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Episode 57 - Driving Miss Weenie

On location in LA, we watch Weens close down from the previous day’s shoot of the ABC cop show The Rookie. This is our first video call, so you can see this episode on YouTube also! We hear highlights and lowlights from Mouse’s Puerto Vallarta vacation, pros and cons of The Real Housewives, our TV watching differences, and Joelle’s gripes about working from home and finding balance without mom guilt. Hear a coworker’s interview and his star stories about John Ritter, Clint Eastwood, and Angelina Jolie. Which one swore like a sailor? Weens details her latest dating adventure and we try to figure out what this particular guy was thinking. And hear the dramatic conclusion to the meditation light lady because we know you’re waiting on the edge of your seats! Go for a fun ride down Hollywood Blvd to see what it’s like to ride shotgun with Julianne. Always a good time!
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Driving Miss Weenie

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The different three record high. I'm just gonna look at you on my screen. This is new. I'm good how are you. I video call on how it's been like two weeks more than that since we did an episode so we're getting them where we can. This is on the job queens where what's going on. I see green and trees what's behind did you people were cleaning up the House that we filmed that yesterday talking about look in and my pants are not as good as your pants now. My parents are pretty cool to know your pants the bottoms of them no no about those yeah your your pants are much okay bye. Let's have a Pants party. Bye. See a year later parties like a gift after we film. Thank you wearing pants to European son. I have beautiful red pants and shoes real nice tie working over there. Are you guys in the hundreds or no eighty five had Howard's. Tell me Howard Howard Howard stern things are good. I were back for Mexico. We were there for week. We we went to Puerto Vallarta again and did our annual <hes> timeshare with the with the grandparents and lots of good stuff except the the sad add. This year was Elliott my Middle Kid <hes> I think it must have happened. The first day were at the pool. He had a you know how they serve all the drinks of the Pool and David have these guys now on segues zooming around trays of drinks. That's really cool very vacation stone yeah but <hes> so they bring them. The smoothies rates so it's like a strawberry DAK reminds the the room or whatever they brought him a Margarita which we call a lime smoothie hope hey boop. You're on a podcast and I love you nice to meet it you you to safety. I clean those streets. I like it. You can't can't hear her. She said hello sorry mine. Oh my Margaritas so he got when we're all sitting in the little lounge chairs enjoying herself. He must have spilled it down his chest right so down here all the way down his chest he wasn't wearing a shirt in them probably did this and then did a little this and and laid out and read a book he's into these minecraft novels and <hes> that night back in the hotel room we noticed all these little red had bumps popping up on his chest and when he woke up in the morning his whole chest was broken out. It looks horrible now. It's their the scratch marks going down it big swipes I mean they turned into blisters. The blisters peeled it's like Red Roskin underneath and we had to buy a special rash discard and put all the Benadryl hydrocortisone on him and the poor kid at some is sent aunt Karen our dermatologist aunt pictures and she was like Oh yes Soweto photo dermatitis so when you spill like a citrus juicer under soften sit out in son. That's what happens so now. It's like months to go away so he's got a couple of months of these scars and he's about to start seventh grade and he doesn't WanNa change in P._e.. Because his like I mean look they look like raisin in colored too. They're like Dark Grad. It's really sad really that was the only bummer the rest of the time was fun but yeah so disappointed and and you never knew about his like he's GonNa Forever. Have a a lot of people have reactions like this. I guess yeah I'd never heard of this. I mean you're thinking what lime named juice no big deal but I would get citrus fresh as when I tried one and his master Clinton's a really drink you just drink lemon us treasuries as lemon and Maple Syrup in Cayenne pepper and after a lot of those that I broke out over may face in little stitches really I get it with strawberries and come quotes from my mouth. Grandma Ruth had kumquot tree or loquot. Which is which? Loquot? I think that sucks that's it.

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Did this master cleanses work <hes> Violin. We're not eating. I guess but the need to see a ton of that stuff and I don't know it just sounds unnatural honestly to maybe it's good for a little bit. I think I only did it for days and people do it a whole month bear. I don't know about buddy deprivation stuff. Maybe it's good a little bit to cleanse but to cut out food and do something so extreme right. I think we're more meant for moderation in my opinion agreed plus. I cannot quit my bread cheese in my dairy. Ask How you do it. You're very much more structured than I am. I can't do it. I can't if I try not willing so well so highlights of the trip <hes> thunderstorms lightning storms that was super cool <hes> went into the actual town of Puerto Vallarta the Malakand. It's called and did some shopping. It was just super hot and humid this time of year so the kids were complaining the whole time but <hes> we went into. Did you ever watch real housewives of Beverly Hills or Orange County or any of those now okay well. Beverly Herbs Are Orange County <hes> Vicky Vicky Gun Vilson. She's the G. U.. Catered her party tablet. Tell that story after because I think that Wenski but she I used to always go down and Puerto Vallarta and the cameras would follow her down there and she would always go this one bar called on delays and then she ended up buying it because she kind of made it famous <music> she was there so often so we went there and we had lunch so oh actually Vicki did not see anything citing even look to see if I recognized <music> neither the bar any of the scenes from watching the show and it didn't look the same to me but it's been a long time. I haven't watched that in years but anyway I what is it about that. Show that is intriguing to well when it was new as just creative how the other half lives Trey like Boo Koo box and they get to go shopping on video drive and now you're the otherness no I'm not. I'm really tonight this is we know that right. You don't look at that. She just kidding no. I guess I mean whatever I'd rather spend my money on other things. I don't WanNa do Fancy Z.. Schmancy stuff some I want you know what my dream is. I want to go on vacation and just get like a bus like a little V._W.. Bus and soon surfboards and just go up and down the coast camp and I think that would be fun and just like maker food or get little tacos and really simple. I don't aren't Nita's decadence tough. I mean I love it. I don't WanNA sound ungrateful but you know just basic little vacations and and all that that said I don't know it's interesting to me voyeuristic respective yeah that is interesting but you how to you it's just like why am I watching someone else's life. This is ridiculous well. It just had more interest. I guess go to different aren't places I do weird obsessive watching of intervention and when I got there weird shows at I our guest that is a but then I'll go through phases none. I never look at it again like more probably know what that would be. The study of brain seemed like why we do certain <unk> logical that is that's your own study of society eighty watching this kind of society yeah. I don't know I think I'm more of a notable and so I feel like I don't need to figure that stuff out so I'd rather just I have brain candy and veg out and watch silly stuff or I'm just super shallow and don't but then but then there is stuff I'm super interested in and when I need answers all dive deep into whatever it is so I just think it yet whatever is entertaining to you is nine. Everyone's got the different flavor ver- right mind could be like why would you ever want to watch someone's devastating situation or something. I know one of those mines James was this <hes> crush. I can't remember that I know aren't they gross. Why do we have them? Can't they just like not be there a sweat. They do group things you have to shave him or not. We're not know watching like someone's marriage fall apart apart or someone gaining way and then feeling awful about it and then doing all this to lose weight in just watching it play out on TV.

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It really is not healthy. I'm sure we quit. We Davies to watch with me. It's been like three years since we've watched. So how used to this series with me. He knows them mall. They'll never admit it. He knows them all now. Tell you your story. I knew now in Syria before away early. Episode and Wiens was a cater waiter and it wasn't so real. Oh was it true true. So what are you doing now talk about. You know there's nothing else here. We're just in the throes of summer. Kids are in the pool getting ready for school star of the basic mom stuff. It's driving me because last tonight and maybe this is a good place event. You're getting frustrated which is a very common thing sounds like being a real mom duties. They Kinda Slip Satan slip out mode. I mean it. Just all yeah culminated right yeah I did. I lost my shit. Yesterday we can say that I got very sad and frustrated. Because the summer I was using to rate up up a bunch of garden curriculum so I did the whole garden volunteering the kids school and I ran it and created all these lessons and now I wanna put them together in a cool package that will make it easy for someone else to run it because I'm ready to hand off the baton and <hes> so I'm thinking great three months got all this time I can totally right up on my lessons. No big deal reorganize them with the kids and all the running around camps Thompson coming back and making food and doing laundry and keeping house clean entertaining a little bit here and they're going places. I haven't been able to get it done. I mean I've started. I did have the format ready. It's there but I just need the kids out of the house and that's like the only If you want to be a stay at home mom and you're super happy with being that in doing your one hundred percent for the kids in the family in the house and it's great and I used to be that way I used to be comfortable and happy and content and satisfied being a hundred percent homebody person mom well now that they're older a little more independent. I need something else and I was doing the volunteering for so long but it has kind of run its course now. I'm ready to like get back in. I mean we've talked about this kind of stuff before but there's not really a good way to do it unless you hire somebody to take over all the house duties and the kids that get a nanny or or something like that so that you can fully focus. I just don't know how people do without failing Um at some level on one side or the other I just I'm a perfectionist and I'd like to do things one hundred percent so to do something anything half ass behalf on behalf house you know author whatever trying to do. It's just frustrating so I don't know I just I just started crying and was like the sucks when you're a stay at home mom and you've made that choice. You just get stuck there a little bit and it's hard and it's hard to the break out of that and think about hiring someone else 'cause then you feel guilty about getting a nanny to raise your kids and like why should be doing it and then just that weirdness about were am. I not happy about this anymore because I used to be so I don't know just different emotions and changes but I would think that you just this is what I said last night when we talked about it I think there is no balance. There's no beard being you're the go-to person everything for meals for cleaning for laundry for issues in the kid's life basically right I mean Dave jumps is whenever I need it and he's but he's just missed the time and you're the kind of proverbial the go-to though it's like mom. Get me this mom getting that long even when Dad's Sir I'm the one yeah just always been the one so it's hard and you know just reading little things that come to my email box or whatever is telling you that women share Richardson Cheryl Richardson who's it was an oprah pal and she has several books.

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What was the quote about being an advocate quotas just like that you need to take breaks aches and you need to have moms downtime and have an hour a day that everyone knows that you're gonNA disappear three hours and and it's all the honor yourself so you can be a better mom so you're not fried and you're not yelling and near you know so it's real will help a little bit of balance? I think yes street people's blogs e fit in this boat for a weekend you've taken over and and you've been around and we've been trying to get podcast of done and it's ridiculous and yeah so detecting. This is live action her new movie now. It's different now kicking in different places the new one is this now. It just goes before it used to be. I'd have to open my jar and crack right next year all because I got so intensely into this massager from folkestone that gets right under this part which always had hurt so much point super tight the back of your behind your ear the back of your skull base at your school those of you that that's right. I forgot what we're doing anyway. I got in there I would lay on it. Ah for an hour and it finally started popping out of its place because not so good and then it would thought it was doing maybe a good thing and now it's just permanently feels like a tough. It feels good but I know it's probable but this is what I see. This is from either side of the table. Is You going like you're having this horrible seizures jutting out at a weird <music> single who could not for long toll. Can you talk about your latest aw well I know but how did it happen because I just saw a couple of texts about it. I didn't even hear the story. Could we talk about you a quick version okay okay. I'm GONNA do a rapid fire fast version except someone wants to talk to me. Are you ready okay. I'll be right and <HES> <hes> you gotta go well. They got a they. They're trying to leave. It's the cleaning crew that is on the hitched. The rookie and we're a house and you know what I took a minute or two video of when we're shooting and now code I could show you. How far along are we in this <hes> twenty three minutes? Let's pause here have a quick break. Hello welcome to people leave her skeptic podcast the podcast for two idiots today phenomenon. I'm Chris. I'm the believer on the skeptic. We are the L._G._B._T._Q.. Paranormal comedy podcasts and this is how it works every week we pick a strange but fascinating paranormal topics such as the passion holiday tradition with a lot of fun information mation. I tell you what I believe and then I debunked crap out at along the way you might find some of my information some gay humor and also some sexual innuendoes innuendos have fun and share the love the West in west Adams district security but this is an area where used to be very high end <hes> back in the it was African American neighborhood back in the forties occur and then and he goes a lot of doctors and and then it kind of went downhill after they started building freeways through neighborhoods in the woman who's from the Homeowners Association <hes> named Billy Green. She said that they used to do lack communities. They would always the freeways right to black communities and then the value will go down and then yes now these houses are worse like Machel Money Yeah Ray Ray. We Love Ray Ray Anyway very pretty <unk> craftsman style okay. Do you WanNa ask our friend a question about anything. He's the best. He's the one that gave advice on masturbation okay.

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Do you want to this podcast doing video podcast or in your ear. It's it's my sister Joel. Oh how are you. Are you just fine wedding. It's very hot. It's okay if you end up on Youtube on our little podcast. It's kind of interview show okay. How do you like your job testing? I think I love it yeah. How did you get into it well my door? I have a business and I asked King you work but while I was a a security guard I saw the opportunity for war when this and tonight say oh. I like this because I go inside the houses yes so you know very interesting. You can see the movie stars. The beginning was all later on. Oh okay not so exciting anymore. Did you get any signatures any non not in this job how are used to <hes> were for company with the <hes> Selma <hes> paint and and <hes> we used to go to a Beverly Hills area in one day I get if you wrong this company. They were filming there. We make the delivery and they need paint so we deliver in. He asked the first one that you don't ask me for they say okay well. You mentioned I just forget give me one out so jon heard the main Guy John River and a- all the girls and all the other two girls Joyce dewitt the one at the break yes so I love her. She's fantastic cheers. Here's my favorite dude watching. Those show made me laugh. All the time. That's John Ritter was a great comedian and now us out there to Jason But yes have you met anyone. That was really rude to you or did anything no aw actually after river the best one is a Clint Eastwood. I drink tea with cleaners will one day while I was a I work as a security guard. They sang me for two hours to take care of his belonging and I was just watching a backpack and a Lotta stuff he carry with carry a Lotta computers all one is he good to the restaurant. He is watching what was going on and we gotta come yeah so he came by me. He asked he already teeth and then he said do you want to <hes> yes pre make a tee for into he had been nicest guy because he sees right next to me is sitting here next to me. That's great but he but he mentioned Don. Take a picture because I looked like you know. He didn't have his makeup on here. Being there was about four or five o'clock Grogan ads. Some are dying here being working in this league all the holiday but an I've been the nice one good stars are just like us. What kind of tea did he drink now but tight that they take the Jasmine Jasmine tea he seems like a Jasmine Kinda guy nice very nice now when to work with hang when you act I noticed that when he go before he go every morning he barely and o'clock every morning? He's they do the guys we are. We are professional. You WanNa do this one shop. I don't want to do three or four you act as <unk> acid professional good of The I talk a few times just you know hi.

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How are you always have. They been like that. Yeah AH wishing. She seems like she would be nice very nice except in that one day to our remember when she was uh-huh Q. Dron Africa yes all from Africa from diff- nine. I think it is right okay and the lady was a grandmother who was a with the kid because her mother his mother died so they grandma made nolte all the papers get all the money that you give it to the to help not to buy but to help and then she call it and when you have been asking for money so Angelina get this yeah. She was like irregular streak. God you hear everywhere. She was telling okay. What do you deal with the hundred and forty two thousand and I email I send it to you all. I spend it in a lawyer because we want more money. You spend anyway what a lawyer you stupid. cheesy chicken mad the other ghetto with Adam Ba- grandmother and I.. I don't know what I didn't. I didn't listen only to Angelina Bay. She was a out of the this were for about five minutes. Yeah I was a nicer. I WANNA hide it. I wanted to roam but I had to pretend like you can understand and she was walking. in-app up and down on me about twenty thirty forty time making you know hands and little well yeah. That's the only the and then she would mean many times. I ory you hear what happened and I think in our fair. I give four hundred forty thousand. I remember Eh. I spend a lot of money I g person like my family. Yes she's still trying to screw his. That's a shame yeah. Finally I think it should win the case because she put a lawyer to write everything was was glued she she wanted the kid back and saved and keep the money yeah yeah and after two three remarked that she has a healthy kid to foreign lower the Kenya she she is the Kinda. Give all the heart to kill me. Yes exactly they bring cheaper. In a couple of times may yeah. They have a big family to sit and you can see whether weather model she is. That's great yeah to agree her good. What a nice ending to that story. Thanks for sharing okay. Thank you all right. I got utterback. Oh there you. Are you actively driving. Yes I'm driving to are we were in Filipino town or we're in west. Adams district <hes> and then now we are oh. It's gorgeous. It's announced street in Los. Los Angeles where there's always traffic. It's two in the afternoon excite St Psalm. Look at these two anyway anyway <hes> nice to see you again too so you went in the house. Check everything off signed it off. What would you have to do. I would do it location. Release where you've signed something that says beer all good. It can't sue us for not six house some good footage on the back of your steering wheel. I have never seen before what's happening for for the audio listeners. She is driving. We are sitting on her dashboard and and she's showing US tall buildings and palm trees some cars. This good stuff okay happens okay. No no no no. I wanted to get into your dating story. Can you talk about that. Oh yeah okay so I met. This guy is kind of a part of the same friends circle that he sort of appeared in December movie.

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He ran the group on the scene. He moved from South Africa and it was it was I know sorry. I got really excited. <hes> I'm going to a friend's South African fortieth birthday party in a couple weekend's. She's from South Africa. That's all stupid. Sorry go that is so agree. I'm going to start. I have to tell you that go ahead. I'm going to stop traffic to do. Here's my signature move right. Google because these people don't signal. This guy never never signals woman. Just got news issues. Okay so you're going straight. They're turning. I see so you just get onto the other side and you zoom past unless they're also Zumur or this. Lady might be oshii zooming right through the zooming string. Now you quick to the Aleph good look at traffic one minute faster. Where's everyone going in two o'clock on a Tuesday. I think they're going to the psychic palm. Don't share. They're also see well all right. Hey Anyway Okay you save. I'm worried that you're going to like swerve right <music> oncoming traffic okay so friend from South Africa was in a little circle in then <hes> you know I thought it was a nice jet he interesting but I also my whole new theory. These days is to get to know people as friends. I imagine cut then you decide to date them or you see. If you have a mutual attraction yes instead of diving in do fast when you're attracted to someone the five into that Dinky too fast. Don't this guy is a dinky driver way too fast take holders which she couldn't see. She was carrying a huge water jug on her head taped but anyway so he was in the friend circle. He seem really nice and and then we have hung out a few times and we would just kinda get no but it always seemed just like what do you do. You want to take a walk occur. Go have coffee yeah but because it was like just a split off from the group thing okay so it was never like a unreal. I think one time you did say there. Were a lot of backout now that I think about it really trepidation with this guy yeah one time it was wanting to go take a hike and then I said okay when and then he said Oh sorry. I don't think I'm GonNa have time now that I think about it. He did a lot of back peddling. Oh is he cute. Do you think he was like a little player guy like he had cute and then he was dating someone after like. I just sort of said okay I guess it's and he came over to my house a couple of times to help me with music stuff and lay down guitar line one of my songs and so it was it's always just quick stuff and he has his own business and he would always you know cargo back to work so it's always a one hour to hour the thing and then this you know what. I went to the party we'd to Kariuki Birthday and bill. Oh No that was the photographer guy. That's not the same guy no but they're friends. Those two okay different saint carried okay party. Yep Same Lagoon. This is a hot nate real. <hes> zoom real man. I just own this person. Okay it all resolved with. We did lots of hangouts. They were walks. It was coffee coffee. There was talking. There was a lot of talking about other people in dating and talking about a general she's they are. They're all behind me. We're GONNA roll. We're going. I can take it. It's been so here's a health flipping upside down and all around. I can't take it.

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This is not could read you. This is not hell two in the afternoon where era people going. Why does this guy stopping. Where is stopping? It's kilt. Sorry this is look to stopping a green light. All I see is your hand in their windshield like reflecting like just madness. You can't see well. I see out your in that Greek or the Observatory Eliot Circle the hell is it way back. There on the hill can't quite make it out but I believe you okay so I like. Those lurex trees to the palm. Trees are very skinny and very poofy. Thanks okay so back to South African so coffee coffee staff and then he went to South Africa for months months and then called me or texting from there a couple times. I missed the woods up message because I don't ever go on that and then have the push notification at at some point he was at the airport in Romania's. He gave me a couple of videos when he was there little fun things and then you're on his mind. That's cute take a few times. He would send me videos of monkeys and funny jokes. There was one peeing out of a tree someone over later that Oh my sister house pita appeared out of a tree once so then he was the airport I guess changing flights and said so. Are you dating anyone now known in though and you could would it be weird if I asked you to date. It's not weird at all figured out we need to back and then so I saw a couple of days later. We were the little coffee area by my house just hung out another group of friends situation where we didn't really get a chance to talk much much and then re visit like. Ooh like every other time met with them. Let me see where I'm going. Hold on please. Please Oh remem Quiz Hollywood boulevard there. It is traffic this just you see it sightsee. Yes so whether they call it zooms consumer. I'm sorry about that okay so he all aw we hang out and then <hes> one story short he goes. I'm moving in a month and I go and then we hung out in the friend circle thing the next thing. There's probably not a point of going on a date since I'm moving. What are your thoughts and and then I called them and said Yeah? I guess it's true. It's probably not the best idea or a much intellect cooking up in the new leaves and he goes okay. It will go but I guess we can hang our you know you're going to be here in the months before you move but it was weird why would someone why did you wait this willing to ask me out in the asking you know on a whim feeling it. I thought we had a good connection and I got inspired something something along those lines. So how do you feel now. 'cause you're kind of like I think I just got asked out and then you're like I mean it was kind of like oh the like the budding possibility and then moving Mike O. K. wide. Why did you want to do all didn't make sense to me? It sounds so he likes you as a person didn't WanNa hurt himself or you and so so he was like protecting feelings which is good but that was weird to kind of lead you on and then I mean it went asset so then I know well okay. I was just hanging out I guess and then I let it go a couple of days and then I said well we should go on a date because I was more. It was on on me. I felt like I was telling him. I would like I thought I was doing the normal weans thing of like this is hitting now. The you know so I can be vulnerable and call him say no actually would like to go on a date weans. You might want to tip him it. Really I mean they're Nice.

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It's fun. I mean if anybody wants to aw look exciting exciting so I said I'M GONNA go out on a limb and say no. It's not just hang out casualty. I said let's actually go on that day. Even though you're going to leave I will risk hauling eleven. Love me heartbroken got into it but you know what I mean like. I thought it was on me to make that choice. I go. I think we should go and he goes okay well. Let's go to this skibo competition on Sunday tickets and then I said okay those planning on that and then he writes back the next day and goes. I'm very sorry sorry to do this but I thought about. It and I don't think it's the best idea that we go out. I go okay well thought it would just be fun and it sounded sounded nice and he said well. It's not the fun part. It's the part of the pain when I leave. I don't know if that's who knows there are one of two things the person wanted to have quick sex before they left nothing out with me like lor she really was. I don't know yeah and it kind of plays as long with what you've been wanting to do. Long term is not little quickies. You want like the real deal so that kind of makes sense and that's what he said he goes. I know that you want more of Abo- relationship relationships good because I don't know maybe this isn't the best idea I guess if I were he wants to stay here. Is he going to stay there forever is is it like he's moving Jack for good to Oregon too. I think for Good Oh Oregon okay start a whole new business up he doesn't link L._A.. Heat and traffic and all the other stuff that comes to delay I I'm in love the heat and trump oh anyway you know what paycheck yes so. It was healthy so it was a it was easy way to it didn't feel shitty where someone goes to it felt more mature yeah not from here that he's not like. I don't know do a decent. Human may be good. I mean it was confusing. Part is quite keep dragging the there's a man and look like is he doing with a dog. We see what's happening. It's just a big puff and he's joking it. You're going to see this. I can't see anything you're always just me. We lost her. Maybe racial join back in meanwhile. I would like to give a shout out to my friend Carla who cut my hair today. Hey there you are compelling. What are we doing? I was so excited to talk to you. I'll take you anywhere I can get you so there. So what is your next next adventure. You're going to be writing this book I am going to we're going to Sedona next. Let's see on Saturday. We leave Saturday and we're getting a cabin and I told Dave I made a deal with him that I was GonNa kind of lock myself in the back bedroom of this cabin and he it was gonna make it like a father kid vacation and I would hang out a bit but I really need to get this book done so I'm GonNa Kinda. <unk> hold myself up a little bit and not do every single moment in every single hake and every single hot tub. You know just it's kind of. I need the time 'cause then school starts in. I have to have this ready for the teachers so yeah. It's called steady foundries band. No the men he boundaries Surrey Yeah Anyway Ah yes that's it for me. What about you? You've got anymore music stuff on the horizon or just the hit show the rookie tim every second of Energy Anymore <hes> word on your meditation slash feed the homeless situ high. He turned over the meeting and said Yeah. I'm doing it anymore and then weapon taxing and apologized and said who did the lady. I told you that her new sheep Jay's the real housewives are and she beland Jimmy and she apologized and said I wanna or let you know I didn't call you could trace it.

00:45:03 - 00:49:20

<hes> you could trace any you know I really am not the person you could see who it was and I'm like it doesn't really matter but my I don't think talk problem I have I dislike takings probably stirred it up and Bruce sorry just she talked for in five minutes. I didn't I was like okay all major not to just just go. It's okay it's okay 'cause that's also excusing behavior. They didn't like so yeah so I was like okay. Well thank you for saying that and then. Where did she find you? Where where were you guys tissue? Okay here that wow so did. Did she say anything about the lights. Were they on. Not I mean I came afterwards okay well. That's good. Does it feel good for closure or are you still another time again and she gave me a bracelet but she had like beaded with a knitting group so did she beat out the words. I'm sorry and then lights on on late song. No it's all fine. It's blown over. No she's extra like came up and hugged me again which it's never gotten much worse from getting super extra huggy which back just stand there with your hands for her sir you would you say I said it's all good. I would rather have non some kind of just like having someone. You don't like the run into to be mad. It's better to just move on. I stated my piece. I like it. How was your party where you and your husband dressed up as Daryl Hall and John O.? Roads and you were supposed to be there and you can <hes> you're going GonNa be the sex person that kept popping out in the background but we yeah went to my friend's fiftieth birthday party and it was eighties theme and we are urged should be in costumes so I went as hall no oats I was John Oates and Davis throw a little moustached curly haired guy in the background with the those are the best photos you're always hoping poke in your head up post them on our aw on our facebook group or something and yeah but it was great. It's so much fun and although I bailed at the Karaoke machine that was a real oh bummer and then I kept having that one well the Karaoke machine broke and it just I had to patch it together with like a laptop and a phone and it was a little less than this is quite the view if you guys want to go to our Youtube Channel here so this whole thing because it is a video to and Jillian just set her phone on her lap and we got a tattoo mcgillicuddy. Sorry said an army so I will let you go your home on getting your groceries head of your car but thank you for catching up with me. I know it's it's been so hard with work and the kids and all that but I love you thank you you too. I like this so this is obvious zoom and we did this video. Call during zoom in this worked while you're on the job right yes all right well. I guess follow Hello Oliver Good Social Media and <hes> please take some time to go to the apple podcasts the purple a little APP on your phone and scroll down or our page like look us up scroll down find the stars five stars if you can be great and little review and that's how we get found and <music> off we'd love it. Thank you for listening and thank you to other people online and our podcast friends and it's it's a great little community so

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