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Episode 48 - Q-Tip Bill and his Hollywood Memoirs

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It's Mouse and Weens everybody again. Aren't you excited? I'm excited. I'm super excited. Finally! Yay! I'm Mouse. I'm the big sister down in San Diego with children and a husband and all that boring stuff. What about you? Why all this self-deprication? I'm Weens. I'm the single one in Los Angeles waiting for some fun. Single, ready to mingle. Ugh, I hate that. And now we've got my good pal, Bill. How would you say your name? Well, my friends call me Billy that you Bill or whatever you want. And the last name is "Few-quay" or "Few-kwah". Well, you know, it's "Few-kwah" I guess, is the correct way. Is that French? It's French. Oh, I can tell you that the my Grandfather told me that our name is from the prime minister of finance of France, Nicolas Fouquet. F O U Q U E T. It was an actual character who- He was actually- Louis the Fourteenth had him imprisoned because he was jealous of him because he was so successful and he became very wealthy and had these opulent parties with musicians and artisans and things like that. He was supposed to be the evil advisor to the king in The Man In The Iron Mask, and The Three Musketeers if you look in those old black and white movies. "Fouquet! Fouquet!" Really? You're kidding! No, I swear to God. You're descended from Fouquet? I don't think I'm descended from him. I think my grandfather just made all of that up. But our name is derived from that name. So maybe, you know, who knows. That's cool. Now because you have all of these aliases. Yeah, his name was spelled FOUQUET. Nicolas Fouquet. You can look it up. He's a real person. And my name is FUQUA. Hey f- you! Yeah, well, like when Korean guys would come by tires at our tire store. They would ask my dad, "How do you pronounce your last name?" And my dad would say Few-kway, not Few-kwah. He would Americanize it. The Korean guys would say, "Mr. Fuck You! Hahaha!"
You know, I've got to tell you, I'm so impressed with your father and your mother. Your dad looked like a Greek God. He saw a picture of him. I saw a picture of him on the beach in this little loin- He looked like Tarzan! He's like Tarzan! It was the one where he had fig leaves over his wiener. Oh geez. That's a good one. You two had, I mean, you came from good stock. Really. And mom he said- And your mom is gorgeous. Yeah. We're breeders! Exactly! And your mom still looks good. How old is your mom? I don't know. Seventy. She'll be seventy in a week! Yeah, she looks pretty fantastic. So, that's good. Wow. That's awesome. Thank you Bill. That's so sweet. You're welcome. It's the truth. It's the truth. And you're also very attractive. I will describe Bill as being George Clooney, but with white spiky cool hair. Do you use product in your hair? I do. Actually I do try to find- Because, you know, when you have white hair like this, it gets very- Like if I wear white tennis shoes, I look like a Q-Tip. Seriously. My hair is so dry, even if I go with swimming over at Anita's house- Oh, check this out. This woman, she cuts hair in the movie industry, and we're swimming. And she said, "Well, I have to go up because Paul Williams is coming over." So I shared that with Julianne. And Julianne said, "Well I know Paul Williams, and I was best friends with his wife." Friends, yeah. Not best friends. Yeah, whatever. It's so Hollywood. But it's six degrees of separation from everything. So for those of you who don't know Paul Williams, he was on Smokey and the Bandit. He's the little guy that- He wrote Rainbow Connection. He's an amazing songwriter. I cry when I hear that song.

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If somebody who sings it does it with emotion? He wrote, "Some say love. It is a river." Really? Unbelievable. He wrote, "We've only just begun." He wrote, "It's just an old-fashioned love song." Like this guy is a major amazing songwriter. A hit producer. But yes, Rainbow Connection makes you cry. He also was in a lot of the Smokey and the Bandit movies and he had a lot of appearances on The Muppets. And he was on Planet of the Apes. Really? He was? Oh that's right! Yeah. You could tell which one he is. Yeah. Isn't that cool? He had kind of the lighter colored hair. Yeah. Yep. Wow. Interesting. Anyway, yeah, so it's a- But you were raised in Hollywood, or in Los Feliz. Yeah, I was raised in Los Feliz, and- You know what's a trip? Check this out. This is, this tells you what's happened with Hollywood with all this all of this reality shows and stuff like that. The Commissioner on Batman - you know, the one where they would hit hit you and you would see 'Zap!' or 'Pow!' or stuff like that? The Commissioner, Commissioner Gordon, used to walk up our street every day, up Hobart, and he lived south of Franklin. And Franklin was like the line of demarcation. Like anything south of Franklin's kind of like "uhh". Yeah. You know? A bunch of hooligans. But isn't that a trip? Here's a guy on a major show shown throughout the United States. And you're a kid, so were you iconicizing..? I was a kid and Luca- We had all these doctors on our street, only about eight doctors. Los Feliz was known as 'Pill Hill' because they had Children's Hospital, Hollywood Presbyterian Hospital, Kaiser, Saint Vincent's, Queen Of Angels - all these different hospitals. And so all these doctors lived in our neighborhood at a lot of them were Irish Catholic. So there were a lot of big families, you know, six, seven kids. So on our block, there were like sixty, seventy kids. It was kind of cool. That's so fun! Oh, and another- Oh, one thing 'cause I'll forget. What's the guy- Charles Bukowski? He lived in Hollywood and he used to go to The Pink Elephant Liquor Store that I used to work for. Oh wow! Ooh, he must have been there a lot. Who is Charles Bukowski? You know Bukowski? No, who's that? Now you tell me who he is because I don't know that much about him. I just know that he was like- He was a prolific writer. He was kind of one of those beat generations. So he was- I don't know if he was actually hanging out with Ginsberg and Jack Kerouac and all that. But he was known to be kind of the blue collar guy. He worked at the post office forever and then wanted to be a writer, and ended up- I think he got fired from there and he just wrote a novel and it launched. I remember reading Ham On Rye and it was like- He's known to be kind of dirty burly Tom Waits kind of like, "And then she ripped open are soft pink blah blah blah, and I penetrated her with my postal fingers". And you know, kind of burly barfly. Barfly was based on Bukowski, the movie with Matt Dillon. Oh really? Oh! Yeah. Oh, no, I'm sorry. With Mickey Rourke. Okay. Whoops. Yeah. Yeah. Mickey Rourke. He was a user drinker and he didn't make any excuses about it. Even when he would give lectures, he would be drinking on onstage. Wow. Yeah. So, I wanted to mention him. But I worked at The Pink Elephant Liquor Store, and that's when I delivered to that house that I was telling you about on Franklin that was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. The house is right at Normandy and just a little bit west of Normandy on Franklin. It kind of looks like a Mayan theme. Oh yeah. You know that one? Yeah. They shoot a lot of movies there. I thought it was like the Hillmore though, no? No it's right on Franklin. Oh. They shoot a lot of movies in there. And when I delivered in to that house, when they opened the door, the whole house kind of opens to this, um, it's kind of a pool. But that was his style where it kind of opened it up. But I watched this thing, and it turns out that this doctor in the 30's and 40's lived there and he used to cater to all of these Hollywood people. And he had an operating room and he would do backroom abortions and stuff like that. Whoa. And they would have these crazy wild parties and things like that. And this guy's son became a detective. And then he determined that his father was the one that cut up The Black Dahlia. So is that bizarre? What?! Yeah. Is this recent? That's the truth! Can you tell the story of The Black Dahlia because I know it's a thing. I just don't know what it is. Do you know the background? You know, I don't know that much about it? But I know that she was a woman that came to Hollywood seeking fame and fortune and wanted to be an actress and-

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She was just one of those that never made it, and I don't know the details about it. But I think she was going out with some semi-famous or famous people in Hollywood and she ended up cut into several pieces found in the inner city. Wow, okay. And they could never figure it out. They could never figure out who did it. Did you just look it up? I just looked it up. Yeah. Her name was Elizabeth Short. She was born in 1924. She was found murdered in the Leimert Park neighborhood. That's right by you. Her case became highly publicized due to the graphic nature of the crime, which included her corpse having been mutilated and bisected at the waist. Oh my! Ew. So wait a minute- He was into abortion style- So the son who became a detective, he is certain - because they never solved this murder - he is certain that his father is the one that did it. And he did it at that house and it was to protect a producer or a director or someone that she was involved with. Or that she was going to cause them, whatever I don't know, some major grief. Wow. God. And you knew the Manson- ? Oh! Oh, this is a great story. So I was at the First Methodist Church. That's where I was baptized. My parents- Where is that? That's at Highland and- Gower right? -and Franklin. Highland and Franklin. Anyway, our scout troop used to meet there every Monday. Location scout? Or Boy Scouts? Boy Scouts. That's a whole trip too. There's this guy, Herschel Gilbert. He did all the theme songs for like- He was one of the one of the parents. For The Rifleman. (sings theme song) See you don't even know what I'm talking- I'm in like a time warp! You don't even know what I'm saying right now! Go with it, man. Just go with it! All show. Finian's? The arrival man is done. Anyway. And he would anyway look him up. That's like okay back to the McCarthy's when the Manson's for here. You know, they are neighborhood. They could love Yonkers that's very close to where that the none. What's that the nuns place key pay Katy Perry, right? Yeah. There's a little nunnery. That's right. So anyway McCarthy's in this is in health or skelter. Manson told them to go out into kill, you know, of chance people of the they they were killing people randomly any even you know, they didn't check it out or it was like premeditated. But so they went to his house, and they looked in the window and his office McCarthy wearing a as those like a funky weird half sitting with his wife, but then they looked in another room. And they saw Mike John McCarthy that we were in our scout troop, they were they were John was thirteen in a Mike was Mike was twelve or live. And so they didn't kill them. But they got their cat a kill the cat in wrote pigs on the garage door on only captain. Later. That's when they love Yonkers. Fans those for my friends, but it's you know, they just looked at the neighborhoods cycle. That was a weird. How what were people doing where they will people were freaked out were freaked out that was happening. But see that's the time. Like, every member my sister, Pam, she was I remember she going eight Ashbury, and she had this big, you know. Red or blue round glasses on and was free. Love people free of and and peace and people were protesting the Vietnam war, and it was all this crazy stuff going on. It was everything was turmoil. Even I remember going to the the separate that they have on your state. What is what game the passing? Defense ball the spread of rose rates when we went there, and we we got a special place with somebody who had business close by and the Black Panthers. They were like. Maybe three cars, and they drove by in L, circuit hands out the blind. Our side white power in constant doing just let them go to red lights every you know, so things are key.

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One of the things that people that things go if they you know, they knew us ably cause more harm than good. They just let it go. But I remember freaked out like even my dad, I could do anything, and I just saw, you know, at the light. And I just saw him look is he's people is. I was scared because you didn't it was going to happen. Basically, I don't know. I thought they were a little kid. I have the did. But it was here. At the riots. He came home know, the tire store, and he had a truck and it was filled with higher center. Remember, the managers of the back of the truck with his shotgun. Yeah. What year is it as? I don't know is in sixties. I was in the sixties and the other right? What aiding? The watts sale that was no ninety one ninety two. One interesting thing that you might your listeners might find interesting. I don't know reach to play in Laughlin par in Laughlin park assessable to most house he directed. The testaments sensible are huge famous. What was sending close up on my closeup, Mr.? Yeah. Will use the woman you're supposed to say that the lane. Line. So anyway, we would go up there and run around, and you could look in the window and see like the Academy Award, and we're just like little kids running around, and they know were up there. But the one thing that I think is just so cool. And so crazy the exceed by the house with a whole Assad that you stick your hand in feel canisters bell allowed isn't that a trip? So we couldn't hit the we couldn't give film without little hands. We could get in with feel field. But I didn't know about preservation all trip. Wait, the safe was behind the house the house in like this big. It was probably about. Yeah. We're hits just restore shot. Only sixty all this big safe. You know? Plot. But we would go up there. Get boxes rolled out. Hell, but WC fields was a comedian the public, you know. Okay. So. Before Mike and speed mostly before, you know, it's funny engines for Debussy feels with me team out his long driveway, his houses pink, and he Cepeda mobile down. That'd be feels like he's just drunk. You'll get his bottle thrown on his back porches Detroit down the field. That so. History. We're dancing peanut some like one of your place went when I grew up in Hollywood high. A weed. We we did a show called Harry Heiki Hoed how dogs and we had all of these guys musicians would musicians for Kirsch rock concert in the midnight special. And so, and they would they would be the back of banned for like some innocuous act like Helen Reddy. You're somebody like Athens didn't I mean with musicians, and so they were really really counted. And in attention trip, how musicians like, you know, so many mainland where flows by the blues American influence within American also influenced by of the Soanes and Beatles in the no the kinks in all of these different bands were coming in. So they yes. But anyway, these guys of back this up. What what was it? Dancing peanut. Oh, okay. Yes. So anyway, so. That may be of that within. I know what I really on stage. It's you know, what is on state. Joel both both even saying. Yeah. Knows not really which is the greatest insider than any makes you feel so alive. Just it's so it's just magic. It's incredible. If everything's if you have a great band lied. But anyway, I wanted to do that. So I decided. Oh, oh, other people that were involved with that we wrote at thankful the golden PM. It's time. How about what I was only seventeen that within row tickle? Class with these people a theater class or is shoot have been. But I was so I was so insecure these through seek neater, and they used to watch them act, and some people that had no talent actually made it the people that had talented not make is that.

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Goes. But. That explains our podcast perfectly. Exactly. So wrote something together golden peanut. Yeah. And I did I do the song cold peanut boogie. And that's what I was who said. Outfit. I did recipe appeared, and then we went out with a talent agent to the gong show. And we we addition to the gong show and his town. Yeah. Laris Paris that he was over Solis. Vicar, Shane was it on coke totally out of his mind. He wrote that book what he was a science. He listening minded a little completely crazy. But no, so we we went down with his this agent who wasn't even in agent. I think was real estate sales. He was like totally oversold us. And they said yet, you know, we'll dumb will tell you. They never call. So then I said, you know, I'm gonna go back. I want to be seen as hit. And I had a peanut out that made for myself on the via. I I went back by myself. I I know date somebody 'cause we will through. Routine now. So I replaced that guy. And I did and I was still very nervous. And it was they knew like can shows in one day. Do you know week two and a half months or what not? So I did. I did the I Kim as I at eight shows night shows, we were the first show in wrong. They gone for the five acts, and I was like the second act, and I screwed up. And then I got it, and I got two tenths J P. I don't for some was but the actual D. Yeah. Will not choose a comedian chemists sexy Sultan. What can you give a misogyny all his they could? I can't say with you all the zone. Same cashews can't it beans. Resent of this. Listens to all calling Trump's in himself. Lands. We're all beginning. But anyway, sang the song in this asshole. Gary move your gun me. Gary new on Gary, and Gary older, actually was see more roommate lease city. He's the strike smothers brothers and sunny share Sean some at but. A call me any said now, I know what to do on ball was invented. Nine even funny. And look up Gary mule deer looking. You look who's used. They're paying on like, Jay happy. Examined by air. But that was cool cool. Yeah. Gary is not able. Yeah. But. Nobody supporting our name you'll hear anyway. Yeah. So his real name is Gary Miller. So he tried to change it to be Kumo. Very good. I've got my Wikipedia. On later. Fact checking edited to govern coffee or tea or something. It would be saying. I would love to add never listen to podcasts at the be the finest coolest thing to do did that they're very fine. Something for everyone out there and podcast land. And we just wanna be people's friends. So yeah, welcome. So how did you guys me? I want to hear a little back story on the two of you. But first, let's take a quick break and here this. Hey, sean. Hey, Abby, a why so glum I can't find a podcast. I guess I could listen to a mindfulness podcast about eating for your blood type. But I don't know. I want something fresh. What about a long form podcast about EMA music Super Bowl? Halftime shows. Yeah. The intimacy building nature of pin worms. Yeah. I think I have the thing. Just for you. It's called the he said, she said podcast.

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Oh, I know that podcast endorsed by yours. Truly and produced by yours, truly check it out. If you're looking for witty banter and ill-informed opinions on cultural, topics. We don't take ourselves too. Seriously. Okay. Everybody checkup. The he said, she said podcast with Sean, and Abby we will put their links in our show notes and in our social media. All right back to the show. So how did you guys me? I want to hear a little backstory on the two of you. How do you knew that we always have our met? Can we have a little group of friends at stand up? Upper basement is like his like, I met the suit. And he's he goes Jones coffeehouse on Tuesdays. In in musicians that play with him. Bob Metzer MU his group is the yellow jackets for like a world renowned jazz group you plays that it was the sex, right? Yeah. And there's the guy does drones. Backups this need for Rony. He played for. Michael Jackson crazy average like that. He was there drugger than also Tom petty. Great. Jones coffee in the morning. No way. Really I'll break of by Muffin. Because normally, you know muffins today like seven dollars. It's a thing. Can I stay right now? Sunglasses. It really in. Brings up a special song for me. I will. Lessons night. So what his coda? Never know could be a bright and shiny day. He's pretty hit Bill cannot stepping these classes are I hope you don't mind their little ostentatious. Yeah. Took impressive. But take pictures weans. There's actually a story by. Yeah. I was on EBay. I like like, I anything, you know, I'm older. I it's like you have to do anything. You can't to give yourself an edge or something just to make feel maybe alive or or a little summit will tired. I'm forty six in this like I can feel it starting your you kind of get a little invisible at this time in your life. Right. You're exactly exactly. But you don't stand out as a cool old dude yet, you're in this middle ground of in visibility. That is true. But even though I mean, there are so many people that I see that are just like bland milk toasts vanilla anyway, so in I think everybody should have your own style. You know? You know? It's cool. And don't I don't like people judging people even get a little sub-conscious at but with this, dude. So I see these lasts these I bought seem cool old for solvent teach classes from England. And they were a great deal at loved them. They were unique Denver just something a little different that light. You know, were were parv. Everybody has the same thing. And nothing against report for any of those things. Cool when you don't know it. When you don't know it. You can order by pairs. I. But anyway, I looked to be stitched classes. And it's in a, you know, you don't want just like last it's gonna fit your face a huge head. It's like, it's it's what. Lender. It's the bird. But before be really big. I mean, my head was general Orson Welles the my head at one time was his biggest his half. I mean, it was it was bit at school. They didn't didn't think it was paying attention. But I I could not even look my head off. Debate. Seriously. My parents, my parents would. They were a little bear civil. We would go to the heart. And I remember one time I was having trouble with my balance in my dad, some helium balloons ears. Seriously, the way the wind was blowing. And it was you know, it was not a good thing. What was it? The glasses glasses hike sky. I I I need friend Highgrove notice. I resent is news, Eddie, I come. See you come see you try glasses. I guess you could see.

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So I made a day to go see him. And then I saw these lasts were very cool any headlight all these cases. And he knew exactly, but as she try in Detroit how he ran for salt the entire United States. And then this company, lex sciatica. They bought all these last companies about Avon Ray ban of persona all they have monopoly on it. You know? So so there's very few companies that are not owned by the cap, anyway, he ran for salt, and he was out of business. So he started eyeglass company, and he had made it Italy. France, Sweden all over the world. And he would get the raw materials from one place the lenses from another place is fascinating in really nice guy. A cool something you need. But the thing that got me it would give me a pair of glasses in given to me in. I put them on. And they look kind of you know, a little maybe a little too much any say those. Glasses will give you a while factor. So he was thinking the wild. Do I believe he's pretty well? He's like. She's looking fills though, if you there while. Yeah. Armenian, heavy coffee and pastries? And I didn't buy the while. After the first time. Didn't seem to see if I had you know, what I'm gonna hit the one day. Then he told me he was with the while factor glasses black you put little. Blue upscale. No. So being ten with black is very cool. And then I found out with the with the tortoise show, you put on like a bottle a coke bottle Greek on that unless you don't even these are just like classes telling you with the rights or jacket scarf, the film. Obsesses forget. It's just like, you know, people like, okay, whatever I wish it could be there to see this take lots of photos. This is my grandfather's watch this very cheap is a witne our. It's the to his insight suffering processes, actually, cheap paddock's today. What would you feel compelled to show that because we're talking about Olten or what we talk about. All I don't. There's a lot of eighty. I wanted to tell you. They're Gurry said today. Okay. So my life is in Hawaii. Right. And she goes, they go to this place whole cocky every year or mongo's cocky, is it. It's a place in Maui on the beach kanobi actually, kind of just like grass in the back that rocks in the ocean. But the mom always close in the ocean. And then my wife watches, her make sure she Brown. And so she was in there. I guess you fell over in the water so carrying winning the the rescue her visuals wearing sunglasses some wild Clinton US. Instead, I pray so today and who has the phone what whom he eagle? Is actually spelled H O U R horrid Ori of his Hori. But they say hooded. It's easier for the language is very much. Hey, man, generally. You know, very smart. Very smart. They make great food anyway. So I called to talk to NASA height Hootie should smy wife had Friday. I was thinking maybe I could do those classes by loss, and she started crying and her and she told me any passed away. So I started crying, and it's very very sad. As what I got to meet him spend, some time with him, this classes, you can honor that. School. Are dead always were glasses too. He had light blue eyes and the sun always bothered his eyes. So he was forever wearing glasses in it was sort of his signature thing. And sadly, they were the really lame eighties wrap around type, but he wore them everywhere and his older brother where he spent a lot of his last like, you know, time down here in San Diego ended up with the glasses.

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And then because he always loved to stand out in the backyard and look at the trees, and he threw his glasses up into the trees. So after my dad passed away his brother took the glasses through them up into the trees, and they stuck there in one of the limbs kinda looking out over the land. Sweet story. It's. But it's also kinda weird. Because now it looks like this tree has is. Eighties nineteen eighties. Jogging suit commercial? Yeah. Yeah. You movie star? I don't know why passenger with your dad, but I'm to see anybody. I've never seen that professional football. He had to build of the big athlete. But then he had the face of Kurt. Russell a lot of people thought he looked Kurt. Russell. Yeah. You guys. I mean, what is the other kids? Think of when you guys when your your parents did both your parents are just your mom, take you the school or that were I had a couple of stories. What we to my friend had a crush on him. When we think in third grade or fourth grade, which is always awkward and strange. But when we'd have slumber parties everybody would push into a room with him, and then lock the door. I didn't know how to navigate that. I just kind of laughed like, you know. What are you doing? I don't get this game. And he didn't know what was going on. So that was our cred. And then the boys would always line up for his autograph because they hurt he played football with Joe name it, and that was a thing. But. And then mom called her name is Joyce. So my high school buddies, I found out years later, she's to come down and tell us to be quiet, but she was always wearing her little thin nightgown. And they used to have a saying, and they would say Joyce's choice. So yeah, I don't know they're strange crushes when my parents which. Do you think your dad ever, you know intimate? No. I mean, I think he liked being adored. He wasn't creepy at all. No, not like Houston. He was a teacher. So he always had kids thinking. Wow, mister gold. You know? So I think he was used to the attention Novick deal to him. But I'm sure liked it. So. Here's he in science sex ED's. Wow. Did he play with Joe Namath in Super Bowl? He was how did it work? He got drafted to the New York Jets in nineteen seventy one is that right, but only trained at them played them preseason. And then ended up getting injured and not making it to the real like full season, which is crazy because she train your whole life for the stuff. And then on Monday, see fake the shoulder injury possibly. I also visit. Because he wanted to like he was running back or something running and he wanted to be allying backer. But because the just done the New York Times article on him being the rookie of the year in a real hot dog knew he thought I should make an injury than another team in pick them up in. He'll get to be linebacker was the plan that mom said in Tommy Hong mom, but I think that was the stories go to call you university versa. I heard or remember as he was kind of the gentle giant and he wanted to Chievo and make everybody proud, but in his heart of hearts didn't really love hitting guys and just the intense nature of football. So he wanted to kind of ease out of it. Somehow wasn't quite sure how so this injury came along. And I think he, you know, upped it made more that really was to kinda like make it a nice natural way to get out. I don't know. So we never talked about this at so crazy that this just wasn't talked about what was the real story because it could be fear success. So you said it yourself if your failures. Maybe it wasn't that call and you probably feed yourself a line for so many years that you start to believe it. Right. And so to find the real truth. We'd probably take a lot of counseling self-reflection. So who knows? This is where start over analysts everything.

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But if you got to that place where you're just before the big game any any sabotage than I remember like he would go to additions a lot in get a part in the back out the perfect usually. Would it be in? I know that except for from that like you get just certain level minutes in you have to step into the big fear. Veiled them big stuff to come flake retreat. Yeah. Once it's go time. We now was an accurate. Well. He did that he did a lot. We'd with the tier Cisco was wigs LA. He would go off and do monitoring the allied do. But then also was a teacher. But I think he always hated teaching the how do you stay in shape? A physical fitness renter. Yeah. What did you do that? Joe? He always it's from the house of job. He had exercise by can make jog and hit weights out in the garage. And here's this really good about eating fruits and vegetables and proteins. And if it was any curbs, it would be like rolled oats or something real kinda whole whole foods crazy natural things before anybody seem to be diet is a huge part of is no question about do. All this exercise infuriating have count ice cream every night back. We were only allowed one teaspoon of the on the bottom yogurt as kids one Kishan. Yeah. You watch and make sure you're at one teaspoon koso- sugary and that was big and cared chips. Not real trucker that care of everything should be free. Yeah. We were like soon as we left the house like why sugar cereals, pixie sticks. And then, but you we both settled back in fairly healthy. I think you know, once it's in your little childhood brain, you kind of go back to it. You know, and yeah, it's good. I mean, he had all the nutrition side of it and science of explained everything. And so yeah, you think it was too regimen. Like, are you lose your with your kids? I am lesser with my kids. And I wish I weren't. I wish they just didn't know any better. But had no I'm also keep up. Yeah. I'm all about convenience in. I talk big talk at school because I teach science and nutrition and gardening now. And so, yeah, I'm trying to like tell the kids all the stuff. But then I come home like, okay. One bag of Cheetos, and that's it, you know. And I'm like, oh, God who am. I also you get you also make sure that I always use that comes from the ground. Something from the earth. Yeah. Like, you're making new force the Ican stuffed. It's all about balance, and like, okay, you can have some credit if you balance it out mean the pretty healthy. So. Yeah. Join stuff like this to I mean, that's so break creative. Creative. Yeah. Yeah. I'm volunteer. I'm not even a real like teacher teacher, but I come from a science background. So someday it'll all come together. Pool to that you and your your great together. You're. Think spills free. No chemistry recoil. Thanks. You to you? As a part of the student feeling comeback every night. Wow. Okay. But you have to back to your way. How is your way? She is. Yeah. She you know, what I don't wanna be depressing or Downer because I made abou- I'm sticking with my wife. I love you. Love me. What's going home on my God? My god. She's so nobody knows weighing by. Yeah. I sent my last name. What do you mean? I know I really don't care, and you know, I never listened. I dunno find it. It will live forever folly around said think of that. But I said. She's she's going to a thing right now. She's you know, grid too much and she's been having issues and like say. Sade attendant. She's apply candid, and honestly, you know, I own.

00:45:06 - 00:50:04
Plays go down sometime place, go down. So that you know that. I could in solve a lot of people. I'm not I'm not saying that. But no. Sometimes when the plane takes off. I just wish we just. Just for going. Ever. Nova. She she says sweepings like to me like I think the last text that we had she said, I let her know, you know, 'cause I thought the paper towels route. So I went to his it wasn't any in the pantry. So I went to the garage. His were they are Antoine were out for the paper in my that swing at some. And I did see twenty or so I wrote a note as I carry we're out of the foot. And so we got into like a little a tax thing where you know, these texts things to get war and more on glee as you text back and of got ugly, and because I was responding to something that happened like three or four days ago. It takes me awhile to buy out, and I just needed some kind of excuse some opening pool on so I'm trying not to do that. But some pass. Human. So the last thing she said to me as she said, why don't you go buy some toilet paper and stay. It's true. It's true. I actually saw techs. I thought he was kidding. Skinny weight over St. why? Okay. Yeah. In my vary city. Why as but isn't that where it's? Right. Yeah. But not the whole role. Did you rate that? Take did you know that? That's he goes, I didn't I didn't say that. Because it's like in wanna see anything because. You know, some people can relate to this and say. Shoe my asshole. Yeah. Gojam yard. How big a lot of big facial? Everybody's hey here. Happy. Happy. We'll should the real thing. Blue. No so segment coming up Bill. You could come back and beer special guest on real life real marriage with Bill. We got a real. Yeah. You get going gone enough. It's gonna remind you have Gary mill water, whatever. Miller. Yeah. Yeah. Looks like we're getting close to the end of our segments. This balance you segments about so. I'm good. What you're saying? I'm forty five minutes. Yeah. I can always feel when revote ready. So do you wanna have any closing anyone? Let's see it was it was Thursday. I wanted things to ask Phil emission that. You're gorgeous used oh. By the way, I'm always looking for reform in the only thing that come were some Meyer is Paul Mitchell waxed. This one here. Until he said, you should try new car. That's a car wise. Yeah. His wise. But this is it's like your hair we started at the very beginning. Stinking. Works. Most. If you. Yeah. Nobody of the watchword, but it's very expensive always trying to less and bought. So what the call waiting if I wanted to.

00:50:07 - 00:52:26
Treanor dollars three dollars of this is only eight dollars. This is twelve got this Murray slacks. I should've I should've been suspicious as to black people with afros on the outside. If you wear your hair completely pace it to your head. That's that's that you should get permits. I mean, how do you talk that those those amazing? Bill. We're awesome. Let's do it. You're awesome to this is fun. We'll come back and. Yes. Above do. We love you. We love Bill with you. This is bureau. Thank you very much fell. Come. Love both the voices voices. Great about snow any union sister. They're different. But she's gonna bury a lot of Mondays in. So do you know your eyes might say it's nasal monotone of what? No, it's no not at all. It's very, no. It's very it's very cool in. I will let you guys open shots and sound like a radio announcer in we love it. And thank you for being here. Bill can you closes out by talking about mezzanines on all the social media outlets? Check is out on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and all those kind of things Mon wings. Know what it is. Seventy ninety s. How about we ways are weans three? Check us out, Twitter and baseball all that. Melton weeds perfect. Leads. Just a drink. Now, don't they don't show. But. Smells. Puts. Strings and plastic.

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