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Episode 26 Hollywood, Fortnite, Breastfeeding

It’s Friday and it’s Happy Hour! Enjoy some laughing jags, a Baby Plas impression and tangents, but first let’s do some catching up. Wildfires are burning 20 miles away from Mouse in San Diego. The smoky hazy air gives her PTSD since her house was built on a burn-down lot. She talks about her …

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Episode 25 - Trader Joes Tragedy, Body Image, Caveman Theories, Lean In

We catch up and hear about Weens’ scary news from the night before: a 3-hour hostage situation at the Trader Joe’s in Silver Lake, a neighborhood in Los Angeles about 1/4 mile from Weens’ house. There is a lot of news about it now (, but in summary, a suspected murderer stole a car, …

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Episode 24 Platonic Friends, Good Cop Bad Cop, Ball Questions, and Bachata

There is a heat wave everywhere, Southern Cal included, and it hit 116 degrees in Burbank. Nope, it’s not global warming because that’s just all a hoax. San Diego had some thunderstorms, which lead Weens to ask: Can you have a thunderstorm without rain? We did a fact check and YES, there is such a t…

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