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Episode 52 - Sister Fight

Sister Fight
(This is straight from the computer's transcription. Under construction!)
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<MUSIC> Hey. It's Mouse and Weens! Hi everyone.
It's me! I'm Mouse. I'm the mom. I'm Joelle. I'm down in San Diego with some kids and a cat that's going crazy right now. She looks like a weird little tiger.
I'm in San Diego too now for the day.
Yes, we're touching knees.
We are touching knees. You have beautiful knees.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
They're in PJ's right now. This is Weens, my sister. Say hi.
I'm here. I already did. Hi.
Otherwise known as Julianne. I don't think we say our real names very much.
Eh, it doesn't matter.
Alright, well. Yay! Why did you come down?
I don't know. I was coming to maybe see my friend Rachel, and she's with her new love. Rachel is a friend who has been very... She's just very herself. Unique and interesting. I've known her twenty years. Never known her to be with a boy.
Has it been 20 years?
W: I'm old. I just... Yeah. Since New York?
M: You met her in New York. Okay.
W: Yeah. Long time.
M: She's the one that was bicycling around.
W: Across the United States.
M: Is she still?
W: She retired early. She was an architect and bicycling across the US with a tent - a little pup tent - and sleeps in parks, all across the US and a garbage dump one time. I called her. She had to hide somewhere.
M: What?!
W: She didn't want to stay in a cornfield because it was creepy.
M: You don't say!
W: So she was staying at a garbage dump.
M: Oh my God.
W: I know! But anyway, she found this guy who was the love of her life.
M: Was he riding around with a pup tent too?
W: He was an old friend from college that she always was kind of pining for that never returned... nothing reciprocal. And they've been on trips together. They lived together for three months. They went to Italy for school.
M: How cute!
W: And it took fifteen or twenty years.
M: Are you kidding?
W: No, more than that. Twenty five years or more to finally...  And they are the cutest, like, exactly...!  And Rachel has always been a weirdo. And she's the first person to, you know, she wouldn't feel weird if I said that. But they're exactly the same. It's so cute.
M: How did they broach the subject? How'd they cross that line? That's crazy.
W: She was bicycling up in Northern California close to the Oregon border.
M: Did she really cross a line? Like, her tire went across the line and she said, "I'm here! I love you!"
W: Yes.
M: Oh, see?
W: What do you mean? Like a threshold?
M: I was just kidding.
W: I was just going along with it. I didn't understand it. Cross a line? Did she cross a line?
M: Yeah, yeah. How do you cross that line?
W: Oh. With the tire? I don't know.
M: Anyway, go ahead.
W: Anyway, they fell in love. She... He came and picked her up. She needed a ride because it was starting to rain and she said, "Oh, I think he lives close to here." And he drove three hours to pick her up.
M: In the rain? How romantic!
W: And they've been together ever since. Every day! Love, love, love!
M: When was this? How long ago?
W: Just like five months ago. Isn't that cute?
M: Aw. Very cute. That's good.
W: I had no idea. I just thought she might not... She might just be one of those people that just didn't want to be with anyone for their life and they're content on their own.
M: Look at that. See?
W: Look at that. A lid for every pot, is what you say.
M: You never know. You turn that corner and Shazaam!
W: Yeah, I love it.
M: Good. So she's down here, right? So you were coming to visit?
W: Yeah, yeah. Although that didn't even work out. But I was coming to see you to do this and to visit my friend in San Diego in belbow park area. So I know it wasn't great. So you I love you wings because you have always. Been. Popper ner. Popper and are like, we don't know if you're really gonna come or not. And you usually like now gosh, in the last ten years, would you say you've been, like, really legit? Like I'll be there five, and you're there at five, which is great, but I'm growing up in the old days. We never quite knew, and we would get the kids all hyped up. The ends coming. And then you decide maybe not to come whatever. So we stopped like telling the kids, and we're like, well, you know, we'll just keep your cells, and if she shows up, she shows up, I still kind of do that a little bit, which is neat. Because then today we opened the pool because it's Memorial Day in the kids role in there. And I didn't tell them that you're in town or thinking about it. And because I was I didn't commit to fully coming today. Right. You weren't sure if you're gonna stay up there down to your friend, and you rolled up in the driveway through Africa close cut down near tanktop, and under these, and then, like, bomb the pool from around the quarter, the kids like. On my cooler funny. Great. Yeah, I love it. And the dog was all excited. The volume of I was inside working my computer and all of a sudden, it just got real loud.

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See free care. Oh. Yeah. So you guys have fun. You're so cute. You're so good with them and they just get so excited. You're the mom, I wanna be. But you can't if you're consistent, I'm the fun aunt. This is why people are in need kids. I'm just the fronting 'cause you pop in you have fun and you go. Okay. Yeah. You later twenty four hours ago. And then the kids are like, why are in fun can't, you're the consistent mom that will always do the rock full, the underwear. Yep. You're gonna do it. Someone's doing it. I'm sorry. Well, no. It was good. We had fun tonight you play. Then I finally got finished with all my dumb stuff. And then yeah. Do you wanna talk about it? Can you talk about any of that stuff for? No. Oh, I don't know. It's just any your school stuff trying to figure out garden do next year and working out all the details. All the kinks in what something on your mouth wine chocolate, which is a chocolate and wine also round corner. Sorry. Sorry, steering it resembles to. Meantime, while I'm telling you sorry to tell you about my. What happened? This is crazy. All right. So I've switched dentists because our last one wouldn't take our insurance in went in. I kind of made a big to do about the fact that I had one panic attack once one dentist, and it had been a long time ago, but I wrote it in my chart and was just like okay they should be aware. And I went in and what was it for? This was just to meet the dentist. Have her assessment teeth in my mouth, and the whole thing, and then give me a plan of what she suggested. And I have this funky like I've had surgeries and all stuff for this implant, and it's getting like weird looking kinda like, look appear. See ooh. Like, yeah. She's like what's happening to that. It looked connects plane what it looks like. No, it just looks like okay, there's regular tooth and then rate above it for like, like an eighth of an inch. It just looks like sort of a Frankenstein. It's. Oh, she's like snarling your teeth kingly devilish. It's pink. Porcelain. Because they get dead. Yeah. It's all fake it. Looms. I had new tooth grow in there. So I have baby tooth forever in when they finally tried to put the implant in there was no bone to screw into it nickname. Little too. On the playground. It's called werm. They called me worm on the plate. Yeah. Long we're hanging on the Burs who called you Asia, my friend. Shuster. As a mean thing. No. As you would just say, look like a long, worm. I mean it was better than being grape. I guess it was just a long skinny wearing worm hanging there. Anyway, to bone surgery. I've not much bone left. And so now it's like I need to get replace. So anyway, had to go the dentist in. Laying in the chair going through all the stuff, she's counting, she's cleaning. And. I had same thing. As the last one I had glasses on, I had earphones on she's like, oh, I see you get panic attacks. Why don't you listen to some relaxing music? Let's put on these earphones. Okay. And then they put the x Ray vest on me. All the Steph is on its stuff. I realize now. All of a sudden, I started to get this feeling cluster Fogel. It's weird. It's like my throat's closing up like I'm about to start crying, you know, that feeling when something's like emotional, and you can feel your throat start to get Steny. And I felt like I was gonna start crying and, and then I'm like, don't cry. Don't cry. Don't do it. You're fine. You're fine, just breathe through it. And I couldn't help it. Also all these tears coming out of the corner my eyes and, and then I just had to sit up and pull all the stuff off and. To start a ball the weirdest thing. What is wrong with me? I was so embarrassed. I'm like, I'm so sorry. I'm a weirdo. I don't know. What's going on? This is just too much stuff. And I had to take everything off, and they had to turn on a fan and blowed on me and well, but you stayed I did. But I had to, like, drink water and calm down. And it was a whole thing and fan myself. So anyway, yeah. What, what do I do? I don't know to know that, that same thing happened. We'll tell me about yours because I'll tell you, I, I getting my last root canal was about four defense, very, nice, dentist and root, canal people, and I would just bounce around and like blame them aren't like this office.

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I'm going to go somewhere else. I like it was probably all fear. And I got to one finally in Pasadena and went to a new dentist in new. He sent me to new root canal thing just because I'm swine root canal. Your vagina right now. Do you have to go to the bathroom? Little praising my handsomer. It's cold. Look at me. We're all big pinky. I'm resting because I'm sitting in a few whereas negation your canal. Whereas. Onto I'm sitting on a pillow in a weird awkward Hon, Garin position. What is this, because we're sitting on pillows that are resting on a Benz, trying to get you up to Mike level. Okay. Fine. So I went into this Pasadena dentist office, and they were going to assess my root canal that needed to get finished because they left the other one, and it was all strapped up in a head to little bit on everything. And they started to started to come in, and then I started to get that teary feeling. But when I get it, I get angry. What so I go this bullshit? I can't do this anymore. I was like, I can't, you know, I go this is like, how much are you going to charge me, five hundred dollars for an assessment? I can't pay anymore for any of this, and like stormed out and then win the cards started crying really. Yes. Oh. And I realize it, that's probably fear and I- mask it in anger. But it set same feeling of. I don't know why I had to go. Why am I crying? What is what is it? Why do we do this, where we strangled in past life is the way they about stuff around us. Is it stuff for you to it is the idea that someone's going to be hanging out in my mouth? That you're trapped maybe. Yeah. I mean it's being trapped. I guess chair, you've got things on you in your mouth. Is it must be something with teeth? Maybe someone if they were doing bringing surgery or something, where you Bill trapped in see if they work on my booty, I'm fine. I can like just do that. I'll do my mouth is, is a whole different thing. I think there I think it's a very foreign thing to have someone to sit. There must be fighter flight response, something. Yeah. Yeah. I just tripped. Yeah. I told them. So next time I'm going to take Xanax I have like an old stash somewhere and I'm going to just get all doped up and take Uber or something and. Yeah. Oh, come down. If you need some support. Really all right. I'll come up to. We could be dental support buddies last. I went back to the Pasadena place just to finish my thing. Yeah. Finally did get the like going to work through it, but it had. To listen to that weird song. It was this song albatross, and I had to listen to it over and over will they did my root canal, and I listen as weird song on repeat, it was years like phone. Technophobes song. I'm in albatross Purnell. Merle. Did you listen? Oh, I send it to you. And it was blaring in my headphones so awkward. I don't know. It was something relaxing. But having a in didn't you say there was a woman who had a heavy metal? So that's what the dentist said. I was like I'm such a weirdo. I'm sorry. I'm like, wiping, tears and sniffling and drinking water. There's like no, no, no. We see it all the time. It's fine. And people have this reaction all the time and people hate us, we're, we're okay with it. She said, one little old lady came in. And she had some issues and said, I need to listen to this kind of music. And so she had us play heavy metal, like really loudly in the office. Speakers while they did dental. And that was the only thing that could get her through the full seizure, little grim with Mestre puppet. Love it, and I'm like to be friends with this woman. They didn't tell me her name. Sweet. I know why don't we figure out if there's anyone who wants to write in about Yanic IDEX. And when they happen, right? Dental issues like it's specific to mouths and loss of control and stuff in your mouth and. Bad. I feel like it's a weird old age thing to never used to happen. PTSD. I've had so many surgeries. So I'm blaming that, but yeah. Yeah. Anyway. Yeah. So dentists, and I've just been doing kits of us. This is our quick catch up in the more. Get into our topic today. We had some right in, we had a lot of people, right? Yeah. Yeah. We did actually still had to choose couple topics to dress him. But this one is a biggie, because it kind of plays into your throat panic attack stuff too, and then then bigger than that is your height about end.

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You took a job again. I know. The hit show the rookie. Season to season two. This is how. Awful. I am. I it came in the call came in, in its Warner Brothers Revilla street from my house, everything. It's so convenient. It's all about getting close to my house is can you hate traffic and I live in Los Angeles in location, scout, and do. Right. Is crazy. Right. I would I am working my way towards if you couldn't live. And this is what Jennifer garner said, on your thing that you sent me to be a happier per says, isn't, she ten things she seems very sweet. But it's to live within ten miles of your house, in that, that's a happiness level thing. I mean. Work. Yeah. Get it. It's true. Div moved. His whole law office to be on this side of town, so that he didn't have to get on the freeway, because he would come home with, like road rage, and he was just like an awful person. And he would drivers impressed for an hour, and he'd come home, and take it out on me. And he finally decided he needed to move office, and it's now eight minute commute and he can just take side streets, and it's like a whole different way his better. Yes. That's I mean if. Yeah. So, so Warner Brothers. I'm working towards the life of. I was like to. Yeah. Live and work in the same little town, and walk similar possible. Yeah. Wanna be close to community friends and family. And you are you're in a cool, like, artsy walkable communities. So that's his work somewhere. I mean right now, it's but the idea of doing locations to drive around LA. Shoot myself in the face. Don to be Downer. Yeah. And that's neat. And then you've got your accountability group in your kind of halfway through that order freelance, almost, we're going to do our performance, or presentations, come sure, is something, you can invite people to. So do you think I did a twelve song album? Yes, I'm going to present my probably figure out a way to figure out a way to present this everybody presents material and it's, you know, like a warehouse base for everyone has their little booths where they present their things to figure out a way to make presentational. And then if they select me, one of ten of these people, then you go performance, the big, the big evening of the ten selects really would perform on a stage ten out of how many one hundred or are you kidding? But I don't know if I'm going to get that, so, but it's cool the whole program. Good. It's very good. It makes you accountable. It's very hard to be a freelance person. Some people can do it really well. Are there are head an ex? I was. But it was pretty good about to stewing it every day on his own. I'm more like I wanna deadline or need stricter to. That's David me with working out. He can just go. I'm gonna run every other day I'm gonna work out for thirty minutes in the garage, and he bought his own little weights and he does workout any never misses a day. It's crazy. Whereas I need to join orange theory, Jim and have someone yelling at you put money on the line. And if I don't show up have to pay twenty bucks because I've secured, and I have to meet my friends there, and it's a whole different get up. And he in the beginning used to be like, why can't you just do it yourself? Why do you need all that stuff? I'm like, I don't know we're different people. So whatever screw you. And now he's cool. Now, I guess. Now that I got sick dubs. His he's understanding. No. Do you look great? Right. Because gross stop. Well, there little, I just, here's the thing. I thought he type where that's always going to be my problem area. I don't think I'm ever going to be an apple. Yeah. Ample manappl-, people pairs somewhere apples. That's right. We're very aptly. Family are good for you could you mumble. I'm starting to embrace my ample to get a little comfortable. I'm still trimming mine. Try an attempt of give it up completely. All right. So back to your music you're going to get that out. And then you've got your other stuff.

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You're doing some classes. Do you wanna say that and talk about it next time sure will that you get into a little more because you just started with that. That's exciting. I love that. All right. So I wanna take a quick break, and we are going to hear from our friends at this podcast. Okay. Hatred. Crime listeners, check out our podcast. I said, God damn where true crime comedy, podcast hosted by two besties liked to share messed up cases that make you say God damn every Sunday. We try to one of each other's story by sharing a horrific case. The other has never heard of along the way we slashing some wildly inappropriate jokes in colorful language. Listen every Sunday from any of your favorite podcast, directories also follow us on Twitter. I GED podcast or visit our website, ISD, podcasts dot com. Check out our friends podcast. She looks at the ceiling little dog with her nose up. Okay. Scoops. All right. So here's our topic for the day, folks newbie. We. Scooby soupy, we had a listener right in, and they wondered if we ever fight. Oh, being sisters siblings. How is it that we can get along so well, are there, tips and tricks for kids to get along for siblings to get along? And I don't know. Yeah. What are some of the fights, we've gotten into over the years? So do you wanna start with anything or want? I remember where you jumped on me 'cause they stole your purse, really a new jumped on me. And then how old were to grab it back. This must have been twelve or thirteen I was maybe those eleven twelve and we're three and a half years for years. Here's my elder, and I'm older millennial. No, I'm just old straight up, but you I. Looked at my arm. I felt as burning sensation. Mid looked at my arm, and there was a huge pink scratch, but it wasn't really bleeding. It was just that pink with the red dots under lake something, percolating. And then you took your nail and he pulled out this accordion string piece of skin that I remember that is over a pen. You tow him of mine. Oh, thank. I remember it. I know. But it's weird because these moments you remember. I remember we were standing in my room right now. My bedroom in the doorway. Yeah, I was on the inside new relate heading out the how it's done me on the bed, or something that I remember some sort of pouncing. But what was the you just? But you kinda little punk he would just come in and take stuff and I like it. I don't know. Do you remember? No feeling that way. I remember I would climb out of mom and dad's window because you had locked at your room. He put it padlock on it. Yeah. And I wanted to borrow your clothes because I needed some cool black closed-door have any, I was odd. You Remond trying to probably be like you. Of course, it was trying to be like, you, everything was, was modeling y though, I was a dork. I know. But I didn't have any, you know. No, I mean. I know you were great. But I would climb out, mom and dad's window on the roof. This little sneaky of what did they call it up and terro Rosa Pink Panther crawling across from on the tiles of the roof to the your bedroom. Sneak in your window, and it's still borrow. I know you had a real, nice vest. I did that had rate like sparkly paisley green swirls screen swirls, shiny would love that one. I know that was the height of the Depeche mode era. Depress mod, but you'd also take money, and the now in return close, and they would have cigarette burns in them and like be all messy and torn if starry got them back at all. It was of your Kanchi. We went through three locks on my door 'cause you kept breaking Mogok trying to get in. I know I was bad. Well, just like rules didn't apply to you. Like, for some reason, you were just like above it all. And that used to piss me off because I was rule follower the rule follower. Yeah. And there's a way to, to get around the rules if you have to I was just trying to show you the ways, but you're like, no, so I would just get like, yeah, it was just frustrating. Just frustrating. And you wouldn't listen to anybody you were just going to do what you wanna do.

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Wow. I wonder was that just have been told that from boyfriends go do it because you're gonna do it anyway. But I wonder where that came from do you remember the mindset of being that way like one knows I always consider myself kind of sensitive like sad person or really. Yeah. My own perception, myself is that kind of meek and shy and really courteous, and oh my gosh. And I was totally not. So I must have this vision that is much more weak than. But then I was yeah. I just my impression view has always been just like walk into room. And hey, everybody, and tall, and commanding attention and funny, and fun and just energy. And you know, and then combat boots and like flashy clothes, and, and walking in and just commanding attention. Yeah. That's my perception view. Isn't it? Funny. So high school on an I just felt like I didn't fit in anywhere. And that that's funny. But you're kinda just like is all bullshit. And you kind of felt like to me, it seemed like you felt like the world. Owes you something you're like fuck the man. You're very like punk you know, that must have been just from hanging out with punk rock people. Yes. But you didn't really feel. It's hard. Shot by. Well, I guess I felt hurt my people, but then that probably was the group, I fell in with, because you're feeling like outsiders, so you fell in with the punky people. Yeah, whatever or I just didn't have a group to hang with and that became the group and then everything you start adapting the language inning. That's weird. So what was your perception me? I was just like the jerky. Big sister, who's keeping you down and telling you what to do or not letting you in the group of friends or. Yeah. I don't remember a lot except that I think he just seem like you're doing your own thing. And he didn't want anything to do with me. I was probably sad because I didn't like you know, you were the one I followed around for over an suddenly getting the. It was tough. It was like, well, we're best little Betty's growing up. I think. Right. Well, we lived on the farm for a while. Yeah. We had a ranch house, and we always had close living quarters, because we didn't have any money growing up. And I mean, mom and dad always made it nice mom, especially issues. Always like taking our little places making pretty. Yeah. Yeah. Taking a little used clothes in iron Ingham. Remember felt like we had no money, right? Right. We looked we didn't know intil recently that we didn't have it. Yeah. Same. I thought everybody lived like that. And it was fine. We weren't missing anything, but we always had. Yeah. Like, but we earn rooms always. So it wasn't likely. Yeah. And we had no idea, but bottom line felt like we're always like hanging out together close and growing up where little best friends and running around doing everything together until about guess when hormones junior high years. Well that was also the time you're supposed to push away. Annoying sister. Right. You were senior and it was a freshman. Even for that. I think it was started high school in your whatever junior high was were everything fell apart for me. Wheels came off in jail time off, and like eighth grade was the worst, pine valley present s that was where everything shit hit the fan. But yeah, and I was on dancing, and finding my, it's fine. I mean, what else he's supposed to hang out with your sister, your whole life? I mean, it's just the way to natural pecking order of life, which has happened with your kids yet. They are. Yeah, they were tight and good until about MO the boys are eighteen months apart. So they were too little David ding-dong running around, and just, you know, we call them a tool deemed Tweedle dum, there, be all over the place. And then I think around five or six seven they started really fighting that was when it really hit the fan for them. And I remember it being Kyle. Kind of around the time we got an ipad for the family, and they were fighting over the I Pat all the time and it was like you have to wait your turn. You have to wait your turn. Came about this thing. And I think when they were about nine or ten we finally got the meets their own little ipad. And then that was mine. Craft was big. They started interacting in the same worlds on their own little pets together.

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And then it was like their team again. And then they got along. And then from there on it's been pretty great. And so it was the sharing I used to always have to buy them each. The same. Yeah. Same color. Same everything. She's closer to the. Hiring my breath. Getting it is getting later. Yeah. It's it was the sharing in the stuff in the rivalry, I guess, so I don't know. We tried to look up, you know, top ten ways to make your kids get along. But it's all the stuff. We know it's like create a nurturing environment. And I don't know. It seemed like bring their parenting at the same time. They might. Yeah. Yeah. In times they just hit each other, right? Yeah. And the boys, wagging other get it all out, and then they're over, and then, but we would always make them apologize. We made them. And we still do say you have to do a big makeup to your brother. What you did was not. Okay. And so you have to sit down, and look at them and Thome you know, you're really sorry, and you didn't mean it. And yeah, so we make a big point of doing an authentic apology in owning it and kind of talking through. And we'll even make them do a. A whole. Not make it's the cat will make them do a. Yeah, a compliment like around and do complements to each other. So that kinda helps in usually they start laughing and or Dave will do humor. He always use humor to make everything. Okay. Again, which I don't know. Is that a crutch that bad to do to, like MO? No. Because I think it brings you out of your otherwise you get stuck in your head. Please angry or sad or whatever. Yeah. Always like brings humor into it, and then they're always better neutral. Right. Yeah. They can get mopey. Start indulging in the reinforce that. Oh you in, then it just turns into right? Your way of getting attention. Attention. Another big fight. Remember we got. No remember the biggest. Yeah. Punch me you. Okay. What was the scene? We came home after school. No one was home rate is just us and I brought a buddy with me Andy shout out to buddy bell and we're doing a project for economics. Remember it was for razzmatazz res- risotto. We had to do a whole advertising campaign like a commercial and all that stuff. And we're working on it and set up our little homework situation in the living room, had our papers all spread out, and we turned on like some music in the background. Let me guess, the cure Depeche mode. Yes. And so we're getting working on our stuff and you came home, and would you do we had one stereo in the house mind? You we had a really nice full stack pioneer took up a whole. Closet. It was a huge one of those old school, people pay a lot of money for now. But really receivers? Oh, yeah. To Banff, and all that cool setup and it had a big tray of six CDs that you could put in push it back in, and then it would rotate 'em. Really yet had the CD around anything. No knows a little like cartridge, right? Six cds. Anyway. So we had a tape, you had a tape, I had a tape, it was a cassette tape. Right. America's apparatus of playing. But what did you do you remember all these details? You said that I came in and no you don't. Yeah. You came in you stopped our music you put in your music, and it was except tape remember that? And I don't know what it was something punk. Like does. Dick, and we're like turn to study and we just wanted like background music. I'm like, what are you doing this? We have the music. And I this is because mom and dad were not home. Yeah. So this is there were no adults. Yeah. And I said, put our music, back in just became this fight. No, you don't own the place. It's my music. I wanna listen to my music now, just for the record, she did not own the place. Cool partners. And I think you just stood by the thing, and we start arguing I was like I got that tape right now. I was like, no. Yeah. And you take out your we're in the laundry room 'cause the closet was right by the garage during the laundry and that's where the big stereo as we're staying there important he was just sitting the living like looking at his hands. Like what do I do? And he should listen to this. And, and call in until his version remembers Andy Cullen.

00:35:05 - 00:40:04
And then, so we're fighting back and forth and then ago ugly, then I think we started jabbing with, like, like you. I remember you think are so great and you're ugly and you this, and you that, and then we were just like picking out one of those like where you're standing and steering it. So we've seen that a million times in bar, fights or whatever they just stand and talk and nobody makes the first move. Listen weans. Well, the move then the tape ended side, a ended and what did she do lean down hit Egypt pulled the cassette tape out flipped it around. Put it back in closed. It hit play on side b how. I'd be will always do side be man. And that's when it was one of those like, look, you in the eye and don't you hit that play? But don't you hit that play? She hit the play button and you know what I hit your nose. Yeah, I know. I remember this. I only remember while I remember standing in the room and then you go, I just want to punch you so bad right now. And I go, why don't it was some like like goading? We'll do it. If you're going to do it in your life, you'd better. Ooh. She's locked chat. We look at her. Yeah, I'm ready. I'm gonna punch. You. What if I did right now? Don't do it knows it getting bigger awful. You weren't to take it to that next level, so you punch my nose and I just remember being so shocked. It was one of those things where you see the stars really sorry flying. It was great though, is climbing. I think it was like Kirk Cameron. We're holding him. We started flying over the moon together your blood to started gushing blood bleeding, and then it just became a girl fight. No. Yeah. We're a whole are grabbing other like whacking. And really hear him fulls of your hair in my hands. And there was hair all over 'em later. Really? Yeah. We're ripping each other's hair. I don't remember that. Yeah. And there was something to do with, like someone to turn their back and someone hit someone in the bag, which is like, did I get any good anything in? I think so. Yeah, you might know the acmes of that. I just thought it was the victim as usual. I was very wonderful. And then I got hit in the face. Yeah. No, it was two sided forgery. Yeah. Then I think it was just a screaming match. At some point we like let go and some point I got locked out of that. Yes. I was trying Smith. Oh he was. There is there. I had my buddy your buddy. These all the guys with friends. And other little passive guys. Probably standing in the corner. Like, yes, we Ryan and go so then yeah, you left divine fall, you out. Probably I got locked out, somehow I left. You locked me out, and it was like back back in here. We're not doing that again. Awful. And then you went up the street to mandates house or something, I don't know. Yeah. Either way that was. I don't know how we fix that either. Did we talk it through? No, no. We probably just left to college in the abandoned. All come on always victim. No, it was. I don't remember happens. I guess we probably cut over sophomore. Probably just stole your vest. Ten more times. Well, I think it was so much deeper than that, too. I think it was like I was a little shit. I don't remember a total little punk. You were not listening. Anyone rules? Didn't apply to you. It was like, screw the world's system. I'm just going to do what I want and. And you've got a snoop face on now. You still bothers, it's well, it was so, like, follow the rules, there's rules for reason we can't have the world running amok with people like you and see, I was making a statement to say, how do you know what the rules are? You're very black and white. I'm a little gray. So I had to prove the point that you don't do it one way. And we had this when we work together and graphic. Do you remember? I'm still well. Yeah. You know, very black and white. I know but I remember signed thing we were doing posters like science posters in. You had taught me graphic design. But I wasn't doing it the way that you thought we came out with the same result. I came out with the result that we needed to do this presentation, but this poster, but you were like no, you had to do it this way this way this. I did a shortcut way in. Here's the result, the results exactly the same near like, but you didn't do it in the steps, and I go, what does that matter? I'm here at the final result. But it shouldn't have in. You were really upset that. I didn't do it the way the way like I was short cutting it. That makes sense. I have my methods. It's like, yeah, but you can't understand how someone could better.

00:40:04 - 00:45:08
Now I feel I think, but we have been graphic design. But I think you've loosened up with kids. Yeah and dogs. But what is still trucking to me is that you can't? Or maybe you can now. But how could you not see that? Yeah. Other way of doing. Yeah. I can and why we let Sean to back then. Yeah. I wonder I'm no your brain just works. I guess. Yeah, I'm trying to think of similar situation now like when I do math with my thirteen year old and we're trying to figure out an answer. And I come up with it the way I know how, but then now they teach this whole new way of math. Plus, the way his brain works is very different. In fact, his fifth grade math teacher. He was doing method completely different way. She'd never seen before. But he was coming up with the results. And she was like, okay. It works that works. He's showing his work. That's what we need. So it's fine. I don't know. Yeah, I guess, I've just I'm sorry that I don't know. I think we're both sorry when we're shaking is everything. Okay. Sorry about all your hair loss. Sorry about all the punk behavior I was wild. I mean, I think I was mad to that you kept glomming onto my friends. That was another one. I didn't have any friends that are coming in just like owning the place like hey guys has going, and I was like, do you think you are there? My friends. Yes. I think there's just like girl jealousy stuff happening to really probably like hang out with. You guys didn't little hottie Taty coming in and trying to steal the scene and get the attention. And I'm like them that I'm here with my friends. I don't know. Well, typical annoyance rates jerk. I don't remember a lot of it. All right. I think we all went through it. I was a punk too. I was like black and white nice punk. But I was hanging out with all the, you know, pseudo punks too. I know the for like just you're the ones that got your homework turned in. Yeah. Just class. Different forms of rebellion. So now, how's it that we get along? Now. What is the secret service? Oh, like, as I think you have to let go with the past, and see the person food there. Yeah. Right. And I think you are, but it took years to. Yeah, we're comfortable. It was. Noah back into. Yeah. You would visit me in college and kinda of back in. And then I think when dad died that really but together to. Right. But you backing moved here, specifically because they said, we better. We connect to those that. Yeah. And then yes that through tragedy. We got really close. And but I feel like we're really close before that, even you know, but I guess we're still establishing ourselves you were off in New York trying to act and I was in my little Ryan. I was acting should see me shy. I was Brown. In my little career, turn, and find the boy and lock down that whole life. So I mean, we're busy, but yeah. And then once dad died that brought us together. I think and here we are. Comedy said. Ace. Oh, I know I feel bad for siblings who don't have that because it's, it's very special. I really like it's good. I think we're lucky to have a good. I think we <noise>. Training from our parents. I feel very lucky that we had parents that taught us, at least to talk about feelings for two in love was found Asian mean, there's when I see you got a real bad, starting point. If your parents don't have the foundation for communicate or if they weren't huggy in loving until they, you know, very right after find that all yourself without a fundation. Yeah. That's what I have a lot of friends who didn't have the best upbringings. Yeah. Yeah. Not great role models and they had to find it on their own in. How do you communicate? How do you forgive? How do you love? People entrust people. At least we had a really good. Yeah. Right. Yeah. Helps you to be more. Yeah. All the foundational years, when we were young mom and daughter super demonstrative at their love. Is that is that word demonstrative? Always own straight. No demonstrated demonstrative. They would demonstrate their love. They had a lot of public displays of affection and would say, I love you. Lot said they'll be us a lot. And it wasn't until we are older that they started fighting think, but they to show feelings, especially of affection, openly, demonstrative.

00:45:09 - 00:50:04
Good jim. Thanks is pronounced serving. Yeah, it is. But as we're using it for something else, and then working through emotions and talking dad. To counseling that we did some family counseling, and we had an egg beater to remember that had to pass around this. Doc. We he came back with new ways of communicating. So at the dinner table, we had to hold this AIG. Beater was confusing. Something about feelings eggs because vague memory, but yeah, it came to me, Wendy. And in order to talk it was your turn you'd holding. Right. It was like holding the shell for we had a duck to the flaws. Yeah. We had a ceramic duck on our coffee table, by the TV, and we would sit at the couch and have family eatings, impasse the duck around, and I remember when I got my wisdom teeth pulled, I was on all sorts of Ikin. And I thought I was little miss thing. And funniest heck I was holding my stand up show again on my drug. She does on drug all comes out. No way. Okay. So I would hope that duck like microphone and, and then I came into the place. Bob Papa and I wouldn't give up the duck and finally had to wrestle it away. And that's when he figured out, I was taking too much bike it in flushed, it down the toilet 'cause I was being all wacky at the family meeting with my duck microphone. We will because every time you get drunk or inebriated anyway, this comic comes out, you wanna meet to do stand up classes, which is signed up for because your urging and I suck ass, and I've never really wanted to do this. It's use secretly you're living your life. I'd curiously through many things. So yes, it comes out with the duck comes out with your wisdom teeth when he did Jacob Marley the wheelchair when she had to surgery. Who all the nurses were cracking up always win? You're drunk, all of a sudden, you get real, that's not a good comedy. Turns into Tony Clifton Andy Kaufman's alter. She's like this lounge lizard. It's hilarious in your sharp and wacky. Yes, you are the secret stand up comedian person, I am not. I just wanna under percent. I'm doing this fucking class, do the class for me. And we'll see how it all plays. How many been Viking, then I'm gonna turn into you. I'm gonna play you as a care. Because I can't do this on my own. I'm just a weird uncomfortable. Normal person. Can you give us a joke? Real quick about to on the spot. Okay. All right. I like how cop cars have protecting serve and quotes like they're being sarcastic. That's funny. It is, we need a little more set up right now. That to go from there. You gotta have no whole story around it. That's it. See, I don't want to. Okay, what's your Joe? I just want to close up. We should just. Yeah. Just kidding. We gotta get every falling asleep also tire is shutting the dogs limping thinking kids biting. She's. All right. Well, there we go. Sibling rivalry sibling fights just going on the record by saying, sorry punched in the nose. I'd been I forgot to mention I've been training in the garage on a punching. Well, geez. I was so mad at you for so many days in a row that I would pretend that was you still mad. When I go, I guess I've let it go. It's looking looking okay. We're just such a pong. All right. I'm blue net. Listen, did it work? Are you not pumpkin was I still a punk to that? Yeah. I'm sorry. No. You went off to New York and found something late in. Yeah. You got Layton very lightened in your better than I am. No so stop. Well, no. I mean just like you can really therapies and see things for what they are. And look pest people's faults. And I still get hung up on stuff. So can go done a good job Linke. So have you both, I think age helps to just mellow, you realize you get beat down enough that you just go? I think I'll let it go trying to control his much totally. But that's a big thing control. Yeah. So all right. So why are we getting we had parents, that should have Totta Santa talk? We kinda volved through whatever we had tragedy bring us together, and we can look past stuff. So forgiving is huge right? Not to hang onto stuff and to really hear each other.

00:50:04 - 00:53:07
I think to relate here other people in in and put yourself in their shoes. And that's a hard one for people to do. I think. Right. I'm still working on it. Forgive surrendered. Let go, let's write good. So with that we are going to let go this podcast saying. Saying that I really quick. I do wanna give it's probably not Nate for everyone. Okay. Sorry. Go new thing we need to do our shouts to Facebook group people. Okay. So I picked to put all the names and a hat, and I shuffled them around and I picked out David Blaine, right? Mark herberger. It's a name that's been around for so long. I know you're listening, Mark. Yes. Thank you for this kneeing. He's a old time buddy current friend. I'm going back and forth with him on little things. Good guy. Yeah. You've always really liked him as friends. Okay. Good baseball guy to next good debt and next. We have had their Kamara. And she is a fellow moment. I know from shop Royal who is super sweet and funniest heck. She's one of those girls that fun to talk to and cool and, you know, quirky, and but then on paper when she writes emails and things that really funny, which is kinda cool. I like having friends like that where you're like, wow, I didn't know you have those can't don't express themselves the same. All right. I'm coming up a lot of times you. Cannot speak like me. But then you can write things and you're more elegant. Yeah. So shout out to Heather, we love you. Thank you for listening and writing in all that good stuff. So we will close this up. And thank you for listening. Please follow us on all the social media, and right in, and ooh, we have a phone number if you go to our contact page on our website, mouse, and weans dot com and contact call us you can leave a voice message and listen to it. Hey, thank you. We love you by. He's my sister. She's my favorite baseball. We fit like a glove sharing lots of love system. She's dead. Hug me. Grow and also nine nose. Don't take Bester, close sisters. Didn't kill your fish shooting lift him in their dish system thinks putting up with me. Two. Kirk camera. He created a religion, you're lucky.

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