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Episode 26 - Hollywood, Fortnite, Breastfeeding

It’s Friday and it’s Happy Hour! Enjoy some laughing jags, a Baby Plas impression and tangents, but first let’s do some catching up. Wildfires are burning 20 miles away from Mouse in San Diego. The smoky hazy air gives her PTSD since her house was built on a burn-down lot. She talks about her emergency box if she ever has to evacuate the house. Global warming and climate change are linked to the upswing in wildfires.
Weens talks about the Paradox of Choice, a TED talk. We are given so many choices nowadays, in an effort for freedom of choice, that having to make a choice is turning into paralysis, and might be leading to anxiety and depression. We reference the wonderful movie, Sliding Doors starring Gwyneth Paltrow. If we choose the right Levi’s, will we be as vegan and skinny as Gwynnie?
Which leads us into talking about Hollywood. We received a question from the ladies at Bad At Love Podcast wondering about whether Hollywood is still as Jackie Collins describes in Hollywood Wives.  The sisters both have icky nostalgia about the heart of Hollywood from their memories of visiting in the 90’s with the hair bands and Whisky A Go Go. Is it really still like that? Our dad struggled with this too, wanting to be a moral actor and stuntman in an immoral city in his eyes. Weens argues that LA is so big that it depends on which part of the city you are talking about. On sets, she has seen lots of pot-smoking and heard rumors of more sordid goings-ons, but hasn’t witnessed any craziness first hand. She has not seen a slice of a weiner or a fleshy hamhock on the casting couch.
Mouse’s wine kicks in and she goes on a laughing jag. We start to analyze our laughs and decide that they are an amalgam of Merle Haggard, Large Marge, and Dolly Parton. Weens realizes that not only is her laugh morphing into Dolly Parton, but that her mannerisms are too.  Mouse sites an old Texan saying about hair, which leads Weens to talk about a CNN anchorman – a silver fox - that she met on the sidelines of the Silver Lake Trader Joe’s incident.
We talk about Weens running into Craig Robinson of The Office and Ghosted on the set of the new Eddie Murphy movie currently filming called Dolemite Is My Name. He makes a joke about Weens working on The Rookie and she explains their connection through music. He is in a band and she connected him with her Australian friend Coop DeVille, who has an album Bat Funk Crazy and has played with George Clinton, Parliament, Bootsy Collins, Fishbone, and Angelo Moore.
Hollywood brings us back to the memory of the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ sax player, Keith “Tree” Barry, who Mouse had to befriend during a night as a wingman/wingwoman. We talk about women getting stuck in awkward overnight situations, playing possum, and wishing guys would rub their nether regions, silver and otherwise, somewhere else, on a desk or in a melon. Did their dad really teach the birds and bees using fruit? This may have been a fabricated memory. But it’s a funny one.
Mouse talks about her latest project with the kids during the summer. She started off with the best of intentions to keep her kids occupied this vacation with outings, chores, and minimal video gaming. But reality set in and the kids got more and more into Fortnite, a fascinating blend of a first-person shooter video game and social teamwork that worries many parents. There are conflicting articles about it and The Wall Street Journal wrote about Fortnite and how parents are even hiring coaches for their kids because there is such social status involved! Weens mentions there is a Black Mirror episode like this. But to break up the gaming and to find the balance during the long summer days, Mouse decided to have the kids make a movie much like she and Weens used to during their long summers. So the boys wrote a buddy-cop movie, they filmed it on an iPhone, and they worked together to edit it on Adobe Premiere Pro. It’s very homemade and will be staying on iTunes as a friends and family movie for now. Meanwhile, Mouse’s daughter went to theater camp and performed some numbers from The Greatest Showman. A clip is spliced into the podcast for your listening pleasure!
In the singing video, Mouse’s daughter was wearing Weens’ favorite nightgown saved from when she was a little girl. Weens laments never being able to wear cute dresses anymore with her big boobs, and Mouse brings up a great scene from Rachel Bloom’s comedy musical TV show Crazy Ex Girlfriend  “Heavy Boobs”. We delve into our mom’s cleavage and her pillow chest, which takes a turn and becomes a White Grandpa Rap.
We get into Mouse’s relationship with her maternal grandparents and why that connection was stronger than Weens’ relationship with them. Mouse concludes that Grandma was her role model because the creating, growing, and nurturing qualities were strong for her.  Growing Things and Alan Thicke’s Growing Pains pop up, which induces a Sideshow Bob laugh from Weens.
How we get into gross body things, who knows. The nose knows! We talk about picking, where to wipe, and Weens’ love of her Neti Pot. The fact that it’s sticking out of her back pocket might explain her lack of career advancement and single life. We list off other off-limits body issues and land on nipples, as one often does.
We get into dry nipples,  breastfeeding and babies. Weens wonders if it was a turn-on to breastfeed, and Mouse explains what it feels like. She talks about her experience nursing and the sleep issues with new babies. We talk breast milk versus formula and who, between Mouse and her husband, would get up in the middle of the night to feed the babies. Hear the hit song Hot Milk  by Weens, as Mouse rationalizes feeding choices and light sleeping habits. We close it out with some sick laughter that may or may not have created a small tinkle in Mouse’s undies.
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