick 'cause somewhere really funny any <hes> my friend day was made that the rbm here who turned down services shoe put mince on the pillows and one time she went into a room. Tom and others food was in there and she thought a cool they checked out and look they left their room service behind so she and another main sat down and ate this whole meal and then people hadn't checkout touton came back really <hes> a lot of people worked in like places might might took right that means my friend friend of missing named joe.

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I went to college with her. She worked at the gap and she went through their clothes folding training program really those cute. They actually have yeah a couple beer cart golf girls you know when you go golfing and the little carts drive by friends do that who did that. Melissa did that and and can't remember now. <hes> another melissa worked at crow canyon cinema. She's malinche cornell the time and then another friend jan was in how it city did. She say it was i can't remember now but she worked at a renaissance fair fair and it was like a constant renaissance fairs and we're back east and they had little sleeping quarters above all of the huts and stuff and she's a ticket girl oh but she slept above the turkey leg hut and she said she smelled like smoke turkey legs from my gosh months at a time which was hilarious joke joe from the podcast ten thousand tacos. He was taco truck customer service agent and he still works in that field which is acute. We'll shout out to him. Actually let's pause real quick and we're gonna do a little podcast shout out to refocus. Okay here we go. Are you ready ready to be petty. I'm tori the host of ready to be petty. Each week i dive into celeb- gossip the ins and outs of pop culture stories and funny things that are going on in my life if you're into arianna and pete conspiracy theories trash hockey hashtag patronage him and sending out weekly cries for help to the fab five of queer eye this podcast this is free you you can listen each week on itunes. Podcasts youtube sound cloud pod bean the good stuff right it so bad to you means. When did you first get into a movie stuff. Like how did the trajectory go. It was when i was was i decided i wanted to go into film and i went to class at san francisco city college and i think it took it editing class of production class and a a few more in someone came in names may kitchens mike kitchens shoutout kitchens. I need to really i tried to find him to tell him thank you at this point in time but <hes> mhm came in and spoke in the class he was friends with oh debbie brubaker who was still in the business in san francisco producer was heading the class. I think it was her her class that she thought she was a very nice person and she brought in kitchens her buddy <hes> came and talked about being assistant director on the hit show Nash Bridges his Nash with Cheech Cheech and dawn love those guys you know them well and so actually words full circle. Danny McBride it from Eastbound And Down married teaches daughter bernice here. She's a nice person so <hes> <hes> afterwards. I was very ambitious. Young pup and I went up to Mike Kitchens and I said, "Could I please call you and can I work on the show? I'll do anything. So me and the other crazy guy named James, who I think was about fifty. He was one of those nut-nutto guys like with the weird fringed leather nineteen seventies jacket with like no sleeves and kind of how like that look. I love you Uncle Bill but remember how Uncle Bill had that wild "alright!" kind of energy where you're just kind of really wide-eyed and... She's looking back and forth really fast. Just one of those guys that's all... They're like... If she had old man ponytail, it'd be flinging around left and right. He's a fling ponytail kind of guy. So I went up to him. I said I think he was just such a nice person and he saw ambition. He goes, "Gimme a call. We'll see what we could do." And then guess who he called out of the whole class? It was like what do you want? A job? Me and Crazy James were the only two people that called. Did you get stuck with him? We were separate. I don't know what happened happened. It was so focused on... And I was like... I think we worked... I worked for free for a week so they saw that I can handle it and then they hired me on and then James. And they tried to hire a few times i think i think we are working with the second unit which means you're not with the main. At first i was working with the stunt unit so uh which was really fun. It was just what the janka was a stunt coordinator and we would just go jump cars and flip cars. It was extremely san francisco so much fun. I don't know what happened to james accepted.

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He ended up doing a bomb threat and they had he was in your keep hiring me. I'm going to blow up treasure island because that's where office was they had to take it seriously because it was a military base and i think they had to arrest him because he was going to blow up a military base so that was the other guy didn't go as far in the film world say crazy bill. I'm picturing him like the leonardo. Dicaprio character in the wants wants a finance ministry hollywood the fringe best western scene yeah. He was just like that yeah. Did you like that movie by the way i thought it was was really cool. I frigging loved. It really loved it. Dave and i were both. I usually kinda tap out. Look at my watch and think about what's going on. I was in throughout the nineteen seventies <unk>. Does he feel like that. Oh my gosh freaking out. I'm like this is dad. Dad was like a mixture of the leo cap dicaprio and the brad pitt character 'cause brad did all the stunts stunts and stuff right and then you had the blonde and the muscles working on the roofs moves like dad put together all these random jobs and then going out to the ranch totally reminded me of the ranch. Our dad left for summer two in the bay area yeah. He left the barrier to go down to l._a. To train as a stuntman living at this artsy ranch in the hills of passage still there yeah. It's an ultra dina and store theun. It's called zawra theuns ranch and now he's died but people still talk about it. I know people who still go there. They have pagan festivals and it's kind of like a private. It really was kind of like the manson ranch way. Was i remember showing up their pigs pay his way hid castrate. The bowls. Yeah dad was in charge an had to teach us summer camp. They had a summer camp to come but in exchange for doing that he would table to jump off the buildings into these big bags yeah the burn bags out and he jumped motorcycles over things like over cars. I i don't get was it a stunt training place other stump in so because he got free rent for helping out on the ramp and they could do and he would jump off galloping horses zia jumped off gallup poll versus edge. Do you do that without getting hurt learned how to ride a dirt bikes. Dirt bikes jumped with pictures. Yeah and i remember visiting with mom and us and we had to stay in his weird little cabin. I remember it was all wood very seventies. The place all artsy like they had this walkway darren onto the the pig corral and it kind of curved around and it was made of handmade cement but if you look in the cement it was embedded added with like dolls heads and broken china and glasses and glassware and like shells and then the lights on top of the light poles there was a whole thing like a theme with that and like wires. It was like you know just modern. There was a monkey. There was a monkey that run around here and it was mean gene. I remember the monkey and then i remember the naked ladies of course because with boobs and they were just all of a sudden they're being naked. Lady experts he was in a painter. He did oils trey oil painter little giving the big long beard yeah a little hunched over guy and he had nude models that would stay there and tan and remember. I'm the pool going swimming with all these naked ladies. I was like okay. Hey can you imagine newly married with two kids in you husband and husband off to a naked. I think there was some protests there mom chime in here. I don't think she liked the whole idea because she had raised here s. all summer and work like how did she do that. I mean it's just probably being a nice person to go. Follow you drink james. Maybe secretly resentful. Maybe i don't know how much he wrote us. Letters all the time like hey recordings yeah even send little cassette tapes. I'm here. Zora teens reach today was really neat. The pig lady came fed the pigs but she was naked like we find out later naked pig lady mucking around and the pig feces. It is just so random weird but kind of cool anyway. It was so much that movie. I'm watching the whole seen them out at the ranch. All these hippies and horses and those are dad yeah those the manson ranch was yeah. I loved it anyway and everything i keep telling everyone go see see that movie once a good long yeah but great <hes> okay so you got in hollywood with the nash bridges thing and then you went out to new york and then you came back how many different you can't even probably lists all the shows. You've worked on kenya no too many. It would take too long in the jobs. I i mean it counted how many jobs i've had not movie related as one hundred mike just from doing weird odd jobs were to ad agency newark and then restaurants and bars and not really it didn't come to the waitress but it did work at bowl more bowling alley were quentin.

00:40:16 - 00:45:01

Tarantino used to hang out really york. It was like all night bowling alley disco please. Oh my god. It's kind of a hit job. They're just getting drinks and food orders so funny. Ah i quit that one because i was trying to be a very moral person at the time when it was like meditating i was trying to be a new person when i moved to new york in all the bartenders this do you just don't write down with the ordered and then he pocket the money so in the hand you the money you just put in your pocket by the end of the day you might have four or five hundred dollars and it was like what was super drinking the just getting house race making money did they just they made him up. You know isn't that much. Wow it was a. I was like i don't want. I was trying to narrow yeah good. If you worked a bartender bartender but is to work at charlie brown restaurant in san ramon how's that it was fun. I started as a hostess and would carry drinks to the people's tables you they would wait in the bar for their table to be ready and i would have to carry the drinks down and i think i had to learn about dri. Oh no and then i switched to to a waitress. That's what it was and so. I had to study the bar menu. I had to learn all the drinks as a sixteen year olds seventeen year old who didn't drink like what i had to learn. You know all these different alcohols calls were so it's kinda stressful but it was in the service industry where you good that was that was really good. Yeah i got really good. I got like dinners in when you know you start at lunches because it's kind of more low stress and then you get dinners and then they give you big dinners until one night they gave me a twelve top which is a twelve person thing and it was like a celebration liberation my first my first nights and everybody ordered lobster because it was some big birthdays some fancy thing and i put in the order really fast just like i used to do lunches because usually lunches. Everybody wants to be in and out and back to work by an hour but this is a long drawn-out dinner so i put that lobster order in so they cooked up those lobsters real quick and then they put them under the heat lamp to keep them warm meanwhile the people were taking their time eating their salad and those lobsters were right under that heatley a cooking away waiting and waiting till i finally brought him out and they were like frigging rubber. Oh awful like i ruined twelve lobsters and they called the manager over steve duesseldorf. I'll never forget him. He's still on denver's real listening. Is it yeah. He had this long floppy hair that he would slicked back on ninety style road duesseldorf. Yeah i remember the ties in the nineties with all the crazy you know bill cosby not all of it just say wild purple and blue and like crazy anyway that guy and he got so mad at me because he had to calm the whole table and then when it came time to them paying the bill. They said you know it was just a bad. I'm like i'm so sorry and then not a good moral person living the narrow path road. I said i'm so sorry yeah. We got a new shift tonight. It's all false so they still tip me <hes> because it wasn't my fault works were awful. Oh it was totally my fault and I've had bad dreams about that honestly ever since i've i've never cleared my conscious on this. Maybe this is the moment this this is when i clear my conscious go find those people lobster lobster. People was my oh ooh but anyway we're getting towards the end fron jobs. I know are you. What's your next job going to be podcast supreme and leader with a fat paycheck in your back pocket great yes to that we're working on. It folks variety gardener with my now. Wait i wanna. Can i tell a couple more quick stories all right <hes>. Let's see Gretchen had a really cute one. She was assigned twirler and she a her first day. She did great. She and her friend twirled signs on the corner for something and then day to they decided that they earn their keep shoes only like fourteen or something and so she sat down her sign and they went into thrifty ice cream sunday ordered ice cream and forgot about sign twirling in the immediately got got fired which i thought it was cute because reminded me of your candy job of fitting the sign on the door off fourteen fourteen the ice cream wars cusack. These are all people that i know look Kari was a hostess at RB Winery. Henry Heather worked at Carl's Junior.

00:45:01 - 00:49:40

She's promising a picture of herself. In a brown polyester suit <hes> we've had a train museum gift shop waitress caitlyn <hes> <hes> my worst holiday podcast they built bulk grain bins in illinois which is kind of cool. Oh beth flack. She was a bean picker. She had to work in a firm with soybeans and she had this little stick that she would wag back and forth and get rid of the the weeds wow that that was her first job. Jeff eagles are relative had to empty fat traps. There are these huge fat vats from after they fry food and they pour amounted the into the tank of his bus. Did they yeah well. This is the thing they and then people would steal these big garbage bins full of this oil because you can repurpose it for fuel and all that stuff and it's like <hes> millions of dollars of stolen goods by yeah. It's crazy see i had no idea so anyway he sent erica worked at dairy queen and she got really embarrassed because she called something a penis buster parfait instead instead of peanut butter and it was like your friend's dad what else i don't know. <hes> sold hot dogs on the beach. Someone else was in charge of two hundred fifty fifty million dollars to make yeah which is crazy how i don't know i asked for the follow up but i'm assuming he was like a financial planner something bit gotta talk about stress yeah <hes> oh nichelle had two measurements suits at sears and she had to measure guys in seems they forced him to wear these little pencil skirts so imagine like bending down as you guys get. The renaissance fair that was gen- are the turkey legs. She smoked like turkey legs. Oh mickey worked while park seaworld aired on capitol hill's story about canvassing the neighborhood's going door to door and people would invite her end and one guy invited her in like. Aren't you hot entire walking house. Why don't you come on and he tempted her with yahtzee. She played yahtzee with them for a while and then uh <hes> he went into the back room and turned on the shower and she was like i'm out of here. She loves <hes> chelsea worked at a hospital spital pushing food carts and yelling salisbury steak all the different nutrition's irish christine. She's in our ghost stories. Episode worked in ireland at the dublin zoo and she picked up elephant poop with the shovels and wheelbarrows poop. It's much better than kids poop <hes> so many here yeah it was cute. Seth was a dishwasher Hop Sings remember the in san ramon dublin chinese food restaurant. Cool. And people people would ash in the food. Wow gross. Anyway there's a million stories of people with what your first jobs were. I think it's cute and fun. Yeah. Give my kid's ideas. All right. Well. Thank you for listening to Mouse and Weens. I'm glad you're here. Thank you for stopping by. Thanks for having me within traffic hours. She made stop a just for me. And my kids. And this podcast. Please follow us on social media and all that good stuff. Please call us too. We have a fun phone number (858) 206-9971 and we can get your little recording voicemail and pop it in on our podcast and we'll talk about anything! So we'll see you later!

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